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To slay a squid(or get slain) [w/ Mono Ikskatashi]private

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Mono looked at one of these posters.

The four foot four inch tall squid faunus was in her happy mood at this point in time, however reading this piece of paper sparked a bit of her angry side. The ego was splattered across this with the accuracy of a toddler, and it ticked her off. Even still the happy, innocent, and childish Mono was overriding the angry one and she decided yes. Yes, she would go crush this man.

Later at the listed time, Mono ran to the town square with her arms stuck out to the sides as if she were an airplane, sprinting at full speed and veering around boxes, light poles, and signs. The place was practically empty at this time which was absolutely a good thing for any fight involving Mono.
Mono soon enough arrived at her destination, stopping when she spotted the person she presumed put up the posters. Walking up behind him, Mono stood up on her tippy-toes in order to poke him on the shoulder. After the action was done the small girl took a few steps back, her ten white, twenty five foot long appendages curled around her lower half in the typical poofy skirt formation, staying completely still so that they looked like a normal article of clothing.

The squid innocently placed her hands behind her back, grasping them together and staring up at the much taller man with her differently coloured eyes and her mouth curved in a tiny smile.
"Uhm, excuse me mister but are you the one who put up all of the posters about some fight-y thingy? My name is Mono Itskatashi and I wanna fight you!"
Her child-like tone was probably the least intimidating sound you could imagine, but it was mixed with a serious vibe; she meant it when she said she wanted to fight him.
She meant it and she would do it.

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

It was at this moment the man's fate was sealed.

"Little girl? L-l-l-little girl!? I'm not a little girl you fat egotistical meathead, so how 'bout ya shut your god damned mouth and fight me ah!? AH!? I will end you!"
Her cute and innocent tone changed to one seething with rage; a personality swap. She went from happy to angry in a snap. The girl's living skirt writhed around, tightening their grip on her legs as she balled her tiny little hands into fists.
"And second of all, you big bloody oaf, I'm not a freakin' kid! I'm an eighteen year old with a growth disorder!"

The short faunus spoke through either yelling or gritted teeth, giving a heterochromatic glare to the man, before pulling out her scroll and sending coordinates to the rocket propelled locker containing P.R.O.X.Y. This man had wanted a fight and Mono was gonna give it to him. But first, a little payback.

Mono extended all ten of her twenty five foot long appendages out, revealing the thin black spats she wore underneath. The ghostly white tentacles wrapped themselves around the light pole Vaike had toppled with his ground pound, and lifted it up with ease. She then continued on to slam the pole into the ground next to him, in a similar fashion to how he had done so with his axe. The ground shattered but so did the pole, the shards of metal scattered across the ground.
"So "mister", w-w-w-will you pretty please fight me?"

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Her personality didn't typically change this much, but she was beginning to become very, very angry.

Mono's squid-like appendages quickly wrapped around the man's axe, tearing it from his grip and pushing it sideways into his front, holding it there so that he would grab it. Her expression stayed surprisingly calm until one word was said. That one word set her off completely.

Her breaths came out through gritted teeth; loud, shaky, giving off the correct impression: she was seething with rage. If she could do it so soon then she would have simply ripped off this man's limbs and bludgeoned him to death, but no. She didn't do that because soon enough she heard a loud sound, one like that of a rocket. The small girl's scoll released a loud beep, indicating her delivery was here, and just a few moments later the specialized locker [standing a few inches over six feet tall] crashed into the ground behind her.

Slowly the girl stepped backwards until she was behind the locker. A metallic clang sounded out as the back of the locker dropped down, followed by a hiss of steam. A few seconds of silence passed before the front door of the locker flew forward at a rediculously high speed, flying over Vaike's head and smashing into the wall behind him.

As the top and sides of the locker collapsed in suit, Mono, now controlling P.R.O.X.Y, stepped out of the mess.
The large, six foot tall armoured exoskeleton stood straight, its dual weilded high capacity hand mounted miniguns slowly raised themselves, both focused entirely on the singular target in front of her.
"Sure, sure, ladies first 'n all that crap. How 'bout you go first though, you'll need every advantage you can get."

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