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This is less than revenge (open)

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1 This is less than revenge (open) on Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:08 am

Nakata was hunched over the small, weathered down table sitting in the corner. In his hands was an old charcoal-covered piece of paper. Glaring at the marks of ink as though they were clues to the meaning of life, Nakata carefully read through scribblings.

"There are bandits. Bandits kill us all. I have hidden some money.
Please kill the bastards that slaughtered my husband and my baby girl.I need your help. You are my last chance at revenge..."

Understanding of the woman's pain and feeling of revenge, he carefully placed the letter back into his Jacket and began to smile. A smile, usually a glimmer of hope, lost it's meaning as Nakata's sly grin seemed to only darken the mood. In the quiet night, the man left the tavern and locked to the moon. This moon was, to that man at least, a F R I E N D. His only friend, in fact. This mattered to Nakata, though he didn't want to show it. This got the gears in that man's head turning, and he realized he needed teammates for the mission. "Comrades? ... Since when do I get to have "friends?"

And so throughout the night he looked for people to accompany him on the journey.
He liked solo missions.
Will YOU be his teammate throughout this fight?

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2 Re: This is less than revenge (open) on Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:04 am

Hey there itsalsoagun! Name's Akui, and I'm a moderator here at Syne Academy. It seems like a little step was missed here... :/

See, while we here have no problem with enthusiasm when it comes to roleplaying, one does have to have an actual character to roleplay, and it seems like you accidentally flew by that step in your eagerness to get your adventure started here in Bellmuse.

What I would recommend before anything else is that you take a look here at the Rules and Information section to get an idea of how things work around here. After that you should have an idea of how the wheels turn around here at Syne, and you can then check out both the Character Template to grab the coding you need to post your template, and then you can check the Character Example if you want a little bit better of an idea on how to fill out that app.

Once you have the app filled out (or you have a decent amount filled out, but need more time, like for sleep or work/school) you can post it right there in the Character Section. Make sure you put [WIP] in the title if you are still working on it, and put [Complete], [Finished], or [Done] in the titled when you are ready for your app to be graded.

After that, you just sit back and wait for either myself or another Staff Member to grade your app. Most apps aren't perfect on the first run, so don't get too down if you are asked to make some small adjustments. Once approved, you'll have a new name and a color to that name, and you'll be ready to make plenty of friends...even if that's not what your character is all about! :P

Sorry about closing off your topic, but feel free to start it again with the same text next time around! ;)

Welcome to Syne Academy! Enjoy your stay! :D

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