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Luxian Sparks[Finished and Ready for Approval]

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Luxian Sparks
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Luxian Sparks
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/17
Gender: Male
Race: Faunas(Lion, ears)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 135lbs
Face Claim:Human male Luxray- Pokémon

Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Sleep,being pet,Nightime,having his whiskers rubbed.
Dislikes:Mornings,Tail being pulled, Waking up
Fears: Large dogs,Collars,Being run over
Talent: Tracking
Weakness Orginazation
Overall Personality: If you were to ask what his major personality was his first reply would be Lazy. He is the embodiment of Lazy from Arriving to work late to just not wanting to do anything in general. Despite all this he still is a Cop specially a member of the SWAT team being somewhat usefull with his T&I skills(Tracking and Interrogation)but is often scolded by superiors and peers for his lazy attitude and demeanor(and never wearing the uniform). He also has a weakness for petting immediately turning into putty if he is petted. Getting him angry takes a lot of effort,but when he does his attitude changes, he becomes commanding if not bossy and fights fiercely if not recklessly. Overall he is a very lazy cat who you do not want to get on the bad side of.Side note- if you rub his whisker scars(see in history) he will be the ultamite putty,and melt like butter into a mess of purrs,due to this he only allows thoose who he trusts with all his heart to touch them. His own sign of utmost trust in someone.

Aura type:Power
Aura Color: Bright yellow

Semblance: Ferality- briefly allows all unarmed atacks to deal the added weapon damage bonus that the owner currently has, affects allies in a 10 meter radius (lasts one post).Accompanied by his normal amber eyes glowing brightly, and blue electricity crackling around the affected.

Item 1: Night Pole- A large Nightstick extended to the point of where its the length of a  polearm.
Item 2: Fire dust- Carries a Phial of fire dust along with a jug of highly flammable oil at his hip.

History and Sample
Vacuo, that was the kingdom that Luxian was born into. He lived a terrible childhood his parents being Renowned criminals in th area and constantly being surrounded by drugs and violence. He was abused but due to the wild state of the kingdom and town no one did anything to stop it. He lived a life full of pain until the age of Eight when a massive gamg war broke out. The village burned to the ground his parents dying in the process doing their sinful deeds. Lux had ran, ran away as it was breaking out.after his escape he was forced to walk the harsh desert like environments off Vacuo For days on end Until finally collapsing in the sand. When he awoke he was moving somehow, and after a quick glance around it seemed things were finally turning out for the better. But he soon realized he was in a cage, more specially a faunas slave trading caravan. There were other faunas with him who had suffered the same fate as he. They were soon shipped on to a boat headed straight for vale to be sold for who knows what. But when all hope seems lost and gone forever the Vale Police force arrived and put a stop to it. He was inspired by this and vowed to protect people as well as he could in secret. After their timely rescue He was soon shipped off to the place where many faunas without a place to go went, Menagerie. He spent most of his teen years there before Moving back to Vale at the age of 18, he soon under went the police academy, and was soon recognized for his amazing sense of smell, and support skills. After Graduating, he was assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics Squad of Vale being the head tracker of the team as well as picking up some interrogation techniques along the way. His commanding officer soon assigned him to an investigation mission To Vacuo. However once they arrived it turned out one of the Members of the squad was a White fang Spy, and slaughteered the whole group, as he and the man had a stand off Luxian came out victorious and had to watch the man commit suicide in front of him.All the negative emotions attracted Grimm amd he up beimg ambushed. He managed to fight them off but ned three claw like scars on each  of his face, almost like whiskers. When he returned he was ostriziced by the entire police force believimg him to be a murderer. The only one who believed him was the commanding officer. Thankfully the commanding officer had connections to a place known as Bellmuse, so with a teary goodbye He departed for this place To be the newest rookie in the Bellmuse SWAT Team.  
RP Sample:
Beep* Beep* Beep*  That was the sound That Luxian was currently hearing It was a deep droning sound coming from an alarm clock set next to his bedside. As he looked at the clock he slowly grumbled to himself as he had just happened to wake up before the alarm went off "What's the Point in an alarm clock if you wake up before it even goes off.." I would go to turn it off but then I would have to move.. But if I don't move it will just keep Ringing and Ringing.. " He then let out a deep sigh before slamming his fist down on the clock accidentally smashing it to smithereens "Why? Why does this kinda stuff always happen to me?" The man would then grab his Pillow and slam it on his face slowly dosing off, not realizing that the boat was now Departing Bellmuse Docks.

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Luxian Sparks

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Roy Fox
So the only problem I see is with your semblance- first off 10 meter radius is the max, next pick either the STR buff or the unarmed increase and finally remove that part about the weapon tier after that you should be good to go. Bump when fixed.

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Luxian Sparks

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Roy Fox

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Roy Fox
*sigh* sorry you can only have one Faunas trait...Yeah toatally a mess up on my part sorry

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Luxian Sparks
You're cool don't worry about it But should be fixed.. Bump^

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Roy Fox
Alright.. last time-

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