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Silica Risezrou, the four foot ten, twenty four year old, desperately single, loli teacher [Finished and ready for approval!]

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Silica Risezrou
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Silica Eirchte Risezrou
Age: 24
Birthday: March 3rd
Gender: Female
Race: Fox faunus (Peach coloured bushy tail; the fox ears are mechanical.)
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 109 lbs
Face Claim: Akane Futaba

STR: 5
DEF: 4
RES: 1
SPT: 1
Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Professor (Grimm Studies)
Likes: -Grimm. Way too much.
-Head pats.
-Stomach rubs.
-Laser pointers.
Dislikes: -Being made fun of for her childish appearance.
-Being referred to as a child.
-Being doubted.
-The fact that she will always be alone and nobody will ever love her.
Fears: -She will be killed by a Grimm.
-She'll lose her job.
Talent: Cybernetics/Robotics
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Silica hates when she is referred to as a child. Sure, she is endlessly entertained by laser pointers, can roll around on the ground with a ball for a few hours, and is only four foot ten, but she really hates it when she's treated like what she acts like. The faunus acts childish, is typically extremely energetic, very talkative, and often described as "unbearably annoying".  
Yet even with all of her flaws the girl is, undeniably, the most educated person on Grimm in Bellmuse, assuming we don't have scientists who only study Grimm in the mix there. Her passion for the creatures has led to her to be a bit obsessed with them.
Silica can be a rather depressing realist, painfully aware of how utterly screwed the world is, the increasing possibility they'll all die, and the fact that she probably gets drunk too much. Most of the time, however, she acts like a little kid.

Aura type: Regeneration
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: -Summon: Razorback- Silica's summon looks (but only looks) like some form of mutated Beowulf. It's fur is pure white, whilst the bones are pitch black; an inverted colour scheme as opposed to your typical Beowulf.
Now, this summon is NOT a Beowulf, it only carries the same SHAPE as a Beowulf. It's behaviour is entirely dependent on what Silica wishes it to do, or occasionally, what it's limited intelligence allows it to do.
Summon height: 8 ft even in bipedal stance, 5 ft even in quadropedal stance.
Summon HP Points: 3
Summon Damage Points: 3
Item 1: Silica wears futuristic looking metal gauntlets, stained white. Normally they look simply like particularly long gloves, coming from her hands up to about halfway to her elbows. The glove part is a thin black material that looks similar to pantyhose in that you can see skin through it.
When combat mode is activated the gauntlets buff out, and look similar to the weapons used by Megaman. Giant, terrifying, hand cannons.
Out of these hand cannons come large, continuous beams of super heated plasma, or in layman's terms, laser beams.
Item 2: -Tier 1 Physical armour- The P.D.M: Physical Defense Matrix.
Around Silica orbits one singular, steel plated hexagon, outlined with a neon blue light. This hexagon is linked directly to Silica's brain, so that if she sees an attack coming she can stop it.
If the aforementioned attack is bullets, then the large hexagon can split into a dozen smaller ones and block most if not all of them.
The catch is that, being linked directly to her brain, when the hexagon is hit her brain registers it as pain, and actually physically feels said pain, albeit to a lesser extent.

History and Sample
Silica Eirchte Risezrou was born deaf; neither of her ears worked properly, or at all in fact. She lived with no sound up until the age of twelve, at which she received biomechanical ears. The ears were made of soft tissue, and they could grow along with Silica; a bonus was that they resembled her tail in terms of colours so that they looked almost natural.
What was unnatural however was that it appeared she had two traits instead of the usual faunus one.

At the age of sixteen Silica was orphaned by a large scale Grimm attack; one that led to death death of her friends, family, and everybody that she's ever known and loved.
Of course she wasn't the sole survivor, because that'd be generic and nobody likes generic.
Now the thing is that Silica is obsessed with them. She's obsessed with the things that literally killed anything she ever cared about. As you can imagine the girl's a bit messed up in the head that way.

A few years after being put through multiple foster homes Silica ran away. She ran away and somehow got into Syne Academy; probably for her extensive and obsessive knowledge of Grimm. The fox was not unfamiliar with the art of combat, and she graduated a few years later with flying colours; but now she's back.
Back to teach.
She wasn't particularly familiar with the headmistress, or really anybody else there. She was more of the "anti-social shut-in" type, rather than the "normal human being" type.

Silica's reasoning for being a teacher is her previously mentioned extensive knowledge on the creatures of Grimm. Anything and everything known about them she knows too. She knows every type of Grimm, she knows how they act, she knows how to tell the rough age based on exo-skeletal structures, and she knows that there is not a spider Grimm. Not yet.
RP Sample:
Apparently her airship landing in Bellmuse, forcing her to walk to the academy only to find a great bloody rock wall wasn't enough to tick Ichi off, according to fate, so she now stood before a rather large Beowulf.
"Hey, you. Yeah you. The one with the ugly face. You mind, oh I dunno, getting the heck outta my way?"
A snarl carved it's way onto her face in retaliation to the growl emitted by the petty beast.
"So we wanna play a game, eh? You're mistake.
I'm great at games."

The disgusting abomination lunged forward, leaping towards Ichi, mouth gaping. A simple sidestep before she lifted her leg up to nearly a 180 degree angle, thrusting it down, heel first, directly onto the thing's neck.
A pitiful whine came from the creature as she twisted her foot back and forth, digging her heel further into it's neck.
"You are a mere glitch in the computer known as Remnant. You are a disgusting little abomination of numbers meant to destroy the system. And I? I am the anti-virus.
Commands aren't the only things I'll be executing today."

A small stomp, followed by removing her foot, allowing it to begin to stand up, before roundhouse kicking the Beowulf in the side and dashing over incomprehendably fast to pin it to the ground on it's back.
She applied pressure with her foot onto it's chest looking it dead in the eye as she raised her right arm to point her fist directly at it's face, giving the creature a thumbs up.
"Congratz you little wretch, you gave me confidence that everybody back home was wrong... You Grimm are weak..."
She pointed her middle and index finger at the thing's face, her hand glowing a pure gold as the hand gesture known as a "gun" was completed.

Ichi's grin grew wider as she stared the beast dead in the eyes, her hand lit up like the sun.

"Game over."

The recoil of the projectile tossed her arm back like a ragdoll, but she was not phased as she was too busy admiring her masterpiece; A dead Beowulf with a bullet hole in it's skull.
She lowered her arm back down, spitting onto the lifeless corpse as she began walking back to Bellmuse.


Jesus christ I'm so cool!"

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