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Atlas 'Reign' Ren(FIN, Revamp for Grenal)

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1 Atlas 'Reign' Ren(FIN, Revamp for Grenal) on Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:02 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Atlas ‘Reign’ Ren
Age: 20 Years Old
Birthday: September 22nd
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’1
Weight: 193 Pounds

STR: 5
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes:  Pizza: Stuff’s good.
Honest People: Coat and Dagger stuff might be what he’s good at, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.
Nice people: He’s not the nicest.
Dislikes: Attempted Murder: Upon himself or otherwise, it’s a fruitless endeavour because it never works.
Remembering his kidnapping: He remembers it upon getting in vehicles, which is why he can’t drive one. He can barely ride in one.
Getting called Prince: Just cause he looks like one, doesn’t mean he is one.
Fears: Getting Bound in the dark: While he’s quite fine with getting bound otherwise, when it goes dark, he gets scared.
Losing the game of tactics: It’s his only thing he has!
Having to murder a friend: He’d much rather not.
Talent: Tactics
Weakness Vehicle Mastery
Overall Personality:  Reign is the sort of guy for cloak and daggers.  He's more at home in a dark musty room that has a crime lord sitting at the other end of the table, then he does feel at most places. Except pizza places. Pizza places are always a good thing in his mind. So, while he can pull off a happy face in front of most people, he's not at home in social situations. Sure, he's alright with being alone. That doesn't mean that he loves being alone, that just means he's fine with it.

He likes social interaction.  Not to say he's the greatest at it, it's just something he has in his skill set. With social interactions and his understanding of tactics, it makes him a very serious foe to face. Even if he gets tired after facing one enemy, he'll usually deal with it through some other way.

He, however, likes deflecting questions about himself. He does sometimes talk about his past though.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Grey
Semblance: Cloth Manipulation: He can manipulate cloth he is touching to do whatever he wishes. This can be used as a damage semblance, a defense semblance. Proper costs for all.
Item 1: Needle Blade: He uses it much like a rapier, except bigger and pointer.
The string at the end is made of cloth that he can control.
Item 2: Fire Dust, T1

History and Sample

Childhood to be explained IC
"Why do you think they call us the sun and the moon? Why not the Sun and Mercury?"

Reign laughed. His normal robes were on, looking much like a video game assassin. The only thing that anyone saw was his tanned face. His bulk wasn't bulk enough that he didn't look average under his clothing. He was 16 at the time, sitting in a room made completely of steel, waiting for their part of an event to start.  This was pointless! Reign wanted to get out there. However, Conversation with Anne was always fun.

"Normal Strat? I take out the stealthy sods while you overpower the rest, yeah? Simple stuff. Anyhow, I can deal with the stuff like that."

In their small, private combat school, there was a monthly competition to see who was the strongest and most skilled. To win, you had to capture the enemy team, and bind them so that the referree could come and grab them, taking them out of the game. Trick was, you had to leave two players out of each time so that the game lasted a certain amount of time.

No one really knew where the rule came from; but the two on Anne's team was her and Reign. It was the dream team for most people. A dream team that would never stop as long as one would go on to think about it. The team would go down in history for the largest amount of eliminations spread between two people.  According to Reign, most of the work is done by Anne. According to Anne, most of the work is done by Reign.

There was something, no, someone who bothered him on the enemy team. A man named Baron Brein. He was a nasty piece of work, and this was coming from Reign. Baron was the epitome of what Reign thought a hunter should be. A sadistic, violent yet composed figure. One who knew when to be violent, and when he could get away with it. Baron was the sort of fellow he would not want to meet in the alleyway.

Of course, that meeting was to happen later. First, he had to fight another unsavory fellow.  

In the academy, there was two people known for their discretion when it came down to dealing with things. The first one was Reign, or rather, Atlas. Atlas Ren. Atlas was Reign's real name, but no one ever called him by his real name. They always called him Reign, because half of them didn't realize that it wasn't his real name. He kept the fact that his name was Atlas a secret after a point.

Sure, some people like Anne knew that his real name was Atlas, but there was no point in showing it off to those who didn't care enough to learn it before coming to him. After all, his reputation was ten-fold of what he wanted it to be at the academy.

The other, however, was Tenian. Tenian Price. The only one who could match Reign in the game of backstage politics. Well, he supposed that in this case, backstage more meant the stragglers. Making sure no one interrupted their main stars. Normally, there was a sort of respect between Reign and his counterpart on the enemy team. However, this was the final game of the school year, and the biggest one that he thought he'd ever face.

There was a total of roughly 24. Twelve on each time, with it being a 10 v 10 at the start. Their team got crushed. It was no matter, of course, because a 12 v 2 was just the odds that they wanted.  It was going to be what they remembered them off of. It was going to be their final hurrah. However... he had to get past Tenian first. That was going to be painful. For Tenian, of course. Reign had the most confidence in his skills. After all, one doesn't became a man like he without being the slightest bit ruthless.

Once Reign was in the forest-like area, he got to work. He looked on his hip. His revolver and knife were there.  That should be enough. None the less, Reign was faced with two people right away. That was fine. A jump onto the shoulders of one, into a rolling nutshot of the other. Two down. He tied them together before climbing up another tree and sitting there. The enemy team was down to ten now.  He watched the ref drag the two off the field before continuing.

He did that twice, putting his total at six. After this point, he reached a face he never thought he'd see. Just sitting on a stump.

"Hi, Reign. How you doing? So, I suppose now that you've torn through the rest of my team, you're here to fight me? Alright. Just do me a favor, take off your stupid robes. I know they aren't armor. They look fancy, though."

Reign's opponent was meeting on equal ground, so his robes were taken off to reveal a tan-skinned man in a tank top and pants. Something most girls would dream of seeing.... was not being broadcast.  Sure, Reign still wore his gloves, but that was basically it from what he was wearing beforehand.  His elegant look surprised Tenian. This isn't what he had heard of. He figured the man under the robes would be a scarred, husk of a man. Not a prince.

Reign settled in a Pencak Silat stance.  Tenian had planned for this. The fight started. It looked much more like a dance than a fight, if one were to be honest. Each traded blow showed effect. Although, there weren't many traded blows. Not between these two. It was far more a mental battle. A mental battle that was going to last awhile. At the time, unbeknownst to him, there were people capturing his team mate through a 5 on one situation. Shouldn't have been possible, but the enemy team was cheating.

After about five minutes, Reign started winning the fight. Reign ended up winning the fight. The fight being a physical and mental battle against probably the second past strategist in the school. The first, however, was not Reign. Reign was not a thinker, he was a doer.

Reign was asked, shortly after the battle, what made him so determined. Reign had a simple answer.

"You know, Tenian. I once woke up dead. I was legally dead. I decided, then, that if I survived, I'd fight and make myself known. I want to be remembered! Sure, I have many problems of my own, but if I can win here and go onto one of those fancy academies, that'd be great.

Tenian had a chuckle as he was bound. He was utterly defeated.

Reign, however, had a few more things to do. Including taking out Baron... if Anne hadn't already. Hmm. Once the ref picked up Tenian and carried him out, he looked at the robe that he hid himself behind. At least, normally hid himself behind. His creamy hair, tan skin. It made him seem princely almost. However, that wouldn't stop him from being him.

He wandered to the meeting area... where Anne had been bound at the wrists. For a woman who used a sword and armor, this sure wasn't a great position for her to be in. He groaned, this was going to be an experience, wasn't it? Jeeze, they outnumbered her... and outgunned her. Not often did he get to say that people outgunned Anne. This was an annoyance.

From the looks of it, there was four that he had taken out himself. That were untied. Ugh. Cheating bastards. He'd have to do this perfectly. He dug the revolver from his waistband out and aimed it. If he got this wrong, it'd be for naught. If he got this right, Anne would be free and he'd have the element of surprise. Something that he considered important.

He fired and it hit the knot, tearing through it and freeing Anne, who fought back against those around her. He threw his knife towards Baron, cutting the mans cheeck.

"Nah, mate. I'm your opponent now."

He used his sembalance, cloth manipulation, to produce a shield against the air blasts as he advanced.  Once he got close enough, he used cloth to slap Baron before running in and tackling the guy. Elbow and punches raining. Reign had enough fighting for the day, so ended the fight with Baron fast. Once Baron was unconscious, he got up and turned to see that Anne has taken care of the rest. Those poor saps didn't stand a chance.

Reign, however, was piss tired. He fell to a knee. He felt himself lifted by Anne. Thank god for Anne, who had seemingly endless strength.

"Thank goodness for you. You seemingly never run out of strength. Some of us are human and fanus, I'll have you know."

Reign was breathing heavy and he was having trouble breathing, but that was fine. They had won.


Reign was 19 now. One must understand. Reign is a man who, above all else, can stare death itself in the eyes and go, 'Eh, my mums stare was worse.'

Nothing makes Reign fear. Nothing. Except, being bound in a dark place. That oddly specific set of circumstances makes Reign shudder. That's exactly what happened when he was 19. Now, he's from a fairly wealthy family. However, to exploit  that fact, he goes around dressing like a foreign prince. However, when one gets really desperate, one goes to measures most think insane. Now, the Ren family has a fortune. The Ren family is a bunch of thieves, it's where Atlas's skill with stepping softly comes from.

Now, when you're attacked on the street and then bound, it's terrifying enough. When you're shoved into the truck of a vehicle with a blindfold on and a lack of knowledge about where you go...well, it's enough to make someone like Reign fear. Hell, when he brought in and tied to a chair, he was kept in his normal clothes. It was the fact that they were willing to go that far. Of course, once the blindfold was off and such, he was fine. He didn't care about being bound. It was the unknowing of what was going to happen that killed him.

He escaped after breaking the chair he was sat in and beating up the people who were keeping him captive.


He's enrolled late into Syne because he wants to become a sort of hunter.

RP Sample:
Reign yawned. He had just got off the place ride, with a small kid asking why a prince was riding in the cheapest part of the ship. It was cheap and when it came to large expenses, Reign was cheap. Awfully cheap. When it came down to it, he saved more money then some poor people because he didn't find a reason to fly in the best seating when the worse seating wasn't all that bad. Still made his back feel proper, and it made him less close to the front of the plane.

He hates being in the front of the plane. Freaks him out. He can deal with it, but still doesn't make him happy. Especially getting in vehichles. God it's a terrible thing. He always goes into a shock, remembering the kidnapping that happened. It happened over a year ago! It should be gone from his memory now, but according to his memory, it's ripe.
" />

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2 Re: Atlas 'Reign' Ren(FIN, Revamp for Grenal) on Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:47 am

Hey babe, glad to see you finally got your ideas down. I'll miss Grenal for sure, but this guy looks pretty dope.

Points for using a semblance idea I thought no one would try, was waiting for this to happen. Old Naruto OC of mine had it, and he was pretty beast. If you ever need some ideas on how to be cool with your semblance, hit me up.

Other than that friendly chat, this all looks great!

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