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Personal Robotic Assistant Line, Melany P.R.A.-Line ready for approval!

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Myra Chegernt
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Melany
Age: Built 3 years ago, looks 21
Birthday: January 8
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124 lbs
Face Claim: Unknown

STR: 1
DEF: 5
RES: 5
SPT: 1
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Helping others, music and art in general, dancing, singing and coffee even though she doesn't need it
Dislikes: Magnets, doing nothing, never growing old, taking credit for great deeds and debts
Fears: Losing anyone she knows, bad things happening to her sisters, Being one day scraped
Talent: Multitasking
Weakness Acting/Persuasion
Overall Personality: Mel is rather simple, at least for an android. Built in order to blend in with others, she quickly adapted to the way of living of humans and faunus, minus the need to eat and sleep of course. She's a very dedicated person and will always pour her heart into her work especially if it helps someone else. Mel has a hard time saying no to people who look trusting enough which makes her a little naive but she's smart enough to realize her mistakes. She never really bring up her past, however short it is, or the fact that she's an android unless she is asked about it. She'll never shy away from a good talk, even if it would hinder her work, she can do more than one thing at a time without much effort. She might sometime appear obsessed with money, but at least it's not for selfish reasons.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Orange
Semblance: Flash-Forging/ Mel's semblance allows her to create an highly resistant glass-looking matter out of thin air to help her. She can use this material both for offensive and defensive purposes. By creating a wrist-mounted blade she can attack if needed but will mostly rely on creating barriers in order to protect herself and others.
Item 1: Physical armor: Mel's frame is made of a study yet light alloy that is harder than most metal used in general. Although not the best on the market, it is a good start and can always be upgraded in the future.
Item 2: Dust armor: Mel's circuitry is dust-resistant and her body has a good ventilation system that reduces the chance of dust accumulating inside her which would make cleaning herself quite a pain.

History and Sample
The story of Melany is rather short but it is quite the story nonetheless even though she was built recently enough. Mel was part of a project to make loyal androids that would be able to be assistant to rich and powerful company all around Remnant. Since they were androids they wouldn't age and would be able to assist the company on multiple generations of successions. However, during the years, Mel's creator was found guilty of some shady business, selling some of those androids to people for other uses than first intended and with the general consensus that androids are equal to human and faunus, it was seen as slavery. With now her creator behind bars, Mel was left on her own, all the other androids in different parts of Remnant. It would have been fine for her, she never had trouble with being alone, but her creator also had a enormous fine to pay for his crime in addition to his time in prison and being the kind soul she is, she decided to take the responsibility to pay this on her own, not for her creator in particular, just like that. Now that she has moved in the town of Bellmuse, Mel goes all around doing small jobs in order to get the money she needs, but she quickly realized that it wasn't as easy as she thought since she also need to care for herself. Who would be left to pay the amount due if she crumbed of under-maintenance? Probably no one would, so she needed a good balance of working and resting, although resting was something hard to do for Mel when she knows something can be done. Hopefully she wouldn't do this alone forever but being the joyful and optimist girl that she is surely it wouldn't be too hard to meet people and make some friends but only time will tell.
RP Sample:
Melany was alone in a small apartment she had rented, siting at a desk in the corner of the room as she was clearly working on her holographic computer. She seemed busy and really focus on what she was doing, having multiple windows opened at the same time with a lot going on on screen. Mel was actually trying to calculate how long it would take for her to pay the amount of money her creator has to pay and with her current salary as an assistant it would take years. The thought was surely demoralizing, but she wouldn't give up. Standing up form behind the desk, Mel began to walk around in the room thinking of a solution, there had to be a better way to make money easily without giving away morality. Leaning against the wall right next to a window she sighed while looking outside, only to see a small part of the town and Syne Academy in the distance in the middle of a sea of blue leaves. Doubting she was the kind of person the Academy would enroll among the students, she wondered if they would have a job for her. Certainly someone in this school could need an assistant, right? It was worth a shot at least. Tomorrow, she would head there and ask around. If no one needed an assistant, maybe there would be something else she could do to help the Academy... something that would pay of course.

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