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Wendy Gradientia (Finished ready for approval)

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1 Wendy Gradientia (Finished ready for approval) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:36 pm

Wendy Gradient
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Wendy Gradienta
Age: 19
Birthday: December 26
Gender: Female
Race: Faunas Cougar (blue gray ears)
Height: 4'4
Weight: 83 lbs
Face Claim: Wendy Marvell

Aura200 |HP 100

Major: Citizen Likes: Quiet,Wind,anything sweet,killing grimm
Dislikes: Loud places, Cold, Anything sour, Heat
Fears: Death, Pickled plums, Losing anything else,
Talent: Wilderness survival
Weakness Speech
Overall Personality: Wendy is a Very quiet person and simply prefers not to talk to anything or anyone however she still is capable of speech. Part of her left ear is also torn off. Wendy is a very eerie woman, while being 18 she is one of the smallest people you'll ever meet standing only at 4'4. Wendy can get very angry at comments like squirt or Doll,but due to not liking to express herself she usually levels the Commentor with an eerie stare. She is very introverted and perfers to be by herself in nearly all endeavors. She has no qualms on killing and has a taste for killing Grimm. However at times she can be very considerate and caring, especially toward those she cares about. She has claw marks on her throat, and blue eyes.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Blue green
Semblance: Aero-Kinesis: Wendy has the ability to manipulate air in any form. From a cool breeze to small tornadoes. Wind she manipulates glows a  bright blueish green.

Item 1:Venus Hectate- Mark 1- A powerful sniper rifle that has a powerful compressing mechanism inside it,that fires compressed air at such a velocity that it can shatter stone. It also comes equipped with an Eye piece.
Item 2: Tier one wind dust- Wendy carries wind dust in the form of small chewable mints,that let her breath wind dust at her foes.

History and Sample

When she was very young Wendy lived a happy life on a farm at the outskirts of Mistral. She had a mother and a father and had everything anyone could have wanted.  every thing seemed to be perfect. But nothing remains perfect forever,on Wendy's 7th birthday however tragedy struck. The small town was attacked by Grimm, being a small farming town they stood no chance. Everyone was butchered and as Wendy ran for her life she was attacked by a Beowulf,claws slashing at her throat. while ripping part of her ear off. Just as the beast was about to use it's final blow, it was gunned down by a group of strange persons who had happened to be in the area. Wendy now nearly mute had nowhere to go, so with a heavy and tortured heart ,she followed the group for days in secret before, finally collapsing due to hunger. When she awoke she was met with the group she was following nursing her back to health, and healing her throat at the same time allowing her speech once more. It turned out they were EX Hunters turned mercenaries who had happened to be travelling around the area at the time. The group then took her under their wing and trained her in their ways until her 18th birthday, where they gave her her signature weapon. Then with a teary goodbye they let her out into the wild to let her grow and see the world for herself.  After about another year of travelling she eventually arrived at The island of Bellmuse where she decided to settle down for a while. As for the majority of her life she was raised by Ex hunters who had a negative veiw on hunter academies as a whole. So she decided to live in the town and not in the school becoming an official resident of Bellmuse.
RP Sample:
It was a quiet day in the deep Forests and a lone woman was laying on a tree branch with a large gun in her hands. If one were to look a certain distance away they would see three cans next to each other on a log each a certain distance away from one another. Her dark blue hair flowed behind her as her blue green glass like scope was attached to her left eye a technologic cross hair forming in the center. She slowly channeled her aura into the weapon while keeping her sights locked on to the middle can. As her finger slowly pulled the trigger back one could hear the powerful machine internally shift and compress inside. As the trigger was finally pulled back all the way, it was accompanied by a loud click, and a small boom erupting from the weapon. As the compressed ball of air soared toward the middle can, The girl narrowed her eyes, and made the ball of air expand to encompass the entirely of the log. As it impacted a loud expolsion could be heard, and when the dust cleared not only were the cans destroyed, but the log itself was in splinters. The girl jumped down from the branch and walked away her gun slung on her shoulder.

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Hey there Wendy! Name's Akui, and I'm your app grader this time around. Everything looks good for the most part, but after discussion in the mod chat it would seem that there needs to be one minor change.

Air Manipulation isn't banned by any means, however it has a big advantage over fire or ice in the sense that...well, you can't really see it. Since you can't really see air, we can't have the air you manipulate also not be seen. A quick fix is that when you do manipulate air, you can have the air you are manipulating have the same color as your aura, however you can choose how you want to change that.

With just that small change, you'll be good to blow! ;)

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Wendy Gradient

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Perfect, just wanted to note that the Wind Dust in chewables is an awesome idea, I hope you have fun with it! :D

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Moved back for edits, as per requested.

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Wendy Gradient
Finished Changes I wanted to make, Bump^

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