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Liyla Itskadonashi, the-Burn it. Burn it with fire right now. [Finished and ready for approval!]

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Miko Hāfu
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Liyla Hanoko Itskadonashi
Age: 18 (Looks 7, growth disorder)
Birthday: March 8th
Gender: Female
Race: Black Widow Faunus (Spider, four scythe like appendages on her midsection and her chest that sprout from the back)
Height: 3'10"
Weight: 55 lbs
Face Claim: Misaka Mikoto - A certain scientific railgun

STR: 6
DEF: 3
RES: 1
SPT: 3
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Academic
Likes: -Girls.
-Crawling on the walls.
-Crawling on the ceiling.
-Hugging people.
-Taking naps on people's head.
-Sweet things.
Dislikes: -Guys.
-Being referred to as a child.
Fears: -Being rejected.
-Bird faunus.
-Deep water.
Talent: Climbing
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Liyla is a rather perverted person. Rather is incorrect, actually: she's a huge pervert.

At a young age Liyla had developed a taste for women as opposed to men; the girl was a lesbian. As a result she has developed a dislike for any gender other than that of the female kind.

Overall Liyla is childish, and that's ironic because she hates being called a child. Most of the time she's either on the ceiling, clinging to someone's body in some way,  and she's perfectly okay with that. Liyla tends to be extremely needy, with a constant lust for attention. If she sees a girl she decides she likes, she tries her hardest to be noticed. Now one of her biggest fears is being rejected, and she has been. Many times. Mostly because she looks like a seven year old, and mostly because she's a satanic hell spawn, otherwise known as a spider.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Teal
Semblance: Offensive Buff: -Gorgon-
Gorgon is essentially satan.

Liyla will simply pass out on the floor after a brief glowy light show and become enveloped in a black, bubbly liquid. This liquid melts down into a rather large puddle on the floor, and out of it crawls the lovely Gorgon.
Gorgon is a buff and a shapeshift semblance. +2 to strength to equal 8 str when active.

Item 1: -Tier 1 weapon- Liyla possesses what are essentially hand cannons, albeit thin, streamlined, jet back and chrome styled ones. They reach from her fingertips to the inside of her elbow. These fire out what is equivalent to the shot of a 12-gauge shotgun, and Liyla can, infact, propel herself around using them.
Item 2: -Tier 1 armour- Liyla's typical jacket (part of her combat outfit) is reinforced with a strong, durable metal.
Combat outfit and spider legs:
She only has five spider legs. Liyla was mutilated at age 15. She used to have eight spider legs but one pair was cut off and one leg was cut off, leaving 5 appendages

History and Sample
Of course being a faunus wasn't easy, as usually, but when you're a spider it's worse.

Liyla was in the principles office many a time, mainly because she was climbing up a wall and that wasn't really allowed, and other times in later life it was for peeping through a window into the girl's locker room. She had discovered her sexual preference at around the age of fourteen.

She's a faunus, she's a spider, she's short, she looks like a kid, and she's lesbian. Try going through school with that combo. It's not easy.

Liyla never had anything even relatively close to a relationship with another human being besides parent-daughter. She also payed minimal attention in health class and isn't all that educated on how to keep up a healthy relationship besides the common sense stuff, like "don't abuse your partner".

Liyla had a thing for climbing up walls. She'd occasionally stab her scythe like legs into the ceiling and sleep up there. It was a bad habit she'd developed ever since she could walk decently. She'd climb on walls, she'd climb on ceilings, she'd climb on people, she'd climb everywhere. It got her in trouble a lot, but she never stopped doing it.

At some point the girl developed masochistic tendencies, meaning she wad a perversion to pain. It was probably due to her brain accepting that she would be beaten and discriminated against by humans for her faunus features, and eventually turned to an arousing feeling when it happened. After discovering her newfound love for pain, she decided she would hide it as best as she could, only showing it off to those she deemed worthy.

The spider moved to Bellmuse, Bellmuse one day, because she decided that with her athletic skills and less than perfect combat skills, she could learn to fight. She wasn't an amazing fighter, she was more of a bookworm, but even still her natural flexibility, her relatively okay aim, and her giant scary spider monster, she was a valuable asset.
And so a valuable asset she would be.
RP Sample:
 Apparently her airship landing in Bellmuse, forcing her to walk to the academy only to find a great bloody rock wall wasn't enough to tick Ichi off, according to fate, so she now stood before a rather large Beowulf.
"Hey, you. Yeah you. The one with the ugly face. You mind, oh I dunno, getting the heck outta my way?"
A snarl carved it's way onto her face in retaliation to the growl emitted by the petty beast.
"So we wanna play a game, eh? You're mistake.
I'm great at games."

The disgusting abomination lunged forward, leaping towards Ichi, mouth gaping. A simple sidestep before she lifted her leg up to nearly a 180 degree angle, thrusting it down, heel first, directly onto the thing's neck.
A pitiful whine came from the creature as she twisted her foot back and forth, digging her heel further into it's neck.
"You are a mere glitch in the computer known as Remnant. You are a disgusting little abomination of numbers meant to destroy the system. And I? I am the anti-virus.
Commands aren't the only things I'll be executing today."

A small stomp, followed by removing her foot, allowing it to begin to stand up, before roundhouse kicking the Beowulf in the side and dashing over incomprehendably fast to pin it to the ground on it's back.
She applied pressure with her foot onto it's chest looking it dead in the eye as she raised her right arm to point her fist directly at it's face, giving the creature a thumbs up.
"Congratz you little wretch, you gave me confidence that everybody back home was wrong... You Grimm are weak..."
She pointed her middle and index finger at the thing's face, her hand glowing a pure gold as the hand gesture known as a "gun" was completed.

Ichi's grin grew wider as she stared the beast dead in the eyes, her hand lit up like the sun.

"Game over."

The recoil of the projectile tossed her arm back like a ragdoll, but she was not phased as she was too busy admiring her masterpiece; A dead Beowulf with a bullet hole in it's skull.
She lowered her arm back down, spitting onto the lifeless corpse as she began walking back to Bellmuse.


Jesus christ I'm so cool!"  

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