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A New Beginning (Open)

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1 A New Beginning (Open) on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:03 pm

Cyrus Silverra
Laying high up in a tree in the courtyard a young faunus was trapped deep in thought. It was his last year at Syne and this meant a lot for Cyrus Silverra. This was the year that he would leave Syne and go on to pursue an actual career. It was already in his head that he would become a specialized hunter. Spending years of training was now paying off. He made it through harsh classes and all of that homework. Since his freshman year he grew apart from a lot of his friends. There were still a few that were still around and those were only the ones that were motivated to do something with their life after Syne. With his circle so small he couldn't help but look back and wonder where all of his time went.

Leaving those depressing thoughts alone he came back to the present. Using his prehensile tail he grabbed the branch underneath him and rolled off. The tree was Kupo of many leaves due to the season. So his descent to the ground was clear. As he dropped to the ground a hand would alternate between grabbing branches as he fell occasionally throwing his tail in the mix. Gracefully he dropped down to the base of the tree and observed the courtyard looking for anyone he might know. Maybe he would run into someone he didn't know.

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