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The Blind Leading The...Investigation? [Private, Castelina Santiago, Timeframe: Shortly After Princess Plot]

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Multiple questionable Professor backgrounds?


Long list of student mishaps?


Possible ties to the White Fang?


And this was where Yogen had spent what was perhaps the majority of the past three days: in his dorm room, in seclusion, in his black leather swivel chair. Half of that time was spent sitting facing the left wall in, the other half towards the south window by a desk covered in loose-leaf papers covered in Braille, but all of it was spent deep within his thoughts.

See, unknown to literally a single soul within the entire education establishment known as Syne Academy, on the tiny little landmass of Bellmuse...Yogen was on a mission by his superiors to find probable cause to cease all actions and functions of the academy. While that may sound like a very tragic or horrible event to work towards, Yogen merely saw it as his designated task: his current mission and top priority.

However, his efforts to gather information had been quite mostly in vain, and it wasn't that he didn't know where to gather information: the location of Headmistress Leena Lilac's office was common knowledge, so he had quickly gathered that information, but it was his lead that was the issue. See, the average person trying to gather intel would have already made plans and attempted to raid the office in search of some sort of damning evidence...but that was foolhardy, and if you tried to argue the point, Yogen could defeat your argument quickly and effortlessly.

The first issue would be that, in such a short time, there would be no way for an infiltrator to know who all was in that room or leading to that room. This would also mean that information on when they leave those areas, where they wander off to, and how long it takes from them to both reach their destination and return to their posts would be completely absent.

In other words, Mission Failure.

Now those who worked there and their work and break schedules would be incredibly easy to find and revolve a raid around...frankly, he could have gotten that far already, but there was another, possibly more important issue than knowing who was where and when: it was the 'what', and more specifically, 'what' information he should be trying to gleam from the Headmistress's office.

He had tried to gather information from around the academy grounds, picking up any and all rumors as well as private discussions, and he had picked up a few things to and fro that would make for some good evidence should he managed to find anything baring truth to these claims and being incriminating enough...but he couldn't just go in and search the entire perimeter based of some rumors. Not only would that be incomprehensibly senseless, as it would most likely bring no results and more issues, but he wouldn't know where to begin in the first place as nothing can could possibly search for held any weight.

He kept thinking and thinking about what could possibly be a good lead, and as he picked and rejected each thought rapidly, he couldn't help but have the Turkish March composed by the one and only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart echoed about his thoughts despite not listening to any music at the current moment. Each possible lead was worse than the last, each one with less credibility than the previous, and he was really scraping the bottom of the proverbial here. Yogen decided to give himself a small breather in his thought process to got get some apple juice from the cafeteria, but it seemed it may have been fate for him to leave his room and board at that moment, for as he walked by he heard some girls talking while watching TV on their scroll.

The dorm room door was open, so he just pressed up against the door and listened with intent. They were chattering nonsense until the program on the scroll changed from a laundry detergent add to some sort of news report, and at that moment one of the girls shushed the other, and both fell silent. Thus, Yogen was able to uncover the following:

"We have a small update on the breaking report of the tragic death of Princess Periwinkle. While it isn't quite clear the cause of her death, it does seem that there was a struggle. However, the biggest news we have discovered is that not only did her kidnapper claim to be a student of Syne Academy, but it seems that some other students of the only academy in Bellmuse may have been involved in the struggle. Will we update you with more as we uncover the truth of this terrible event!"

Were anyone able to see his eyes past his shades, there would have been a gleam or perhaps even a spark of interest in them: Now THIS was something worth looking into. It also had enough credibility, as it was a breaking news story entwining the academy and the death or a member of the royal family. It may even have enough credibility to serve as a safety net should any attempts at investigation go awry. However, there was one more thing that Yogen needed before he could pursue this lead: a scapegoat.

Having returned to his swivel chair in his dorm, Yogen was not pondering his thoughts on how to obtain the best scapegoat possible in his current scenario, but at the moment, all options pointed to someone being to untrusting or suspicious...or too strongly tied to the founder of the academy to be worth of trust. He laid his hand and tapped out the beginning measure of the Turkish March, and that was when he noticed a small object on his desk that had the word 'investigator.'

Reaching over and picking it up, he noted the name: Castelina Santiago. The vibrations shaped out the embossed letters on the business card that he could only assume he either was somehow handed by another student or just was someone fortunate enough to stumble upon somewhere. She was basically a student private eye...which meant she was perfect...mmm, rather ideal than perfect.

Yogen pulled out his Jacques, a military-grade...well, most students saw it as a rich-man's scroll, so it was easier to describe it away as such.

"Jacques, send a message to this Castelina Santiago that I will be arriving to meet her rather shortly."

"Yes of coruse, Mr. Yohei, already finished."


And thus he left his dorm room and made his way to the dorm room address that was listed on the back of the business card.

Find A Solid Lead...Mission Complete.

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Homework. The bane of anybody's school life. A tedious "Practice Exercise" that Teachers constantly gave their students to ensure that they don't have any inkling of free time left over to solve mysteries. How dare they! Of course, Cassie herself was quite fond of School, always taking the opportunity to learn. After all, the knowledge she gained her could help her out in so many ways in the future, especially with her field of work. That said, A three-page worksheet for her Intro to Dust class was a little much. Oh well, This was the curse she had to live with, so she sat at her desk, furiously writing, looking back and forth between the worksheet and her detailed class notes until something saved her from her boredom.

So what was this something? Is was a vibration in her pocket, caused by her silenced scroll. "Huh? Who could be calling me?" She pulled out her communication device, assuming it was probably her dad again. This amplified her surprise upon finding out that it was not, in fact, her father, but instead a message from an unknown ID. "Someone's going to be meeting me shortly?" It took only a second of consideration before she realized: "Oh! A Client!" She leaped up from her seat, knocking it over as she scrambled to prepare her room. She dimmed the lights, picked that chair back up, and got out her red fedora, placing it upon her head. All the while, any mess she had in her room was stuffed into hiding before she dove back into her seat, leaning back with her feet resting on her desk. A totally nonchalant position to be in as she flipped through her notebook, acting totally cool and collected as she awaited this mystery person.

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