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Teachers have to rest! (Open to all Teachers)

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1 Teachers have to rest! (Open to all Teachers) on Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:59 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was very rarely in the teachers lounge. However, this was one of those days. He was sitting on the room's couch after a hardworking day. Hardworking being the fact that teaching was more tiring than most things had any right to be. Seriously, these kids had something seriously wrong with them. Especially that one lady. Arcen was it? Yeah, that little lady has something seriously wrong with her. He hoped that she was an effective combatant, otherwise he wasn't sure he'd be able to deal with something more. One class a day was all he could handle. If it was more? He'd probably topple over and die. Not even kidding, that's what he felt like he'd do.

The pressure of a bunch of would-be hunters is a terrifying thing to stand in front of. Not to mention, telling them how to do work was tiring in of itself. All that, though, would be worth it in the end.

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Luka White
It was her first day on the job and she had just came from the headmistress’s office. She had gotten some papers and some keys to some things. As she was reading over the papers she looked up to see the teacher's lounge. “Hmm when i was a student. Other Student like me weren’t allowed to go in unless we were with a teacher.” She giggled a little and walked up to the door. “I’m coming in” As she opened the door to see it was a nice little place to do some work or but kick back for a bit before or after classes.

There was only one other person in the room on the couch he looked like he had a long day. So she didn’t say anything to him and just quietly and quietly walked over to the one of the tables and sat down and laid her papers on the table and started to read them once again.

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Ishi Omo
While sitting there, a woman came in. A new teacher? Possibly. Hmm, interesting. A new teacher at this point in the year? She looked younger. Possibly an ex-student? Of some sort, he was sure. However, old Ishi was kicking in. The Ishi that he had to keep hidden because he couldn't exactly hit on students. He rose from his seat. He straightened his suit before getting up and walking over to the new teacher. He had to be nice, at least, before trying to hit on the woman. He was a massive sleazeball. He knew it, and basically anyone who ever saw him, knew it.

" 'Allo. Name's Ishi Omo, Medical teacher. May I have the pleasure of knowing yours, madam?"

He brushed his hair back and put out his hand. He was going to try to be civil and nice before hitting on the woman. He was an old asshat, but he was an old asshat with some manners.

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Luka White
“Hmm not really to much to go off on.” As she looked at some of the papers. The last dust teacher seened to not really have anything in mind to too much. " 'Allo. Name's Ishi Omo, Medical teacher. May I have the pleasure of knowing yours, madam?" Madam? She wasn’t that old to be called madam “It-it’s White Luka White and don’t call me madam makes me feel old and i’m the new dust teacher.” She got up to meet face to face with the guy and to shake his hand.

She smiled and asked if there was anything he could tell her to help get her starts/ thout her first week of school. She had no real idea on what she was going to do or how to do it…...What did father get her into this time? She looked over Ishi he looked to be a about as old as her father maybe a little older but that was just her guess from how he looked.

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Ishi Omo
He took her hand and shook it.

"If you need any help, I'm here. Any questions, concerns, possible deaths, anything like that. Been a teacher here for a bit and it's always a lovely thing when someone doesn't die."

Ishi, the ladies man, was actually offering help to someone without hitting on them? What? Nonsense. Why would he do that? Was he getting soft? Was it because this teacher was closer to being a student? Was it because he was getting soft? He wasn't entirely sure, but he just... wanted to help. Gah, what was wrong with him? He would normally be hitting on the lady. That was a keystone of her personality. That was who he was. That's what people knew him by. Is it because he finally got too old? Is he finally so old that students no longer interest him?

Gah. That can't be true.

He's Ishi Omo, the womanizer.

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Titania Crimsaber
Titania was walking down the halls of Syne Academy, after a particularly long workout session. She had heard of a teachers lounge, and thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some other teachers as well as relax a bit. Today she was dressed in normal attire a red tee-shirt, black dress pants, and boots. Her hair was set in its usual style, a long braided crimson mess, of a  pony tail.

Once she entered the room she spotted two people, one was a woman working on paperwork of some sort, whike the other was male, and appeared to be helping her.  Titania walked up to the two and made a  quick greeting in her normal tone, with a bit of nervousness hidden behind her voice.

"Hello nice to meet you- My name is Titania E. Crimsaber, You may refer to me as however you prefer" She then awkwardly stuck her hand out in a handshake to the woman, not really used to seeing fellow teachers and not knowing how to approach them, if she should be relaxed or formal. So she decided to approach them like she would a student.

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