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"Rest" and "Reprieve" (Hunt/ Ask to join)

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1 "Rest" and "Reprieve" (Hunt/ Ask to join) on Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:28 pm

Sirius Saffir
Sirius was lying back in an open clearing and genuinely enjoying the newly warming weather of Spring. The sun was not to bright so as he took a light nap there was no glare, and the breeze was so slight that the grass seemed to lull him to sleep. Alone again, this was a nice afternoon for him, even if it meant that he was not currently in class. The sounds of tree branches swaying sounded like a gentle lullaby set just for him. If there was anything to ruin this nearly perfect moment, then it could not be found by Sirius. He flopped onto hes side and yawned, fully prepared to doze off. This was nothing like life back home. Work, work, then work some more became train, train, and keep training. This was what he was training for? To him, it all was starting to seem slightly melodramatic. 'I've done nothing but go to class and relax. Why did Gramps push me so hard physically? It all feels like wasted time now.' He thought to himself.

Current Conditions: Non-combat

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3 Re: "Rest" and "Reprieve" (Hunt/ Ask to join) on Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:40 am

    3 Level 1 Boarbtusks
Boarbtusk 1- 75/75HP  
Boarbtusk 2- 75/75HP 
Boarbtusk 3-50/50HP

Frustration, anger,sloth theses were the emotions that the trio of Boarbtusks felt as they patrolled their forest home. When they arrived on the scene they saw a blond hunter chopping down trees at random while another was laying In the open clearing as if he had no Care's inthe world. The two larger pigs scraped their feet along the ground, before making a wild charge at the large blond man each attempting to impale the man on their tusks. The third and smaller one would the atack the leisurely man attemptinto stomp his head into the ground when it got close. 

The tree would announce their presence from a decent distance away with a loud ear splitting squeal. Due to their low intelligence they realized how unadventageous it would be to announce themselves in such a manner, opting to charge in wildly, no formation or strategy only pure bloodlust.

Boarbtusk 1- Tusk strike@ Vaike10DMG
Boarbtusk 2- Tusk strike@ Vaike 10DMG
Boarbtusk 3- Head Stomp@ Sirius 10DMG

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4 Re: "Rest" and "Reprieve" (Hunt/ Ask to join) on Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:51 am

Sirius Saffir
Sirius was barely conscious at all at the time. The pig was able to make its way toward him without detection right up until it was right next to Sirius. The shade now blocking his perfect sunlight was enough to rouse him and see the stomp coming with only enough time to stop the hit from hitting his head by blocking it with his arms, but still taking the brunt of the strike.

 He pushed the boar away before rolling away and onto his feet. He pulled Steel Ball from his hoodie pocket and extended the wire with an electronic zip. He started spinning the yo-yo up.

 'Speaketh thy name and they shall come. Hmm, just when I was starting to get bored too.' He thought. Without another second, however, Sirius was running in. He first swung Steel Ball down towards the boars head. Regardless of if he hit the boar or the dirt, he swung the next toward it's tusk to wrap Steel Ball around it and pull it in for two sharp punches to it's side and a final kick to release it.

Current Stats & Action:

Sirius Saffir

Damage Taken: 10

Damage given: (Before modification)

Ball Strike: 60
Side Punch: 60
Side Punch: 60
Head Kick: 60

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