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Let's lay and chill!(Open)

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1 Let's lay and chill!(Open) on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:39 pm

Geir had made a sign. It stated, in bold letters, the following.

Let's chill. Come lay with me and talk!

Geir's brain, however, was elsewhere. He was having marriage troubles currently, and wasn't sure if he should talk to the counselor about it. If he did, he felt like that was running away from him problems, not solving them. When it came down to it, he couldn't ask anyone for help because that'd be the cowards way out. Well, then again, so was running away to the academy. It wasn't like his wife particuarly agreed to this arrangement.

He had to though. He had to find out if he could, in fact, become a hunter. It's the only way his absurd level of durability would be useful. Most people couldn't even scratch him. Although, he was sure, that there'd be many people who could here. You didn't just rnadomly come to an academy and not have some kind of strength behind you!

Geir was clad in his normal, clothing. His sandals on like normal, the pants. His black shirt and over-coat was on nicely, and he was laying on his back in the grass. It was a nice time.

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