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A Cold Day at the Beach (Open)

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1 A Cold Day at the Beach (Open) on Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:52 pm

Sirius Saffir
Spring was creating and all of Bellmuse got warmer with each passing day. Where better to spend a warm day than at the beach. Sirius however sees things a bit less optimistically​ when it come to the beach. A hot day is warm, warm days are cool, and cool days are cold. Nevertheless, he goes because getting a bit of excercise never hurt anybody. He was jogging along a walkway on the beach in sweatpants and a hoodie. At least somewhat normal from his perspective, and comfortable to boot. He enjoyed watching the clouds roll by as he ran and for some short amount of time, he felt as though the clouds were still and it were only him moving. After some time on the run he stopped in a particularly open rest are to get some stretching in for the next phase of his run. He groaned and roles before planting himself on a bench for a drink. At least like this, the cold air around him would feel fairly nice. He sighed and took a particularly large chug out of his bottle.

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