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Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join)

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1 Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:35 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi had, for once, slept on a mattress he brought from the closet in his classroom. He had slept in his black dress shirt and pants again, but thankfully remembered to take off his shoes this time. He puts socks, then shoes, on and made sure that his hair was combed properly. Ishi was not a man who was often prepared, but he had sent in a request to host a class based purely on poison. While not a threat that most hunters faced, having the training to detect, and if you're lucky, cure the poisoned is a valuable skill. Sure, Ishi was one of the very few people who had the skills to poison people. he was just that kinda person.

Not that it wasn't difficult to get the skill set. Sure, he was rusty at best. Rusty was the lucky way to say it. He just never did anything these days. He dragged the mattress into the close, making sure it was there properly. After closing it, he sat on his desk, looking out into classroom. It was about five minutes before class would start. Anyone who would have come early, would've seen a sleeping Ishi Omo.

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2 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:08 pm

Malachite Glitch
“No no no, it's not problem at all~♫” Mal said in his oddly feminine voice while signing a girl's book bag with a large felt tipped pen. Of course after that was on to the next one and the next and the next. Most of his time between classes was spent like this. He knew he was famous but not this big. He just hoped that after a while he would have signed and taken pictures with just about everyone at the school and he could get between classes easier. Not that he didn't like meeting his fans but it got tiring when it was every day.

“Listen I would love to stick around but I have to get to class~♫” Mal said as he started to escape the crowd that had formed around him. Once he had gotten away he could hear people talking, mostly in excited tones how they got to meet the famous Malachite Glitch. With a small smile he put on his headphones and hit play on his scroll while walking to class. Double checking his schedule to make sure that he was going to the right classroom.

Walking into the class the young musician noted he must be early, considering there was no one in the classroom except for a man sleeping on a mattress. This place definitely did have some characters so Mal didn't pay him any mind and found a seat off to the side of the class room a few rows back. Putting down his bag he bused out his laptop and spent some time working on some of his latest songs before the man woke up. Based on his age and appearance he was probably the teacher. In response Mal saved his work and closed the program before opening up a text document to take notes on and pulling down his headphones to hang around his neck.


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3 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:34 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi yawned. He had the oddest feeling. The class felt far too large for the source material. So, he'd test to see if the students who were here, were supposed to be here. This was, of course, 5 minutes into the class.

"If you're not here for a class on poison, get out."

He saw about half the class get up and leave. This felt more proper. Not only was this less overbearing with the likely questions, this also meant that he had less of a chance of someone who would accidentally get poisoned.

" 'Allo, I'm Ishi Omo. I'm a certified doctor and teacher for you all. Not to mention, I used to be a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. I, also, used to make poisons for people that usually had homegrown antidotes, if you have any questions- any at all- direct them to yours truly"

Ishi's confidence was high, as this was a skill that he had. He was fine with people being late, especially if they were trying to get their class changed and were getting denied on the basis that it was the first time that a class like this had been used or done.

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4 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:07 pm

Malachite Glitch
Mal didn't even consider how packed the class was. Some of the classes he had taken were like this while others had been more sparse so neither was out of the ordinary to him. When the teacher spoke up though and told anyone not here for poisons to get out causing half the students to get up and leave Mal wondered. Checking his own schedule to make sure he was in the right place sure enough it said poisons on his schedule, off course that was a bit odd as he was majoring in Tech and this seemed mostly like a medical class of sorts. Oh well, he would sit through it at see about getting the class swapped out later.

Turning his attention back to the front of the class he listened to the instructor introduce himself. A pharmaceutical industry background then? Interesting. It was odd but not unexpected that not all the instructors here were full on huntresses and huntsmen, but it did make sense with the wide variety of subjects taught here.


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5 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:01 am

Ishi Omo
Ishi yawned. There was one student here that caught his eye. It was a female, at least, based on looks. She sort of stuck out compared to everyone. He had to get the class going, though, otherwise, nothing would ever get done here.

"When one considers poison, what do you think of?"

Ishi hopped off his desk and went around it, to dig in the drawers. He brought up a vial, in which contained a brown liquid. The liquid looked thick, and as obviously hard to swallow. It was one of his poisons that he used to make daily, but had made once more in preparation for this class.

"This poison, in this vial, is a designer poison. Made by yours truly. It could, theoretically, kill everyone in here if not handled properly. However, it's stored properly and kept clean within a heavily contained area. Also known as my drawer."

Ishi laughed.

"With this in mind, did it change your opinion on what you think poisons are?"

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6 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:53 am

Malachite Glitch
Watching the teacher Mal waited to see what kind of mess up he had gotten into. As long as it was at least entertaining then it wouldn't be a complete loss. Whoever this instructor was he was definitely a character, but then again there were a few of those around the campus. Mal had more than on run in with some odd people since he got here. Thinking on the question it seemed more of a ponder your own answer kind of thing than something the teacher actually wanted answered.

Well this was at least somewhat interesting so far. As the teacher rummaged around in his desk and pulled out a small vial the first thing that popped into Mal's mind was maple syrup. Almost immediately it made him hungry for a nice pile of pancakes with some pale syrup and some strawberries. That was until the instructor told them it was a poison and then his appetite left as quickly as it came. Though calling it a designer poison made it sound like it was something one celebrity would use to kill another. Either he was bluffing about how powerful this poison was, or he was just crazy enough to store something like that in his desk.

“A poison is something you don't play around with, unless you have a death wish?” Mal answered the instructor's question with more of a joke than a legitimate response.


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7 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:05 pm

Ishi Omo
"You're absolutely correct."

Ishi sighed. He probably had to disclose a few details.

"Now. I'm going to disclose something now. You're sitting in a room with one of the very, very few people who can make a proper poison in this day and age. It's not as popular an assassination tactic as it used to be. Now, everyone goes, 'I've got to be fancy and stab someone.'

Ishi said that last bit with obvious annoyance in his voice. He was sure kids would be either confused or laughing at it. Either way. It was a bother to reveal to them his secret, but for the sake of sharing his credentials.

"Ah. I should probably finish off my list of credentials. I was an assassin for about 10 years back forever ago. Back then, it was about subtly and not leaving a trace. That's where my poison came in. Sure, they labeled me with a fake name, but my poison knowledge is second to none."

He also had to see the reaction and gauge the sort of class.

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8 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:51 pm

Malachite Glitch
Malachite raised an eyebrow at the response from the teacher. Well he didn't expect to be right, it was mostly a joke but okay. Paying more attention now as the professor went on it was kind of funny to watch. It reminded Mal of some of the people back in Mistral. Always complaining about how whatever they did was a dying art form and how soon the youth would be lost to the true arts and so on and so on. Definitely entertaining, that's for sure. Several of the other students seemed to just think that this guy was off his rocker though.

Though that was when things got interesting. As soon as the teacher admitted he was an assassin several of the other students looked on in disbelief or horror. Mal didn't know if he should believe it himself. After all who would just admit something like that, it seemed to him that a past like that would be something to keep well under wraps. Leaning forward and observing the professor closer Mal started to think. If nothing else this class will be interesting.


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9 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:07 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi fell backward, laughing.
Sure, he should probably keep it secret.
The reaction every time was just so amusing. They always were surprised.

"So. With all that out of the way, we must think about something. Think. If you had any idea how to make poison, would you. Tell me when you figure it out."

Ishi knew his answer. He had answered the question years ago. He had decided that he wanted to. He even used it in the way poisons are meant to be used. With lethal intent. Sure, you could make a poison that pains them. That hurts them. There's no point in doing so, but it is something that you can, in fact, do. Ishi had no guilt, though. He figured that it was fine and dandy that he was an assassin, though his persona that was an assassin was long dead.

In the eyes of the law, literally.

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10 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:42 pm

Malachite Glitch
If there was a chart of crazy ranging from normal person to nuttier than a bowl of cashews, this guy would probably be somewhere closer to the bowl of nuts. The class has barely just begun and already it was incredibly entertaining. With a small grin and resting his elbows on his desk Mal payed closer attention to this crazy professor.

Malachite already knew the answer to the question. He had no use for a poison, there wasn't really anyone he wanted to kill and it didn't seem like poison would be a particularly effective weapon against the Grimm so he saw no need for him to use it. Maybe some of the medical students could come up with a creative use for it, though it would be helpful to know how to counteract poisons as just a regular hunter. Though mostly that seems like it would be more of a wilderness survival kind of thing where you need to learn to deal with natural poisons like from plants or snakes.


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11 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:38 pm

Ishi Omo
"Fun fact. There were some people who realized that I didn't actually die. It was funny to watch them try to poison me. Failed amusingly. Now, most people consider poison to just be a lethal sort of thing. Did you know that some of the worst don't actually kill you? That's the thing about poisons that most people don't consider. Not all of them just off you. Some of them just force you to act differently. Some of them just make you a little sick."

He hopped off his desk in dramatic fashion.

"There are poisons that put you in comas. Heck. Medicine is just poison that does good things."

Ishi had a good laugh and put the poison back into his desk. He had all sorts of things to talk about; though he figured he should notify them of a few things before he started the fun part of class.

"Now, for the purpose of this class, I've made nothing lethal. Nothing that will kill you right off the bat, at least. You'd have to mess up on your end to die from anything. Now, who would be willing to come up closer and actually hold poisons."

If he had this kind of class... well, he'd probably have turned out differently.

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12 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:31 pm

Malachite Glitch
Well it made sense, there were plenty of poisonous plants that only gave you a nasty rash or something, so why would all poisons just straight up kill you. Still that didn't make this guy's whole speech and theatrics not make him seem like a total loon. Of course there were more than a few people here who probably blew his craziness out of the water. It made Mal wonder what it was about this place that drew the mentally disturbed.

After hearing the Teacher's request for a volunteer Mal looked around the rest of the class to see how the other students would take it. As expected no one was all that eager to get up and handle some potentially lethal substances. With a shrug Malachite pushed back his chair and sauntered up to the front of the class. He figured as long as he was careful it shouldn't be much more dangerous than facing a Deathstalker.


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13 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:46 am

Ishi Omo

"Ah, wonderful. What's your name, kid?"

He'd ask, going around his desk again and digging into it, he dug out a potion of sorts that should only affect females.

Not that he knew about the kid who came up. He swished it around and it swished nicely. It was a clear liquid with no ill intent.

"As one might guess, this is a non-lethal poison. It should only make one hyper if the drinker is a female. It does nothing to males. It's more akin to a potion."

He had a stupid smile on his face as he held a vial in front of Malachite.

"Drink it. If it does anything else, I will fix it."

Ishi was a great guy sometimes. This? This was not one of those times.

It wasn't his job to be a nice guy, it was just his job to be Ishi.

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14 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:35 pm

Malachite Glitch
“Name's Malachite~♫” he said in his melodic and feminine voice. Almost immediately he heard a student whisper something about him in the background. Honestly it surprised him that anyone who listened to his music who went to the school hadn't already heard that he was here, but then again some people did live under their own rocks at times. He watched the instructor dig around in his desk for something else, that Mal hoped wasn't something that would hurt him too bad.

Well that didn't look all that harmful, but then again Mal guessed a good poison shouldn’t look harmful at all. Though saying that it was supposed to make him super energetic didn't sound too bad, though... he was a guy so.... would it even have an effect on him? Now he was curious to see what it would do to him but as soon as the teacher said if it did anything else he would fix it it didn't inspire much confidence. Oh well, he volunteered for this. “Down the hatch then~♫” He said taking the vial from the teacher and popping the top and drinking the entire concoction in one go.


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15 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:07 am

Ishi Omo
It slowly, but surely, dawned upon him.

Malachite was a guy.


This complicated things. Well, complicated in the case that it was a pain. 95% of the poisons and pots that he had for men usually killed them. While that potion would’ve done nothing, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t a complete bother when it came down to it. He tested the poisons himself, after all. He elected to ask Malachite a few questions.

“Right, Malachite. I have a proposition for you. I have a poison that would, in fact, cause anyone a massive amount of pain. If you drink this, and that you know that it’d cause a bunch of pain, I’ll give you an A. Call it a sort of… passage through the class. After all, you drank that last one like nothing.”

He meant an A for this class period, anyhow. Who needed assignments when you had concrete proof of skill?

He hadn’t brought it out or anything, not yet.

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16 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:04 am

Malachite Glitch
Well.... Malachite wasn't really feeling all that hyper. Of course there was a chance that it was because he was a guy or maybe it was because the teacher didn't know what he was doing, or possibly it was a lie and it was some kind of test on placebos. Sparing a glance at the rest of the class he saw they seemed to believe that the drug didn't do what the teacher said meaning they still thought Mal was a girl. Of course he wasn't exactly sure how that made him feel. Sure he was a guy technically speaking but besides that he was more like a girl than a guy, hell he even liked other guys.

Before he could think on that too much the teacher spoke to him again. A potion that would cause a lot of pain and he would get an A.... of course this could be some kind of test. Like the one before it could just have no effect and it was some kind of lesson on not just drinking whatever people hand to you. On the other hand it could also do what he said and Mal would basically just be in pain until it wore off.

Calculating the risk as best he could in his head Mal finally just sighed and decided to go for it. “Alright, bring it out and let's see what you've got then,” he said holding out his hand for this other drink.


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17 Re: Poison 101(Class; Ask to Join) on Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:36 am

Ishi Omo
“You will literally fall and squirm on the ground if you take this. It’s meant to take down but not kill. Used it back when that meant something when it came to poisons. Made a fresh thing here not long ago, thereby it’d still be as potent as possible. Are you SURE you want the A?”

He wasn’t lying, he had no intent to lie and fake out this kid. He had all the capability to do so, but none of the reason.

“Right, so. I know that I’m this weird old guy who is, for some reason, teaching you kids about poison. I know it’s odd, but even you must admit, that it’s a useful skill to realize two things. First, What can poisons do? Second; How can you detect poison?’

He was sure that, while the kids were waiting for Mal to answer him, they weren’t going to answer him.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tested it himself. He could confirm that it put him in vigorous pain. He hadn't moved to take anything out yet.

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