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Guns and Bruises (Shadow/ The Engineer)

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1 Guns and Bruises (Shadow/ The Engineer) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:00 pm

Sirius Saffir
Sirius was left standing outside of a massive warehouse. He could easily discern the scraping of metal on metal that indicated that something was being built inside. He placed his hand on the door and prepared for himself for a probably long day of boring lectures about the safe way to use a screw driver, but instead was greeted by a most beautiful sight.

 Sirius almost faints as he sees more guns in one room than he had ever seen before in his life. 'Oh. My. Gosh! That is a T-28 Tesla cannon. Oh, there's a 182 mm howitzer... Wait, no way...' He's left thoughtless as he sees one piece of weaponry that he never expected to see ever in his entire life. "An M68 Gauss Cannon!?!?!" He was yelling, and practically jumping up and down before a hearty cough resounds from below the target of his affections.

 There sat a faunus girl kneeled down with a wrench in hand just sort of staring at him with some measure of interest in his antics. She could not have been much older than he was, but he had seen images of her in magazines he had read. "You're Peri Scone. You have revolutionized the world of weapons engineering as we know it. I am a huge fan." He wanted to move ahead and shake her hand, but was soon thrown with a sort of dilemma for his efforts, and rebuked his thoughts to instead inspect this glorious masterpiece.
 She smiled a bit and went back to tightening some part of the weapon she must have been doing before he interrupted her. "I have been told that, yes. So, that means you are the prospective huntsman come to learn from little old me, huh?" She placed a thick plate over the top of where she was working and used a bolt-gun to fasten it into place with a series of loud thunks.

 Sirius walked around the base of the weapon just taking a wide look at the marvel of weapon design that had graced his presence. He wanted to drop down and pray a thank you to whoever allowed him to be here, but decided that simply enjoying the moment would suffice for now. He snapped back to attention after realizing that he had been asked a simple question. "Oh. Yeah, that's me. I've been interested in weaponry since I started my training to come here. I'm not a tech major, since I have other plans, but I plan on retaining weapon work as at the very least a hobby." He continued to circle until he saw something interesting in the horizontal aiming ring. Upon a closer examination, he realized that the winch used for it had an incredibly loose bolt, and that the ring itself was greasier than a fast food restaurant.

 Peri had walked around to where he was and was standing behind him several meters away. "How's the weather up there?" She asked as he started to climb down from the massive hulk of machinery. He landed on the ground with an umph and began to gather his thoughts and what they meant.

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2 Re: Guns and Bruises (Shadow/ The Engineer) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:53 pm

Sirius Saffir
Sirius found himself blinking a bit at the carefree nature of his current mentor. He points up at the Cannon and explains what he found up there. "The horizontal targeting rack is wildly unstable. The ring is greased and the crank is loosened." He informed her with a measure of concern for the well-being of anyone unlucky enough to try to turn the weapon.

 Ms. Scone puffed out her chest with pride and boldly declared. "Yep, I know. Inspired isn't it? The user will be able to target fast moving targets with no depression problems whatsoever!" Sirius Just sort of... stared for a moment. 'Not a good idea, though.' He thought to himself, while trying to come up with a more respectful way to word that.

 "Doesn't that present a sit of a safety hazard though? The top mass is already equaling the base mass, so if the cannon turns to fast it could destabilize the center of gravity." Sirius then started to think of a way to solve the problem but soon stopped when he looked up at Peri.

 She had a look on her face that resembled that of one made by a person who'd just seen someone kick their dog. "Excuse me. Are you trying to criticize my work? What gives you the right?" Her face was slowly turning into a darker and darker shade of red.

 "No ma'am. All that I was saying was-"

 "I've been in this a lot longer than you have pal! Don't you be coming into my workshop and saying things about how my work is faulty!" She was practically jumping now and basically was the same shade as a cherry.

 "I-" That was all the Sirius could say before a wrench went flying past his head. Several others followed soon after, requiring Sirius to run for cover and dodge her death-wrenches. 'Okay, is she insane or something?' He wondered as he ran.

 Peri soon was climbing up onto the cannon and spinning it towards him. 'Okay. Alright. Yeah. DefiniNITELY INSANE!' He found himself having to run around the shop to make sure she couldn't actually aim at him. The prophecy of Sirius, however, was soon fulfilled.

 The rapid turning of the horizontal axis caused the base of the cannon to tilt, and the entire thing just fell over. It narrowly avoided crushing any of her other work in the process. When the dust cleared, Sirius emerged from behind some kind of a beaten and damaged tank. He saw Peri crawl out from underneath the wreckage of the once beautiful weapon.

 "Okay, fine. Maybe it does need a bit of tweaking. You were right I guess." She stands up and, this time, TOSSES him a wrench. "Come on and help my pick this thing up. We've got a lot of work to do if you're up for it."

 Sirius catches the wrench and rolls up the sleeves on his hoodie. "Aye. You're the boss, Boss." And they got to work, both of them learning a thing or two about weapon design that they had never considered before.

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