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Absolutely a Professional! [Grimm Studies Class, all spots reserved]

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Silica Risezrou
Silica Risezrou was here on her first day as the new Grimm Studies teacher. It was a dream job really, and she was eccentric to be doing it. Now for the small girl's attire she wore a semi-professional looking white coat, and due to the fact she had not buttoned said coat up the cute pink shirt she donned. Below that was a rather short skirt of a brownish colour, and below that was a pair of white stockings.
No part of this girl's attire said "I'm a teacher", it moreso said "I'm a student sitting at the teacher's desk". In fact, her four foot ten stature added on top of that screamed "I'm a middle schooler".

Taking another proud look around the classroom - Her classroom -, Silica took not of the eagle sized plastic Nevermores hanging by string from the ceiling. Beside them were a few, noticably smaller Griffons, however they still struck a fierce and noble pose. In the center of the ceiling was one Dragon, its four legs curled up, its wings spread wide, and its mouth open in an ear splitting screech; well it would have been. It's just a plastic decoration.
Positioned strategically on her desk were all known species of Grimm: Far left was the strange Creep, and to it's right stood the fearsome Beowulf; to the right of it was the slightly smaller but still dangerous Boarbatusk. Next was the intimidating Ursa, and stood tall next to it, primitive Beringel. These two were followed by a calm looking Griffon; its wings folded up on its back and its head held high. After that was the Gheist, its floating body supported by a thin black stick of plastic and attached to her desk by a sticky material on the bottom of said stick. Personally her least favourite was after: the Nuckelavee. It looked weird, but she could admire its "uniqueness". The Deathstalker was next, tail raised high, pincers open and ready to cut somebody in half. The Nervermore came next, its wingspan spready wide as it puffed its black feathered chest out. Beside it was the King Taijitu, ready to strike at any moment. The Sea Dragon and Dragon were side-by-side, each terrifyingly  deadly in their own regards. Next was the Goliath, placed this high on the danger list purely for its outstanding intelligence. And finally came the Seer. It was her personal favourite purely because nothing was known of it thus far.

Also across her desk were a multitude of files containing all known information on every Grimm species, written by yours truly. They were each messily labelled by species, and a small subtitle described what she believed their danger level to be; both were written in bold, red lettering.

Shifting in her seat, Silica excitedly awaited for the students to show up. A small, hand drawn sign had been placed on one of the walls to advertise the class, and she really hoped with all of her tiny little heart people had seen it, and would come.

Silica's Attire:

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Reign had come early; namely to get on the teachers good side. He had heard it was a female. Thereby, he put on his fanciest clothes. His normal, white, clothing was on; and his golden slippers too. He wore light blue silk that acted akin to a layer of elegance. Reign didn't do the elegance thing on purpose, it's just what kind of happens when you look like him. The golden slippers, though? Those were on purpose, he wasn't entirely sure where it placed him on the social hierarchy, but he looked fairly wealthy.

He entered the door and saw a small woman there. That had to be the teacher. It was time to iniate his skills. Tactic One: Look Rich - Achived. Tactic Two: Walk like a Prince. Tactic Three: Call her fancy names that sound good.

That was the game plan. He was ignoring the grimm hung around. It was only obvious that there'd be consistent reference to them in the area. This was a grimm hunting class, of course. Well, a Grimm Class.

He arrived in front of the teacher, standing in front of the desk. The woman looked more like a child, but this was for the best.

"Hello, Mademoiselle. Is this the Grimm class taught by the Amazing Silica Risezrou? Are you that woman?"

He had to assume so. He was the only one there. It was habit to be early to kiss up to people.

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Ser Lothric Ember
Walking through the hallways Lothric had been awaiting this class to arrive and he was actually quite happy for it to been happening. Entering the room he glanced around it as he noticed the two already within and he walked over towards them, being clad in a white dress shirt with black dress pants and brown leather shoes, Lothric bowed deeply towards the two as he spoke with his regal and calm tone "Salutations, I am Ser Lothric Ember and it is my highest pleasure to meet the two of you."

Turning his gaze towards the female he raised his form up from the bowed state and held out his right hand towards her, still having his calm and regal tone Lothric once more started to speak "If I am not mistaken you are the teacher of this class?" a few thoughts rushed through his head as he had read up on the small teacher of this class and was almost certain he had not made a massive mistake, either way he would be corrected soon enough if that was the case.

He was still quite happy that he had not been late to the class as losing any information about this class could lead to a massive disadvantage towards fighting grimm in the future and he had no intention of lacking knowledge about the monsters he would cleanse with steel and fire.

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Severa Scarlet
Walking down the Hallways of Syne academy today was Severa Scarlet, She had heard of this class and was actually interested in it. Of all the classes she had seen advertised before hand this had been her favorite so far. Learning ways to slay different creatures of darkness actually appealed to her. As she approached the door she noticed a cute little hand drawn sign outside the doorway advertising the class. As she walked in she noticed three people standing near a front desk that had all the different species of Grimm layed out on it.

Toady Severa was clad In a black dress shirt and a deep red skirt, that accented her free flowing style of red hair that she had taken to as of late, and as usual she had her favorite feather shaped hair clip, keeping her scarlet bangs out of her eyes. She walked up tp the trio and was about to introduce herself before noticing once again.. Lothric was there. She seemed to bump into this man wherever she went.  She quickly recomposed herself before speaking out to the group-"Hello and nice to meet you, my name is  Severa Scarlet." Severa said while looking at the two unkown people.

From what she could infer the tiny woman sitting in the desk was the teacher. She had been told that the teacher would be a female and seeing as the only other female in the room was herself was why she thought as such. She had a feeling she was really going to enjoy this class.

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Cyrus Silverra
Cyrus signed up for this class thinking it probably useful to know as much as he could. His profession would soon call for him to know the enemies he would be facing out there. However he was in no rush to get to the class. This was not his first rodeo nor his first class. Getting there early wasn't going to make much of a statement in the long run. This class would go on for some time. Instead he would let his work ethic speak for him. The young faunus man left his dorm in time to reach the class without being late. His white tail flicked behind him slowly as he came upon the door. Since day one his faunus trait had been displayed proudly. There was never a moment where he doubted who or what he was. He was a great student and hunter faunus or not.

Pulling open the door he caught one or two introductions. Letting the red haired woman speak he picked up a seat at the back getting comfortable. When she finised speaking he just slid into the conversation not even missing a beat. "Yo! I'm Cyrus Silverra nice to meet all of you." His greeting was a little less formal. At Syne he wasn't the only one that came from a prestigious family but that also didn't make him any better than anyone that didn't. They were all peers here so he treated them as such. Although he probably would have been lectured for a addressing a teacher as such back home.

However she seemed like a cool teacher. She was kind of small but there were no judgement. She had been hired as a professor for a reason. He was more than sure they would find out why as the semester went on.

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Silica Risezrou
Silica watched the first student come in, her excitement level rising drastically.
"A-amazing? Wehell I dunno about that, but yes, I'm your teacher..."

And then another man walked in, her eyes widening slightly.
"O-o-oh.. Hello there.. Wow..."

Still, another person walked in; a girl this time.
"Oh my.... Hi.. Uhm... Severa..."

Finally, a fourth person entered.
H-h-um... Hi... Everyone..."
"Now, if you could all sit in your seats we can start this class."

It was very obvious Silica was overexcited. Her tiny little heart was thumping impossibly fast in her chest as she looked around. Her eyes were widened with surprise as she looked around the class, and her fluffy beige tail wagged back and forth happily.
"H-hello... My name i-is.... I'm sorry I'm not usually this... Nervous... Uhm... I just didn't expect so many people to come to my class, and it makes me really happy all of you are here!"
Clearing her throat, she looked over everybody at their seats, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself.

"Hello, everybody! My name is Silica Risezrou, and I am your Grimm studies teacher!
Now, I believe I can assume that most of you are familiar with the creatures of Grimm, but as the first class I will be teaching for you all I find it necessary to go over how to deal with a situation. Now if you could please politely speak in turn your answers: What should you do, when you are in a one versus one situation with a simple Creep? There are no trees, no hills, just you, a weapon, and that Creep. What is the most efficient way to kill it, class?"

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He watched the teacher get flustered. He held in a laugh. This was going to be too easy. She was too childish for a teacher at such an academy.  Sure, there wasn't many teachers here that didn't have some sort of personality problem, but to get so easily flustered stood for some kind of mental weakness. Easily exploitable. He'd keep up the romantically-inclined sort for this class period. He went back to the class and sat down, and listened to the teacher go on about how to fight a creep. Hah, that was the easiest.

"Simply put, it's to dodge and stab.  Think of it like being in a line of spear and shield users. In that case, you'd take the impact, now lower it to one person, taking the impact isn't efficent enough. No, you dodge, staying right out of the range, and thrust with your blade into the chest of the beast."

He'd get up and show it with an imaginary grimm, showing a swift and solid motion of stepping back and stabbing. He wasn't going to reveal all his cards here, like he knows some would.

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Ser Lothric Ember
Moving towards an empty seat Lothric sat down and listened to the teacher ask how they would deal with a creep in an open battlefield with only a weapon and the grim there, remembering that the creep type of grimm only had two hind legs and used lunging, biting and sweeping of the clawed part of it's legs for attack and their speed Lothric had to agree a dodge and stab was a useful option, but the bone plates on the back could deflect a stab if it did not hit exactly on the mark.

Thinking over this Lothric gave his answer with the same calm tone he normally held when talking "Considering the creatures speed and methods of attack and the bone plates on the back as well as the mask and the rest of it's body I would sweep the legs then go inn for the kill as it's speed and attacks would make for hard to dodge situations. That and a stabbing motion while the creature is up on its legs would be a difficult easy option for a kill."

He was happy about his answer and hoped the teacher would be as well, still a creep while not the most dangerous of grimm still was a challenge at least in that envorment as it was nothing stopping it from gaining speed and lunging at them, still blocking or parrying the attacks at that speed would be difficult and foolish but alas the terms were set and he had to deal with the battle situation as he was given.

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Severa Scarlet
Severa moved to an empty seat, as instructed and looked over the teacher. She seemed to be shy and unused to be a teacher. Add on the fact she looked like a middle schooler fresh out of elementary school, and she could easily be underestimated. However Severa knew that you could never judge a book by its cover.

When she asked about killing a standard creep in a hypothetically completely open place. Severa let a light grin adorn her face. She may suck, at being social, and physics labor, and keeping her temper, and just about everything else, but the one thing she knew was combat. Now while Lothric's and the other man's answers were correct she felt like more could be added to it. Creeps had only two hind legs and bone plating on the top of its head and across its back.

"Due to its imbalance with only two hind legs on a body meant for four, I would personally attempt to make a direct strike from under its chin into its head, and if not being able to preform that feat, then sweep its legs to give it even more unbalance, and then strike." " And most importantly don't let up, do not give it any time to use its burrowing ability and catch you by surprise"

She had like her answer, she hoped the teacher would think the same if the environment were different and certain factors were put in place, more complex strategies would be in order.

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