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Tierra Oscuro

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1 Tierra Oscuro on Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:48 am

Tierra Oscuro
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Tierra Oscuro
Age: 18
Birthday: May 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 132lbs
Face Claim: Anemone (Eureka 7)

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat Major
- Food (Sweets specifically)
- Flowers
- Fighting
- Tierra dislikes "Losing" alot, to the point where she becomes savage and relentless (In combat situations. Normal day to day loss is simply met with pouting).
- She can't stand another having Authority over her. Law enforcement are met with almost an instant hate label even if that person is a friend.
- She Hates sugar coating her feelings, and seeing others do sugar coat stuff.
- Being Abandoned. While her personality would easily lead one to believe that she would abandon someone, thats far from the truth. She wouldn't abandon another, and those who abandon her are those to never be forgiven.
- Losing someone she loves. The extent of that love isn't limited to just that of a Romantic nature.
- Hurting those she dont intend to hurt. When she become relentless in battle, or emotionally intensive situations, her regards for those close to her go right out the window due to her inability to maintain control over herself.
Talent: Fine Art
Weakness Engineering
Overall Personality:
- Tierra is an odd one to say the least. Majority of the time she's a brat who believe that she should have the finer things in life. This is due to her upbringing, raised to believe that she was special above all else, though that began to dilute a bit as she got older and began developing a sense of worth in other things besides herself. There are instances, far more than when she was young, but still very few where she actually behaves like a compassionate human being. Her tongue is very sharp due to not knowing restraint too well, speaking her feelings most of the times even when its not warranted. Tierra gets annoyed very easily, even at little things, and dont hold back when she's angry at someone or about something. It wasn't until recently when she learned that her general behavior isn't one normally accepted by society, so she actively works towards changing these things despite how hard it seems. Not being emotionally stable creates alot of unsavory situations for her and those around her, definitely in battle. Often enough the excitement, if mixed with a a bit of angering situations within battle can cause her to become relentless against her enemies, doing everything in her power to crush the enemy, even if it means crushing allies in the process. She wants to become a better person, and even a Hero in the eyes of others...Hilariously enough she detests the law.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Purple/Black (small bits of Black Aura rise from the top layer of the Purple, immediately dissipating into nothing so its not really noticeable)
Semblance: Corrupted Juggernaut - Deceit in a Raw form. Tierra's build is that of a young Skinny teen, but when she utilizes her Semblance, the layer of her skin changes to a Black jagged like substance. This gives the appearance that she bulked up a bit into a black monster if she utilizes it full body. The Height doesn't change at all, even though the appearance is akin to a teen made entirely of Black Rocks with sharp corners. Her eyes also turn Black which blends with the rest of her skin, while the pupils take on a neon purple color, which leaves a  tiny trail of light when moving fast.  In this form, While capable of providing a protective layer against attacks through Actively Hardening, it can also be used to temporarily augment her physical prowess in an instant through reshaping the formation of the Layer. When augmenting her defenses, the full body form kind of smooths out and takes on the function of Shock Absorbtion. When her Offenses is augmented, the full body form becomes jagged and sharp, losing its defensive function.

Hardening: Through actively Hardening, she gain a 1 to 1 ratio of defense against an attack up to 20 AP/DMG per post.
Augment: Through altering the formation of the layer, making it more jagged, she increases her STR by +2 for 10 Aura/post

Item 1: Glock - Weapon (Str Based) - Unlike many Hunters, Tierra don't actually use a unique weapon in battle. It's just a normal Law Enforcement weapon tweaked a little to it can be further modified down the road(Upgraded).
Item 2: Full Latex Suit - Armor (+10 Vs Str) - A full body up to her neck latex suit made of unique material that greatly resist tearing as well as provide cushioning on the inside which aids against Melee/Physical damage.

History and Sample
Born into wealth, Tierra's life started out as a pretty nice one. A loving and caring mother, and brothers whom she enjoyed and cherished. The head of the estate had mysteriously vanished prior to her being born, and around the age of 3 her mother became suddenly ill. Some suspected that it was foul play, but to this day no one knows. With both gone, the estate was entrusted to her uncle, who couldn't bring himself to raise her or any of her brothers, so he hired 2 individuals from within the " Business " to take care of them and raise them how they saw fit. Her uncle was an unsavory character who only thought about Money and Power, and so it went without saying that the individuals he hired shared similar qualities. It was that instant that things turned for the worse within the family and the individuals who served the family.

They became isolated from the outside world, being taught that they were better than everyone else, and those who didn't agree should be forced to agree through the use of Power. They were taught to defend themselves around the age of 10, and to use what was taught to get what they wanted. The name of the family, and those associated with the family slowly became tarnished, and eventually the existence of it vanished. What was once a distinguished family over the period of 14 years vanished from the world, becoming a cult who believed that inorder to preserve themselves and their power, they needed to detach themselves from the broken world. Along with her brothers, Tierra grew up on a bloody path.

Having discovered their Semblance at the age of 16, they incorporated them into their personal fighting styles, making them extremely dangerous. Within the Cult, they were known as the 3 Devils...Tierra Oscuro, Cielo Oscuro, and Sangre Oscuro. while strong in combat, each was dangerous in their own right for different reasons. Tierra, while physically stronger than the two, was emotionally unstable so losing herself in battle sometimes resulted in those around her getting hurt. Sangre while less powerful than Tierra, was far more skilled in battle itself, using the aid of cybernetics to wield 8 blades at 1 time. Cielo, while less dangerous than both in combat, was one to plot and scheme. He was the brains...and what led to the mysterious downfall of their uncle. Having assumed power, he continued on the path of his fallen uncle, only to bring himself to a Halt when Tierra presented herself as an obstacle. For various reasons, she could no longer follow Cielo, and therefore was treated as a Traitor. Both Sangre and Cielo decided to permanently remove Tierra by claiming the life of their own sister.

Thwarted by one of the butlers that had long served the family, they missed their chance to end their sisters life. She in a way vanished from the world in another way, but some believe that she's out there, trying to live life anew.
RP Sample:
Standing before her opponent, for once in her life eyes filled with determination instead of battle lust. A great deal of damage had been dealt to her, the layer that shrouded her filled with cracks all over. It was clear that even with her monstrous strength, she was definitely outclassed by the opponent before her. A red substance traveled from her nose, followed by her wiping it away and standing strong while panting heavily.

" I don' if..I die. We've...all got it....coming. I...know that I've shed my fair share of Blood...but this...I rather die than...than...than FOLLOW YOU ANY LONGER!!! ".

She yelled before her foe launched towards her, all 8 blades spinning around his back much like a propeller. Tierra closed her eyes tightly, awaiting Death's embrace. A clashing noise was heard as she quickly opened her eyes to locate the source. There was a very old man in-front of her in what appeared to be the butler attire for one who worked at the estate. This was someone who helped raise her, someone who she treated like crap the entirety of her life, and yet he stood before her, having blocked all 8 blades with a single Rapier strike.

" Your birth mother wouldn't want you to join her so early Lady Tierra, and she would be disappointed with me if I allowed you to. Please excuse yourself from this battle. Get out of here, away from these Vagabonds who've tarnished the family name. I've stood  by and watched them lead you down this bloody path. Any lives you've claimed in the past are my sins to shoulder for allowing it...and thats something I will take with me to the grave. You still have a chance to live a nice life ".

The enemy that the butler had parried had regained their standing once again, and just as he did, the Butler turned quickly and kicked Tierra off the mountain side before she even got a chance to speak. He was aware that Tierra had received a great deal of damage, and that her Aura was almost depleted. Still, this was the only route and the prayer was there that she have enough to harden herself from such a huge fall. As her body descended, she let out a scream, that would echoe before eventually vanishing. It was that of the Butler's name.

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2 Re: Tierra Oscuro on Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:21 pm

Hey Tierra! It's your friendly neighborhood mod, Akui, here! I'll be grading your app today.

Everything in your app checks out, except...your semblance.

Now you can have a semblance that buffs more than one thing. As far as I'm concerned, you can have a semblance that buffs more than one stat at the same time...but that's not what the rules say. :/

According to the Aura and Semblance Rules a buffing semblance can only buff one stat at a time.

Regardless, we need to know exactly how much each stat is being buffed. I would say to just go with a +2 to either DEF or STR based on your choice, but make it work in the semblance description. Free example here: when using your Semblance for a DEF buff, the black stone is more flat but covered a larger area; when you are using it for a STR buff, the stone is much more sharp and jagged, but only covers your arms and legs up to the elbow and knee, respectively.

After that change, you will be good to go!

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3 Re: Tierra Oscuro on Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:38 pm

Tierra Oscuro

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4 Re: Tierra Oscuro on Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:36 am

Seems good, done and done.



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