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Geir Gear(Revamp, wip)

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1 Geir Gear(Revamp, wip) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:07 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Geir Gear
Age: 20
Birthday:  January 2nd.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’6
Weight: 235 pounds
Face Claim: Shirosaki from Kawai Complex

STR: 1
DEF: 5
RES:  5
SPT: 1
Aura 50|250 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: Receiving Pain: It makes him feel quite alive, and he’s learned he can take a lot of it.
Building things: He likes building things, be it a model home to even a real home.
Candy: Primarily suckers.
Dislikes: Cheese: It’s not as good as Candy.
Being reminded that he’s a gang leader: He knows of this, but he likes to hide it.
People who judge first and ask questions later: Why not learn about a person?
Fears: Little Girls: Girls who are below 5’8
Rabbits: They’re scary man.
Dying by Poison
Talent: He’s a certifiable Computer Wizard.
Weakness Athleticism
Overall Personality: Geir is a masochist. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it. He's a masochist. He takes pride in this fact. Geir doesn't mind judgement about it. He isn't going to shame you for thinking pain is weird; as it really is. At least, to take pride in it like Geir does. He's a generally helpful guy as well, he's not an ass. He'll listen to you if you listen to him. It's a respect thing. He'll help you if you need something because that's how he is. He just likes helping people. It's an important thing to him. It really is.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Red, Like a blush
Semblance: His sembalance allows him to heal himself and clear status effects. It's signified by a red glow around the area, or in the case of effects, around his body. 30 AP for 20 HP; Statuses go away when the heal is initiated.
Item 1: His overcoat that he always wears is reinforced, protecting him from a lot of the impact of physical attacks.(Physical Armor T1)
Item 2:  His black shirt in enforced against dust. (Dust Armor T1)

History and Sample
Geir, simply put, was the son of a thug who became a thug himself. He was snug in father's gang for the longest time. Heck, at 15, he was considered one of the heads; though that's because of his connection to his father. Gier was not a small child. Geir was always larger than the rest. Or at least, most of the rest. There were few monsters of size like he was. However, he was fairly harmless. Sure, he was brought to scare people out of their money. Not to mention, at 16 the guy was a massive 6'6". Even when they fought back with dust, he'd get back up and be..well, be happy. You see, since he was like 10, he's liked the feeling of pain. Makes him feel alive and wanted.

Of course, at 16, he had girl troubles. Who wouldn't? The wonderous thing about being apart of a gang, is that you have wingmen. Why? Because people are far too scared of you to not back you up.  So, he fell in love with this one girl. This one girl was nothing special; by that it's meant that she was attractive, but she was an everyday gal trying to become a hunter. Gier liked that. Gier liked that there was normalcy, even though he wasn't normal himself.  He was a durable giant. The man could probably have a massive steel garter fall on him and still be fine.

This girl, however, had a brother. Seeming the epitome of gentleman. When that boy learned that Geir, the known son of a gang leader, was fancying his sister, he was not happy. The boy was the size of Geir, if not a tiny bit shorter. He had all the bulk, though. At 16, he knew how to use his aura, and even knew his semblance. It wasn't very useful to a 16 year old Geir. According to young Geir, a thing that allowed him to punch harder would be far more useful.  Not that it particularly effected the poor guy. He was still durable as steel.

Though, around Febuary when he was 16, the brother, dressed in nice clothing, asked to meet him he was surprised. Usually people just got afraid of his repuation, even though he himself was a fairly harmless guy. It's not like he was stronger than the people. He was just durable. That also led him to get picked in some sports, that he was completely unfit for. He didn't do sports very well.

But, alas, when they met; they talked.

"You hurt my family by even thinking about my sister!"

"She's nice. Not in a perverted way either, she's actually nice. She don't seem very scared of my reputation as well."

"You expect me to believe that, you criminal? I've seen you gathering money; and I know it isn't for charity. Otherwise, you wouldn't be bringing armed men with you."

"Look. I'm just brought cause I'm big and durable.  I'm a decent student with a not-so-outstanding athletics record. Don't bring my family into this, and I won't bring your into it. If you do, I'm af-"

A fist collided with with Geir's jaw. It was a fist that was backed by an immense amount of power, and it staggered the giant, almost made him fall backwards. However, he stood standing. This surprised Geir and the brother.

"What's your name?  I know you know mine."

"Antonio Spac"

Ah. Antonio. The one that the girl had told him not to fight. Hm. This was concerning. The boy was certainly strong, and could probably take Geir down, yet Geir felt like he shouldn't back down just like this. He had to solve the problem soon, otherwise he'd be at this whole thing for the next 20 years.

"Look Antonio, we go to a combat school. We can solve this in the spars. We don't have to fight it out here, in private. Let's do it in front of everyone, including your sister. If I win or draw you, I get to try it out with your sister. If I lose, I'll back off."

Antonio agreed, and they shook on it. The fight was to take place in two weeks, giving Geir ample time to prepare and get ready, to even strike out if needed. However, Geir didn't particularly use the time to  prepare, so much as think. Think about all the things that he could've done differently.  He liked pain, so fighting the guy would be an adventure. He still stung from that shot to the chin, though he didn't fall. Probably shocked Antonio more than it did Geir.  Geir was just surprised at the power of the punch. Wasn't normal someone got him to stagger. Thereby, this fight excited Geir.  

When the fight happened, the ending surprised no one. It was a complete draw. Something that displeased Antonio, and Geir was too busy enjoying himself. He was quite happy with what was happening. Once it was over, Antonio's sister ran up to him, and they embraced. Not that it mattered. The fight had changed him, deep down. He realized how far one could go for family. Sure, Geir is a harmless man but...that didn't mean he didn't do NO damage.

He got in enough hits to lay out a normal man, and took enough to lay out three.  That his trick though. He just didn't go down. He was massive and basically a brick wall that never moved.

They've lived happily after that, and got married when they were 19.  

Geir is a happy man going to Syne academy these days.
RP Sample:
Geir was the giant who just kinda stared at things sometimes, was staring at a thing. This thing? His wife. Angie. Angie was his wife.  He doesn't talk much about his wife, but he likes to talk to his wife. His wife was a 'great human being who just happened to feed into his masochism.' He totally didn't have to convince her. However, once convinced, she was very okay with it. She was a sadist. It was a perfect couple. A perfect couple that slightly had funky stuff. Of course, he had a meeting with a bunch of gangsters in one half of the aisle, and a bunch of normal people on the other. Enough to say, his wedding wasn't interuppted by people. Anyone who would've, would've had to fight about 30 different gangsters. No one wants that. Not even superman wants that. Geir might like it, but we don't talk about that.

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