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Back into the swing of things [solo weapon training]

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It had been far too long, sure she was back at the school but she hadn't really felt back. Mainly because her actives for the Fang had been increasing recently. After what happened in beacon almost everyone inside the Fang had been on high alert. But recently she had been able to get some time to herself and now she was doing some much needed training. Walking into the training room with a towel over her shoulder and a large bottle of water in hand she grinned. Of course it was the middle of the night, when she did her best work.

Setting her bottle and towel down the golden haired fox strutted to the center of the training room. She wasn't going to be going up against anyone or even training on a dummy, no tonight she would go over her basic forms and center herself. It wasn't the warrior who had practiced a thousand styles once that was to be feared but the warrior who had practiced one style a thousand times. As she was with any training Raziel wore her combat outfit and had Aka'Ken attached to her belt. With a deep breath she closed her eyes and centered herself.

Slowly she brought her right hand to the hilt of Aka'Ken while the other one gripped the sheath and she placed her thumb against the guard. Her eyes still shut she waited there and implemented a newer technique she had learned while in Atlas. While on the mission there she had worked with an old Faunus who was incredibly powerful. He had given her insight into his ways. Focusing her life force to the core of her body she prepared to let it flow to different parts of her body like water. As she had learned back then her motions were rigid and stiff like stone, and even the strongest rock would eventually be eroded by the flowing water.

And so she would become water, placing one foot in front of the other Raziel drew Aka'Ken and came down in a solid strike, not wanting to loose her momentum she kept her blade moving and twirled herself around, making a sideways strike with the crimson blade in her hands. Following this up with another attack and another all chained together in one fluid motion she let her body move like water. Before each strike would be a distinct separate movement but now no one was discernible from another.

At the end of several attack she stopped and held Aka'Ken out before her in two hands. With a deep breath she closed her eyes again and centered her energies once again as they had flowed to her hand and legs for her attacks. It wasn't much but she could definitely tell that she was getting better at this, Julyet had always said she was a natural at fighting. Returning her blade to the sheath on her hip she walked back to the center of the room and prepared to go again.

Closing her eyes once again and taking a few more deep breaths Raziel focused her energy to her center. She needed to practice this now so she could do it quickly before combat and keep it up for a long time. Just like training anything else such as with her sword or her muscles it was repetition using good form that would get her to where she wanted to be. Sure she knew she was a strong warrior, but she also knew there were others out there who were better than she was, but that only meant she had to get stronger.

Until she was no longer needed Raziel would make sure she was the strongest fighter, because sometimes fighting was the answer. And while the Grimm were a threat it was the human's who pressed and belittled Faunus who would bring the downfall of both races. And to that end she would be a sword, sharp and ready to be used against the enemies of the Faunus. Much like a sword she had to remain sharp and so she trained and learned what she could to increase her skills. Another deep breath and she was ready to go again.

Emerald eyes snapped open and again Raziel drew Aka'Ken from the sheath on her hip. Once again she went into flowing strikes that all seemed as one. This time however rather than just striking forward she altered her directions. Sometimes an attack to the side or behind her and then to the other side. Her enemies wouldn't be so kind as to attack only from the front one at a time and she needed to be ready to defend and attack in all directions. Each and every attack she made felt more powerful than the one before, only by a small margin but by enough to tell.

Again and again she struck, this series of attacks and blocks against invisible opponents lasting longer than the one before it. Eventually she wound down and once again her feet went still. Sheathing her sword slowly she realized that she was starting to work up a small sweat, which meant that this would be good not just for her skill as a fighter but for her waistline too. With a small grin she walked over to her bottle of water and took a few sips of it before using her towel to whipe off the sweat from her forehead.

And back to the center of the room she went. Taking a wide stance she placed her hands on Aka'Ken the same way as before and closed her eyes. It was the same as before, focusing her energy to her center. From there she could pull it to where she wanted it to go, for instance her arms. Though it was less pulling than it was directing the flow of energy to one part of her body for use. It made her strikes more powerful and her movements faster. Of course combined with the flowing style of attacks she had learned it would make her all around combat prowess increase.

Once again she drew her blade and began to combat the invisible opponents in the room. As she did her mind imagined that she was in combat, the thrill of the fight washing over her. Some warriors preached zen like calm during a fight but Julyet had taught Raziel she could be far more powerful if she focused her emotions and directed them like a blade towards her enemies. So she did, the thrill and love of fighting she had made her stronger than if she tried to repress these feelings.

Of course the wide smile on her face would also throw opponents off as she drew pure enjoyment from fighting someone. The higher the stakes of the fight the more she loved it, and sometime she enjoyed it a little too much. But even now as she trained she let her imagination throw her into combat and bring with it the adrenaline and joy she got. As she moved her attacks seemed like a dance almost. What little light came in from the night sky danced off her blade as she battled the shadows.

This process repeated over and over again, she would attack and then stop. Mocing back to the center of the room she would center herself again before going into a series of attacks. With no regard for the time she kept going, and going. Her body began to ache slightly and still she kept going. She knew that she could go for longer if she simply put her mind to it. Every so often she would break long enough to drink some water and wipe off her forehead before going back to it, once again getting back into the rhythm of centering and attacking.

Finally she got to the point where she knew she couldn't go much further. Her very muscle ached, her clothes were drenched in sweat and her hair was matted to her head from the same. It had long since been past when her breathing became heavier and now each one was labored. Slowly she walked over to drink from her water bottle only to find it empty. With a half hearted giggle she picked up her towel to find it as damp as her clothing was. With a single sniff she could smell her own body, and it was obvious if she let this sit she would not have a pleasant aroma tomorrow.

“Well looks like I need a shower, a nice long hot shower,” Raziel said to herself while taking a seat on the floor. She loved the night and training during this time was one of her favorite things. The harsh light of day still hurt her eyes most of the time so she preferred the night anyway. Looking herself over quickly she laughed slightly at the state she was in, she definitely had enjoyed that a bit too much and she hadn't even been fighting. Getting back up to her feet it was time to clean up her mess.

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