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Laxus Castrea [Finished]

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1 Laxus Castrea [Finished] on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:13 pm

Laxus Castrea
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Laxus Jakkaru Castrea
Age: 17
Birthday: September 8th
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus
Height: 5`7
Weight: 130
Face Claim: Jackal (Fairy Tail)

STR: 4
DEF: 2
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Animals, Candy, Weapons.
Dislikes: Grimm, Racists, Oranges.
Fears: Death, Loneliness, and Being Betrayed.
Talent: Dust Refining
Weakness Musician
Overall Personality:
Laxus cares deeply about every aspect of life, which can be observed in the fact that he treats younger kids, animals, and even elders with a high amount of compassion because of his memories of the lost love ones in his family. He demonstrates his kinder nature by putting in extra time for charity work for all types. He also enjoys mingling with citizens around the area in which his team currently operates in, though he is quickly chastised by his teammates for doing so. Laxus seems to be a good-natured person and only does what is necessary in order to keep his friends or thoughs he cares for safe from any threats that may come his way. Overall, he is very carefree and relaxed, sociable, talkative and adaptable to surrounding environment very quickly. It can be said, however, that Laxus can sometimes become too focused and absorbed in thought, leaving him to carelessly forget his surroundings, this also may lead to him feeling a sense of loneliness since he thinks that no one views life the way he does. Laxus maybe hesitant to take a life from someone/thing but will only do it if there were no other plausible options.
Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Orangish Red
Aura Manipulation:
This form of aura maniuplation is different from most as it allows the sure to use their aura in ways to help them in combat or traveling. This would include shape, size, and usage changes. In Laxus particular case he is only able to preform three different versions of Aura Manipulation all capable of useful feats.

1. Flight: Laxus is able to manipulate and control and propel aura from his feet in which in turn allowing him to to reach feats similar to flight and hovering. (-10 SP Per Post.)

2. Aura Based Arrow: Laxus is also able to create arrows made of of his orangish red aura that are capable of being fire from any bow known to man. These bows when attempting to damage an opponent acts as if it were a Dust Based Attack or an Spirit Based Skill. (-20 SP Per Arrow.)

3. Aura Enhancement: Laxus is capable of surrounding his weapon or fists in this Orangish Red to increase the damage of his physical attacks by 1 STR. (-10 SP Per Attack with Enhanced Weapons)

Item 1:
Mechanical Compound Bow:
This Compound Bow appears as if it is come sort of green, black and grey mechincal contraption that ticks and fires arrows in a swift manor. But in fact this bow works more as if it was a long bow. While still having some sort of help most of the bows strength comes from the users pull and is capable of firing bows a considerable distance.  The unique thing about this bow is that the limbs of the bow have sharp serrated edges which are able to cut up close if need be.
Bow Found Here:
Item 2:
Tier One Dust: Fire Arrows
Instead of having just the tradition vial of dust, the vial has been seperated and put into ten steel plated arrows capable of setting things on fire and burning targets. While these maybe classified as dust vials, these particular arrows if the situations allows for it can be recovered but loses their ability to shoot fire until filled win additional fire dust.

History and Sample
This is the story of Laxus a boy born into nobility despite being the offspring of an affair. His father Jafar Castrea  rather famous Dust manufacturer happens to be one of the leading competitors against the Schnee corporation. His father had been forced into arranged marriage by his own to father to forge a union with another powerful Dust Manufacture to strengthen both companies. Though he had been forced into a arrange marriage he choose not to give his heart to his forced wife. Instead his heart would be captured by a young faunus maid who severed the family at the time. Venus Jakkaru a young beautiful woman who hardly possessed and features of a faunus besides the her long silver tail and spiky ears...

The two spent as much time together as possible finding any excuse just to be in the same room together. Even in their desperate attempts to keep the relationship a secret nothing could escape the eyes of Jafar's forced wife especially when Venus started to show signs of early pregnancy. Now exposed Jafar tried his best to detain the situation as his wife agreed to help is efforts as long as the two stayed married. As the months passed and Venus neared the date of birth of her child formed of true love the trio had managed to prevent the situation from becoming dangerous by falsely stating that Venus had been a surrogate mother for the busy parents. In exchange for difusing the situation Jafar's wife had declared that Venus be released from her job and banished from the kingdom. Jafar of course fought against this request but to no avail as the pair went behind his back to seal the deal.

Although Venus loved Jafar she felt it necessary to sacrifice her own happiness to ensure that of her child and lover. Shortly after the birth of Laxus she would hold up her end of the deal disappearing only writing a letter every year on her sons birthday. Oddly enough around Laxus` tenth birthday these letters stopped and no one has yet to know why... But enough of his conception lets discuss the life of Laxus Castrea...

As mentioned before this is the story of none other than Laxus Castrea a faunus born August 3rd to a powerful man and a maid with a heart of gold... Laxus's childhood was nothing outside of the normal yet him being child of a powerful kingdom he had everything he wanted and much more. As soon as he able to his father would began teaching him the ways of a hunter. As time progressed his father would began to have less time for him as life provided further obstacles, as his step mother demanded more children and his fathers work became more extensive. As his other children became of Laxus would have the chance to venture out on his own to discover himself and his own dreams and wishes.

Laxus wanted nothing more but to get into Syne Academy and become a hunter to help fight against the evil's of his word. He would began training working hard everyday entering preparation school creating his own personal weapon as well as unlocking his semblance near the end of his time at the preparation academy. It was only on his eighteenth birthday did he receive notice of his acceptance into Syne Academy... Today was the day. The day where his dreams would start to become reality it was time to become the hunter he felt he was destined to be... It's time to let the story unfold as new adventures await!
RP Sample:
A buzzing sound boomed through the room as two furry, spiky, and highly sensitive ears picked up every pitch of the rather annoying noise. As the sound neared it's maximum volume a body in which these ears belonged to would spring up as one single thought flashed through his mind...

"Today's the day! I..I am going to Syne Academy! I am going to start my training to become a hunter!"

As his hand hit the button of the alarm clock in which the noise that awoke him originated his eyes would glance at a picture of a young beautiful who he shared most of his features with.

"Mother...  Today's the day."

He would grip the photo holding it close to his chest before he packed it away into the rest of his items he were to take with him to Syne Academy... Now packed and excited he would run from his bedroom to the limo parked in the front yard as he watched the chauffeur load his things into the trunk. His rather small family which his two younger brothers, father, and step mother consisted of met him at the entrance of their home.

His father was the first to step forward and embrace his child the rest of the group following soon after as the four of then seemed to speak in unison to bid him a somewhat sad farewell. As his brothers and stepmother retreated into their home his father would stay as to leave his last words.

"Make me proud my son... Show the world the power of the Castrea Family."

A tear would fall from Laxus eye as he hugged his father once again before making his way to his ride. He would turn around one last time as his eyes scanned the sight of his childhood home as it hit him that it would be a while before he would return. Finally his eyes would meet with father's as he fought back another tear before giving his final words before entering the limousine.

"I will Dad I promise."

With those five words he would enter the limousine as the chauffeur shut the door and entered the drivers seat pulling off into the distance. The destination... None other then Syne Academy.

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2 Re: Laxus Castrea [Finished] on Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:39 am

Hey there Laxus! Name's Akui, and I'm going to be grading your app today.

Points from me for wielding a bow, there is just something about it that's...well, I can't explain it, but I just find bows cooler than guns.

Also, I'll have to say that at this moment and time, you have reached the limit of different things your semblance can do. Coming from someone who REALLY pushing the boundaries here when it comes to abilities on this site, I've never had a semblance do more than three things, so I would say upfront to not expect to be able to do more with it later on.

Anyone who wields Aura technically has Aura Manipulation as they are manipulating their aura to even use their own Semblance, but I understand what you are going for here: where as some people conjure fire and others heal, you pretty much just form your aura without an element.

This app is almost perfect, but I do need you to change that Aura Arrow section, as any Damage Semblance costs 20 AP per use. Also, the way to better word your buff is that you increase your STR by 1, making it 5 when active.

With those small changes, you'll be good to go! :)

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3 Re: Laxus Castrea [Finished] on Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:06 am

Laxus Castrea
I am fine with those abilities being my limit :D. Although for the Aura arrows wouldnt it be more of a Utility Based then over a damage one or even both since the arrows he creates still have access to damaging capabilities? In anycase the changes were made regardless of my questions. So this is somewhat of an Approval Bump.

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4 Re: Laxus Castrea [Finished] on Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:45 pm

While I would be fine with it only costing you 10 Aura per Supa Arrow, sadly the rules in the Aura and Semblance Section aren't on your side in this case. Damage Semblances cost 20 AP per use, while Utility (which is defined clearly as 'not falling under any of the other categories of Damage, Defense, Buffing, Debuffing, Healing, or Summons') only costs 10 AP.

Also, just for future reference, normal buffs can go up to +2 to a stat...but only one stats at a time. The reason I didn't tell you to go ahead and change your buff to a +2 is because you already have so many options, that it would kinda make you a 'Master of All Traits' versus a Jack. The buffing semblances that get a +2 don't really do anything else...I mean, you can potentially fly and shoot Supa Arrows at the same time, that's already pretty solid (please do that sometime by the way, if you get the chance? :3)

Anyway, enough chitchat about rules n' stuffz. As far as I'm concerned, this app is...

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