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The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio]

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1The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:34 pm

Maria Lazaric
Maria was rather "pissy", for lack of a better word.

The totally-not-a-faunus girl was standing out front of a building, her arms crossed under her chest. Her face was a look that read off her unnerving hatred for the situation she was currently in.
Maria was now the leader of a three-man S.W.A.T team.

She'd gotten word from one of the higher-ups that, as of yesterday, there were two new additions to the S.W.A.T department. Apparently she was the "most suited" to lead, even though she'd made it blatantly obvious she disliked working as a team in the first place. As far as she knew, these people were as annoying as the rest of them.

She'd gotten some other information on them though: one of them weilded a polearm, and the other one carried a sniper rifle; a big one at that. She appreciated that at least if she was getting stuck with range differentiation.

It was a decent day in terms of weather, the sun was out, it wasn't all that cloudy, it was pefect for a first day of work.
Maria leaned back against the brick wall of the building. She didn't know when they were coming, and she didn't know where. She just waited in her skin-tight suit with her shield on her back, and her revolvers by her sides.

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2The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:21 am

Luxian Sparks
Today Luxian was just being...Luxian for a lack of better word. He had his hands in the pockets of his jacket and had a tired look in his eyes mostly due to his lack of sleep the night before.

After walking around for a bit stopping for coffee ya'know the usual, procrastinate as much as possible before arriving, because you're extremely nervous, but you're too prideful to admit you're really nervous kind of thing. Yeah that's how he was feeling right now.

Now if you were to ask why the answer would be quite simple.. You have no idea who you're working with and you haven't been part of a team for almost a full year now,plus you were an anti social to begin with in the first place, so yeah meeting new people not high on the priority list.

But just because he was a tad nervous doesn't mean his attitude was going to change, he still wore his normal style of dress a black tee-shirt underneath a black and blue jacket with fur lining, and yellow bands on the arms. As a matter of fact his style of dress was almost identical to his outfit in Vale the only difference being the insignia for the Vale SWAT team was no longer on the back of it, instead being left blank,also accompanied by black jeans and standard issue combat boots painted black and blue.

He had his hair styled as normal Wild black free flowing and a ponytail out of the back held by a golden clip. His ears were on display and his whisker like scars seemingly stood out giving him a more feral look.

As he arrived at his destination he noticed a lone woman leaning against the brick wall, she had a large shield two revolvers, and a seemingly skin tight suit. He himself was armed as he normally was, a pole arm at his back and a small jug of oil hanging at his hip, his dust kept right next to him in his pocket.

As he approached he decided not to say anything and simply leaned onto the wall next to her a certain distance away, as he preferred to observe than take action, his amber eyes studying the surroundings.

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3The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:58 am

Mio Hirasawa
“A three-man S.W.A.T Team hmm does that mean there’s only the three of us?.... Or is it the S.W.A.T rain in teams of three?” She had the standard S.W.A.T uniform that she didn’t really like it hugged her curves and chest a little tight. The guys seemed to be ok with this and not so much the girls. A guy in a S.W.A.T uniform walked up to her “Mio Hirasawa?” She smiles and nods “Yes i am” The guy nodded back “Here this is your new team you are to go meet up with them now.” She sit down a long case and took the paper, it didn’t have too much info about the other two just there names and there sex.

“Good luck with that Maria girl.” As he walked away laughing, She watched him walk away lost. She looked down and picked up her case and headed over to the meeting spot. “Hmm it’d be nice if there was a picture of them so i know what they look like. I guess i’ll have to ask around.” She walked around asking a few people and no one knew where she was at. Than she seen a lady in a skin-tight suit it looked about as tight as herself did and a guys with a black and blue jacket with fur. She walked over to the lady “Hello i’m looking for a Maria Lazaric have you seen her?”

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4The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:10 am

Maria Lazaric
Maria was getting tired of waiting. The black haired girl took another look around, now noticing a man in a jacket leaning on the wall a distance away from her. Shrugging to herself she bent her right leg up, planting her foot on the wall and closing her eyes. For a few minutes it was peaceful and serene, but it didn't last long
The calmness was interrupted by a voice, asking if she'd seen Maria Lazaric. Opening one eye halfway, she shot an unamused glare at the girl.

"Eh..? Yeah I've seen her, I am her. Can I assume you're one of the two new S.W.A.T members?" Her voice held an indistinguishable accent, one of her Latin base language.
Casting a glance over to the man in the jacket again, she called out to him as well.
"Hey! Hey you! Are you on the S.W.A.T team as well!? If you are, get over here so we can start this already!"

The girl took a few steps off of the wall, both eyes open, and her face in an emotionless look. It was a hostage extraction drill. Two test dummy androids were placed in a hostage situation. The android was armed with a standard 9mm pistol, and nothing else. Not even body armour, and no aura either.
Before they went in, though, she needed the team to be there, and she needed to lay down the ground rules.

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5The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:10 pm

Luxian Sparks
As he sat on the wall, he closed his eyes for a moment seeing as it was taking a while, for who ever else was coming to arrive. He then heard a voice call out supposedly asking about a woman, the woman in question being whoever the squad leader was supposed to be. Then immediately after he heard the woman that was also leaning against the wall reply, confirming his suspicions about the woman.

She then called out to him gesturing for him to come over, his eyes flashed open before, walking over to the group of two his hands still in his pocket's, as he spoke out in a lazy tone.
"Yeah,yeah I'm coming..

The woman seemed to have a different accent, than most everyone he had ever met or heard. It sounded,French, or Latin, but he really couldn't care less if he was being honest. He also observed the other woman she seemed to be wearing the standard outfit and,  a large sniper rifle rested on her back.

Luxian mentally let out a groan as he realized he was on a team with only girls, he had worked with females before, but in his group he had been on full squadron of only males, so this would be a new experience for him. Whether it would be good or bad time was the only thing that would tell.

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6The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:30 pm

Mio Hirasawa
"Eh..? Yeah I've seen her, I am her. Can I assume you're one of the two new S.W.A.T members?" Mio just smiled and nod Than Maria called over to the guy in the black and blue jacket. He really didn’t seem to really care on what was going on she was starting to think they didn’t want to be here. *Hmm am i a replacement for someone?* Than Maria yelled at the guy asking for he was a part of the team as well.

She started to think that they didn't want to be here where they form other S.W.A.T teams. “get over here so we can start this already!" *Start this start what?* Maria then started to walk to a house thing and then she stopped. “Ms.Maria what are we going to be doing?”

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7The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:14 pm

Maria Lazaric
Maria placed two fingers to her forehead, letting out an exasperated sigh. She was unreasonably ticked off at the current moment in time.
"Alright. Apparently, us three are the new S.W.A.T team! And apparently I get to lead you three!
Why the hell they decided to make me do that I don't know, but they did."

"So! Behind me right now is a building. Fun, right? No. Because you'll be sick of them in about... Two days.
Inside said building are two androids: one hostage, one armed. When the hostage negotiator screw it up, that's when we go in and shoot the guy in the head, right? So guess what we are gonna do, kiddies?"

She reached casually to her back, grabbing the ballistic shield off of it and strapping it to her arm.
"Now, me personally, I do not give a **** what you want to do. You stay behind me. I am a very good shield, so for the love of god, stay behind me."

Maria walked up to the door, reaching for thee handle, before stopping abruptly.
"Oh, also, please be quiet. We do not need it knowing where we come from seeing as we do not even know where it is, so silence is appreciated."

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8The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] Empty Re: The New Kids [Private w/ Luxian and Mio] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:36 am

Luxian Sparks
This woman was loud,loud and commanding, if it were anyone else he probably would have griped and complained, but he realized if she wanted to have any chance of leading this rag-tag little group around she would have to be. She also seemed to not want to be here as much as he did, while the other he couldn't quite get a read on yet.

The leader lady then went went on to explain what this mock mission would be entailing. Basic hostage armed enemy situation where the negotiator failed, and the big boys habe to come in.
"Simple enough"

It was pretty much basic SWAT stuff, nothing he wasn't used too so far. She then put on her ballistic shield and told them to stay behind her, While soon after saying to be quiet. Definetly the defensive type, maybe a bit prideful as well, she seemed to be strong as well- all the qualities of at least a half different leader.

He then leveled his lazy amber gaze upon the woman, and spoke out in his normal lazy, and uncaring tone. Drawing his weapon with one hand and casually holding it while doing so.

"Yeah yeah, we get it lets get moving already..."

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