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Stirrin' Up Trouble (open to 3)

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1 Stirrin' Up Trouble (open to 3) on Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:16 am

Sirius Saffir
The sun beat down upon a lounging teenager on a bench about the gardens. The day was so inviting for he and his peers to enjoy to the fullest, unfortunately there was a disturbance in that plan. There was nothing to actually do around here short of slamming ones head into a wall to pass the time.

 Sirius let out a melancholy, baritone yawn, and slumped his head on the back of the bench and just stared at the clouds. He counted them passing by, one-by-one-by-one, until finally the sky had cleared. He was having issues comprehending that it was actually more boring at a combat academy than it was in his small home village, but apparently it was so.

 He began to have thoughts of how different things were here than at home. From the people to the architecture. The buildings did look sturdier. He sprung up and groaned, having gotten the the point of considering slamming his head against a wall for real. He walked the path in a huff, occasionally bumping bystanders.

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