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6'4 Vs 4'7? (/w Wendy Gradient)

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2 Re: 6'4 Vs 4'7? (/w Wendy Gradient) on Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:36 pm


A tiny blue haired woman was was walking to the an area designated by a strange letter arriving at her mailbox. As of current she was wearing a simple combat gear with the addition of an dark green scarf. Apparently someone wanted to spar with her. To be honest she actually felt like sparring as it had almost been a whole year since she had actually fought anyone. As she walked into the room her Weapon on her shoulder, she witnessed aman who was almost two feet taller than her strike a dummy with a mighty roar. She looked on in curiosity as the dust cleared to we the dummy ripped off its post and a large crack In the previously perfect wall.

As he walked away and began toward a punching bag. Wendy slowly pulled and tightened the scarf around her neck so the man couldn't see her scars. She then grabbed her gun, put a cap on the front and poked the much taller man in the leg with it.

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4 Re: 6'4 Vs 4'7? (/w Wendy Gradient) on Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:41 pm

As then man turned around and noticed her she was happy to see they were about to spar before instantly losing her happiness as the man completely dissed her as a hunter and turned his back on her to go punching his bag again. The man had made a mistake and he was going to regret it.

Obviously he wasn't smart to turn his back on someone he just told off. Her eyes narrowed into slits before waving her hand in a slapping motion. As she did so a bluished green wind formed and struck toward the man's face. She then poped a mint in her mouth, while simultaneously, channeling aura to her mouth. She then took  took a deep breath, before letting lose a spinning torrent of a wind dust, from her mouth the shards of Wind mints being like shrapnel, Aiming to Encompass the man completely.

She then quickly popped the cap off of her Sinper rifle and aimed it directly toward the the area the man was in setting her eye peice up. She would have to be fast if she was to win this battle, as from the looks of it this man was most likely able to tank blows.


Aura- 170/200
Mouth channeling- + 2 SPT (-10SP)
Wind strike- 20 semblance damage (-20SP)
Dust shrapnel tornado- 45 dust damage

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6 Re: 6'4 Vs 4'7? (/w Wendy Gradient) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:34 pm

As both of her hits landed she's let out a little smirk before focusing as the man came out of the dust with a roar and axe at the ready. Seeing the danger she used her much smaller frame to easily dodge out of the earth shattering blow that had landed where she had just been. She then once more backed up to avoid a wild spinning strike,by a hairs breath.  

While in the midst of this she aimed her rifle at his collar bone before channeling her aura to form a cone around the front of the gun for a higher velocity then with a loud bang she fired, while simultaneously stepping  to the side to narrowly dodging a clumsy grab attempt from the man. Then with a wave of her hand she formed a spinning blade of wind behind the man, before making it fly forward towards his back.

She then Made quick dash and somersaulted over the man's  head while setting up her aim on the Target, as she landed she made two quick shots of compressed air at both of the man's inner kneecaps. Aiming to make his legs buckle so he would be open for a bit. She then slowly backed away her gun at the ready to place more shots on his body if need be.

Cone of wind- +2 STR (-10aura)
Collar bone shot- 45dmg
Wind saw blade- 20 semblance (-20 aura)
Left knee cap shot- 45dmg
Right knee cap shot- 45dmg

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8 Re: 6'4 Vs 4'7? (/w Wendy Gradient) on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:28 pm

As she had backed away and d her gun at the ready she suddenly saw him increase his speed before making a mad dash toward her. She quickly tried to shoot once at his shoulder, but couldn't as  had to  barley dodge his axe slam that hit the ground. She would then jump to avoid a sweeping strike.

However as she jumped, she was jumped she was unprepared for the incoming fist and was struck directly in the chest. As she was sent flying backwards her eyes opened in an alarmed manner aa she saw an axe flying straight at her she quickly tried to twist her body to the side but to no avail as the axe struck sliced her lower collarbone area,which in turn made her scarf slide off revealing the claw marks on her throat.

As she landed she let out a low grumble before, making her eyes slits this man had made a bad move and he was going to pay for it. Her eyes turned to slits and she stuck her arm out coating it in wind. When with a wave of her hand the man's axe formerly imbedded into the wall was pulled out and Began to spin rapidly. She then stuck out her right arm and began to whip up a powerful wind.

Then threw her right hand forward and a powerful spinning maelstrom of wind flew forward, picking up crates and spare weapons lying around all hurling directly at him. While with the other would use wind to spin the ax around she then threw her other arm forward making the axe go flying toward him in a spinning manner. She would wave her hand once sending the axe flying towards him then she would it again to send it flying back aiming to cut him once more before lifting her arm high to and slam it down to make the axe cut his chest.


Arm wind- (-10 aura) +2 STR
Malesteom Vacuum- 20Semblance damage

Take your axe back-30 DMG
Take your axe back Take two- 30DMG
Take your axe back Final strike- 30DMG

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