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A Chance Encounter (Hunt/ Private w/ Liyla, Ena, and Melany)

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Cain Magien
This city was mundane compared to the Magien homeland, and the amount of people was staggeringly high. Cain felt as though some form of population control was in order here, but he supposed that every place had their own rules and regulations, even if they were completely stupid.

 The streets themselves were the worst of it, which he had to go through in order to come back to the airship terminal from the grocery store. He was not used to shopping for himself either, but it was his new way of living and he would have to get used to it. He grimaced at the thought of the mundane tasks he was set to perform in day-to-day life, but at least took some sort of solace that it wouldn't be long before he could return and reclaim what he deserved. He rounded the corner into a courtyard style park area with benches, a fountain and a lot more walking room. Although, he was pleased to have some space he came to a new realization. Cain was dreadfully lost.

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Ena Lilina
Ena was glad to be off the airship, and with Melany in tow it made the afternoon all that much better. "So what kind of things do you like to do Mel?" She asks off handedly to her blue haired partner for the day having realized she new nothing besides that she was having a bad day. Hopefully this trip would cheer her up, as it already completed the objective of keeping the hare busy. Actually Ena could not even remember why Melany was at Syne in the first place. Something about applications? Was she trying to become a huntress? Best to keep quiet until she remembered about that. Or not bring it up at all since Melany was not feeling great about the outcome.

"There is the sandwich shop I was talking about." Ena points across the way. A red and white awning hung over the doorway which is how the hare could locate it from this far away. "Just need to cut across the courtyard Mel." She says, ignoring the lost looking fellow as she lead the way further right past the large central fountain.

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Myra Chegernt
Melany jumped off the airship right behind Ena and followed her closely before thinking about her answer to her question. "What I like to do? Well I like helping others with pretty much anything, it's the thing I'm good at and if there's some money to do as well, that's even better." The shorter girl looked around herself for a moment, admiring the city illuminated by the glowing orange light of the sunset which made everything look so different from this morning when she left for the academy. Mel then looked back forward to the sandwich place Ena was pointing before continuing to following while giving more information on her answer. "I also enjoy anything that's related to art, so galleries, museums and similar places are go-tos in my book. But nothing really beats a nice concerto in my opinion."

Giving a smile to the faunus, Mel didn't notice anything or anyone strange looking as she past the fountain in the middle of the plaza. It was an imposing piece of art in itself so the android couldn't help but stop in front of it and admire. Pointing up to the tall figure of the person who founded the city of Bellmuse, Mel simply stood there with a smile on her face. "Like this, it's clear that a lot of work went into it, the details on the face, the clothing, the hair... everything makes it look so real and alive. The rock isn't the typical one used for sculptures too, but they probably went for something that would last for generations even with the wear of the seasons..." There was this passionate flame burning in Mel's eyes when she spoke, she clearly was in love with art and her good mood was without a doubt back. She turned towards Ena and giggles before scratching the back of her head, slightly embarrassed. "Sorry, I get sometimes carry away with that..."

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Miko Hāfu
Liyla, wearing her black, unbuttoned jacket, and her casual looking loose tank top, was essentially strutting through the streets of Bellmuse, her hands in her pockets and her gaze unconcerned with everybody else. It would stay that way as people asked her where her parents were, or if she was lost, or if she wanted some candy (she broke that one's legs). She ignored them all, before suddenly she caught someone in her peripherals while passing the park. Two someone's!

Her eyes opened slightly as she slowed her careless looking pace, before she stopped it completely, her eyes widening. The two forms she had spotted were, in fact, female, and were, in fact, rather well endowed. Her cheeks flushed lightly staring at them, before she stretch a leg out, swung it around, and changed her direction.

She kept her casual demeanor present as she strolled through the park, taking note of a seemingly lost man, but her gaze staying focused on the two girls, albeit in a nonchalant and unsuspicious fashion. She planned to stay close to these two, maybe see i she could worm her way into whatever they were doing, get to know them, that stuff. Either that or get turned off abruptly by being labeled as a child.

Not that she wasn't used to this name-calling by now, it didn't make it any less annoying to hear it again and again.

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3 Level Two Ursa

Ursa 1:100/100   Ursa 2: 110/110  

Ursa 3: 75/75

A triplet of Ursa were wandering the outskirts of the big man village known as Bellmuse. Two were larger ursa, but not particularly big for how big they could eventually get, while the third was smaller by a decent amount. They were scouting looking for any sign of negative emotion at all, to pounce on. As of today however everything seemed peaceful, but all they needed was a shrivel of negative emotion in any form. Suddenly as if their thoughts were answered they sensed a small amount of confusion from  a central position in the city.

The three made some form of excitement in a bear like roar, before charging haphazardly. They smashed anything in their path, destroying signs, mailboxes and the occasional human. Luckily no hunters seemed to be around.

Once they arrived all three set their sights on the lone man sitting in a bench, they then charged paying no heed to anyone else in the vicinity. The first on attempted a sideways swipe towards the mans chest section, while the second ran forward and attempted a bidy slam on the man as well.

The third Ursa  skidded to a halt, and looked over to see three women looking on. Two were older and well endowed while the third was a child. With a look that said easy prey in his eyes he charged attempting to take out the child with a downward paw.

Ursa 1 attempted a sideways swipe at Cain-20dmg

Ursa 2 attempted a body slam on Cain-20dmg

Ursa three attempted a downward swipe to Lilya-20dmg

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Cain Magien
Cain uncrossed his legs with the first sound of commotion being heard before he could even see what had been causing it. It didn't make it much harder when there were citizens screaming to get away from a trio of Ursa rampaging through the city. When the two of them broke for him in particular, he had broken any sense of confusion and replaced it with no small manner of annoyance. He looked at the milk in his grocery bag which he now doubted he'd be collecting at the end of this skirmish. He sighed and rolled over the back of the bench over the Ursa claw as it came toward him. He landed just behind the bench he had been  sitting at, but was soon force to jump away as a second Ursa tried to blindside him.

He lands on his knees several feet away and picks himself up. He exhales slowly through his nose as his annoyance now becomes agitation. "Okay then." he hisses through his teeth as he drops his kimono to reveal the chest piece of his armor. His sword is drawn and in his hands in less than a second afterward. "Everyone out of the way! I'll handle these monstrosities!" He shouted out as he fiddled with his grip and shifted his stance about.

Without another second he rushes forward and at the one that slashed at him. He directs his sprint to the side so that he does not have to worry about the other during his assault. He jumps up, using a drinking fountain as a spring board and fully extends his blade midair to it's full 5 foot length. He drops his blade down with his own momentum hoping to slash two body parts with the same strike, chin to gut. He planned to follow up with a slash to one of the Ursa arms, and end the volley by bashing it as hard as he can with the handle to strike while simultaneously putting some distance in between the Ursa and him.


Attacks directed at Cain: 2 (Both dodged)

Attacks directed at opponents: (before mod)
Ursa 1:
Chin slice- 30 dam
Gut slice- 30 dam
Arm slice- 30 dam
Handle bash- 30 dam

Cain status:
HP: 200
SP: 100

Emotional state: Irritated

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