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Ena Lilina - Finished

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1 Ena Lilina - Finished on Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:52 am

Ena Lilina
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Ena Liliina
Age: 19
Birthday: 6/20
Gender: Female
Race: Hare Faunus
Height:5ft 11in
Face Claim: Nashetania - Rokka of the Six Flowers

Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Medical
Likes: Chocolate, Getting Into Fights, Her Flower Garden, Horror Novels, Insects
Dislikes: Cowardice, Loud Noises, Most Vegetables
Fears: Ursa, Deep Water, Losing Her Family
Talent: Herbalism
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: If judging by appearances alone Ena seems to be fairly meek and quiet. It is true that she tends to keep to herself, but that is just because she keeps her nose in the books and tries to make the most of her time at Syne. However Ena is not really the studious type, and though she is very good with plants, she tends to have trouble passing the exams for the other classes.

Now Ena does have her set of flaws as well. Firstly would be her enjoyment of combat, in all of its forms. While this may be a good thing for a huntress to have, the desire to get right into the mix of things often makes it troublesome for her to sit still and work out a plan of action. Some of her other flaws would be her extremely short temper which can be set off by some of the most minor things, and just her random fits of boredom. When in this bored state, Ena will go out of her way to start something with someone, just to watch or take part in the chaos.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Garden Palms - Ena is capable of forcing plants to grow in the palms of her hands, and can use her aura to cause a change to these in major ways.

If Ena uses a flower or a flower seed she can create a special herb that creates a chemical that causes the protiens and other cells of the flesh to duplicate and repair itself. This leads to scarring, but otherwise the location is good to go in a matter of moments. Requires physical touch. (heal)

With a vine, thorny bush, or other type of creeping plant or seed (normally roses as the seeds are easy to find) Ena makes a gauntlet out of poisoned thorns with her semblance. This counts as a damage buff rather than an attack. (offensive buff and poison status chance)

Lastly with food like crops Ena can make them grow at a much faster rate, meaning it's very hard for her to not have food. (Utility)

Item 1: Dust Channeling Spikes - These weapons are little more that brass knuckles with a row of five half inch long spikes attatched to them. However each of these spikes is capable of holding and channeling dust through them, the phial of dust being kept in the metal grip in Ena's palms.
Item 2: Rank 1 Dust License and Fire Dust

History and Sample
Ena is the first and only daughter of her three siblings. Her and her two younger brothers were born to a simple life, her mother a small time alchemist in the city just outside of Beacon, and their father a herbalist that tended to the greenhouse where most of the medicinal plants were grown. Ena had the choice of helping one of her parents in their career choice, she ended up helping her father in the gardens owned by their family. It was much to stuffy for the faunus girl in the lab and she much prefered plants to chemicals anyways.

She went this way up until her early teens, when the younger of her two brothers was born. Normally this would not force a drastic change in her life, but when some of the hunters came into their shop and started making a mess of the place (at first she thought it was just because they were faunus, but no these hunters were just jerks) and then figured that if she was to protect her younger siblings, then she would need to be just as tough as those hunters were.

Ena began training her body in private, trying to keep it a secret from her family, but she was certain they figured it out somewhere along the lines. Suddenly, Ena applied and made it to Signal academy and there she learned the basics of her skills in combat. Yet when it became time to transfer to Beacon, her academic marks fell just short of being able to attend the primary academy. Which was good and all in hindsight seeing as how with her attitude, Ena would probably have been a victim during that instance.

After this her entire family relocated to Bellmuse, where after helping them get a small shop set up in the lower floors of their house, Ena applied, and this time passed, to Syne Academy.

RP Sample:
"Ena?" The faunus girl heard as she was knelt over a budding flower. She turned to see her father, the kind old hare with his previously blonde colored hair bleached white by age and sunlight. "Ah. Orchids. Let this one grow on its own child, I want to test if the greenhouse can sustain them with all the others." Her father walked off, pruning a beladonna plant of its poisonous leaves for use in an anti Grimm toxin. It was odd how something so natural posed a threat to the creatures of Grimm, but Ena was certainly glad that it was.

With the word of warning, Ena did not lift the bud into her hands to forcibly grow the flower. With a sigh she stood, and after looking up past the hazy roof that was made up of frosted glass, left the greenhouse. She dusted off the dirt on her knees as she walked, heading towards her home to grab her weapons and dust. "Time to start another wonderful day." She spoke sarcastically, the chipperness in her voice would have thrown anyone who heard off as they looked at her scowl immediately afterwards.

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2 Re: Ena Lilina - Finished on Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:22 am

Lapis Valesti
Your Aura Type is Healing, but you have yourself getting the +1 in STR from Aura, which would mean the Type is not Healing, but is Power. Make that tiny change and everything should be good.

Approved (Once the above as been Adjusted) also with the idea that you know that the Poison status chance is dictated by status effect roll ( Which by your wording, you understand this but just incase :3 )

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3 Re: Ena Lilina - Finished on Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:24 am

Ena Lilina
I changed it probably as you were typing something thanks to Merlynn. Already fixed

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4 Re: Ena Lilina - Finished on Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:37 am

Lapis Valesti

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