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The Kangaroo

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1 The Kangaroo on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:31 pm

Richard Lionheart

Gender: Female

Age: Hardened Adult

Cost: 5900 lien

Hp: 65

Aura: N/A

Damage: 15

Defense: 20

Semblance- Pocket Dimension, This kangaroo has a rather strange ability tucked away within it's pouch. For you see, the pouch itself is in fact far larger than it would first appear.  Her biology making it externally appear as though it would only be able to hold a large joey when in actuality it can hold much much more. Upon placing an object within it's pouch it seemingly vanishes into the darkness at the bottom of the pouch, attempting to shine any light in will not dispel this darkness and she cannot feel the weight of the objects within the darkness. Upon reaching into her pouch she or any being with aura can think of an object that they placed there and it will appear in their hand.

There are only two requirements. The first is that the object must be able to fit in the kangaroo's pouch, even if only partially. For instance, you could put a two meter spear into the kangaroo's pouch by lowering it in. The shaft to the point slowly disappearing into the Kupo. However, as a car or a plane would be too large to initially enter her pouch you could not place that object within her storage. You could maybe get in a unicycle or skateboard as far as transport goes. Such would also be the case if the spearhead was too large to fit, the shaft would vanish into the depths while the large point would be stuck hanging outside of the pouch. Her pouch measures thirty centimeters wide and stretches outward around twenty centimeters.

The second requirement is that objects placed within her pouch must lack aura or the potential to generate aura. No matter how small the aura generation is, such as a plant. If such an object is placed within her pouch it would sit within her just as a joey would a normal kangaroo. This would also prevent claiming other items from the pouch as long as the aura generating thing is within.

If an object was placed within the pouch was volatile, for example a burning log, it would damage her for a moment before all the energy is automatically expelled. The damage however is entirely inflicted on her aura, meaning while she shows no external damage she feels pain all over her body. Sharp objects can however be placed within her pouch without damage to her but only if placed gently. Throwing them in haphazardly has been known to hurt her, maybe just pass her your sword to place in rather than trying to throw it directly into the pouch.

If her HP drops to zero and she falls unconscious the contents of her pouch become inaccessible, the darkness disappearing. If she were to die all of the contents would vanish forever.

Kangaryuu, Reborn. Flames not included  

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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