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Dylan "Dex" Spurling, reference in a bag! (Finished and ready to approve!)

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Basic info
Name: Dylan "Dex" Spurling
Age: 19
Birthday: 6/10
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 156 lbs
Face Claim:
Aura 130|180 HP

Major: Dust (Specialized Hunter)
Likes: Video games, Hunting, otherwise being a couch potato
Dislikes: Idiots, Faunus that dislike humans, Overworking, Scary things, His friends getting hurt
Fears: Death, Heights, Horror Movies, being outnumbered by Grimm
Talent: Fighting
Weakness: Organization
Overall Personality: Dylan is generally cheerful and relaxed, but he has a short fuse that he thankfully keeps under control. most of the time. He is annoyed with Faunus that still have a thing against humans, as he sees it as pointless. On the same beat, he seems to be even more intolerant to humans that discriminate against Faunus, as he sees them as the cause of all of this tension. He can be described as lazy, almost to the point of not moving at some points, but he has a strange enjoyment of punching things. He is a generally messy individual, and is horrible with organization to the point to where his room is magically so disorganized it is organized in its own weird way. He is in his own words "Idiot intolerant," and dislikes working with people that seem to have a sizable difference in intelligence to his own, as he hates repeating himself.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Dark red
Semblance: Utility: "Cancel". Allows him to greatly speed himself up very briefly, bringing him to a completely different position to launch a different attack or escape a situation.
Item 1: Weapon: STND-01 MIDAS: His backpack can store Dust among other supplies, as well as turn into the STND-01 MIDAS. It is a large, muscular humanoid upper body that works like another pair of hands to punch people with. STND-01 can also use Lightining Dust, and Explosion Dust.
Item 2: Physical Armor: Phase Shield: a shield that can spread all around the body for light armor, or manifest into a condensed circle on the arm for combat and a more heavy shield. It can be electrically charged by STND-01 MIDAS.

Dex was born in the edge of Bellmuse to Jen and Chris Spurling, 2 hunters that created experimental weapons and defense tools for other hunters as well as themselves, one of them being Chris's STND-00 AMER IDT and later Dex's STND-01 MIDAS. After a close family friend of theirs got tragically killed on a mission and Chris got severely inured on the same mission, They "retired" early and dedicated the rest of their lives to supporting Dex's career and safety during said career, only hunting if absolutely needed. They trained him in combat and defense, eventually surprising him with the STND-01 MIDAS for his birthday. After about of moth learning how to use it, He modified it with some Dust his parents had also bought him a few months before, and trained with it every day afterward. When he was the age to go, he said his goodbye to his parents and went off to Signal, where he graduated with flying colors, but not necessarily top of his class. It was here where he learned to master his Semblance, the "Cancel" maneuver, as well as his Speed aura. He decided that he would do something more peaceful for a few months, but after a near-death experience with a Grimm that had escaped a battle somewhere else and a few months working as a chef under some of the best in Vale, Dex decided to become a Hunter, final answer, no buts, and enrolled in Syne Academy without a second thought, but instead with a renewed purpose and a new look on life. He decided to study Dust, and ended up becoming a Specialized

RP Example:
Dex walks down a dark street, trying to get back to Syne. His phone had died, so he couldn't rely on his GPS anymore. He sighed and checked behind him, only to someone following him. He thinks nothing of it at first and keeps going, eventually turning into an alley. As he reaches the dead end on the far side, he turns around to find his follower was standing at the open end of the alley, between Dex and his way out. The follower seemed to be on the shorter side, stocky and, judging by the person's overall build alone, probably male. The man says in a sort of deep voice "It's time for you to die, Dex." Dex scratched his head confusedly for a second before doing a stretch. "How do you know me?" He says, half yawning. Before he could get in another word, the man created a gust of wind with some Dust, pushing Dex back. Deciding this mysterious person can't be reasoned with without a few blows to the head, Dex cracks his knuckles, looking intently at his mysterious opponent."It seems you have some sort of business with me? Bring it then." STND-01 MIDAS activates on its own, and Dex prepares for battle. He threw the first throw, attempting to go for the jaw. He prayed it hit, as he could get a cancel to the sensitive parts if he did. STND-01 MIDAS charged up an Lightning attack in the background, analyzing the enemy.

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Hey there Dex! Name's Akui, and I'll be your moderator today.

Seems we got a few issues to resolve here before this app is completely ready, though automatic kudos for the Goku Black FC...which is the first issue.

Not only do we need your picture at the top and centered, but the link to is needs to be provided in the FC section that you currently have as 'N/A.' We do this so that you don't have someone else's face, and no one can take yours.

In all three sections that require a Word Count (Personality=100, History=300, RP Sample=150) you are short of the accepted amount. It may take a bit of time, but trust me, backstory is worth it. ;)

As long as your semblance is supposed to be a Flash Step, that is perfectly fine. If I'm reading that wrong, let me know, as it may need changes.

The backpack is cool, but the shield...well, it's not really an issues per say, just keep these two things in mind: you won't get the armor buff if you are unable to block the attack with it, and hitting someone with your shield will count as an unarmed attack, and thereby won't receive a weapon buff.

The shield isn't specified to be Physical Armor. I'm sure it is, but that needs to be specified. Also, your backpack needs to be described as 'able to carry Dust', because you can only have two items when you start.

Once these changes are made/clarified/agreed upon, I see no issues with your app.

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Thanks for the help.
Just 2 things.
Yeah, "Cancel" is pretty much a Flash Step,
And the Goku Black profile pic is basically a placeholder while I think of someone else that is not Goku Black.
Thanks for the help, and I'll make those changes as soon as I can, if not now.

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Ah man, no more Goku Black...;(

Oh well, everything checks out!

So, in other words...

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