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Sky Richardson version 2.0[finished]

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1 Sky Richardson version 2.0[finished] on Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:52 pm

Sky Richardson
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Sky Richardson
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/9
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5"8
Weight: 180
Face Claim: unknown

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Stormy weather,a challenge, reading/writing
Dislikes: boredom, people who nag or are condescending, being manipulated, Grimm
Fears: spiders, being useless, the color orange
Talent: postmaster/writer
Weakness acting/persuasion(I also extend this personally to deceit)
Overall Personality: Sky is genuinely what he appears to be: a noble goofball with a heart of gold. He is honest to a fault and always keeps his word. He has a quick judge of character and is loyal to his friends beyond all doubt. He doesn't mince words and he won't beat around the bush. He is like I mentioned a goofball, bit despite this has a certain focus in his sharp blue eyes that should warn anyone against trying to take advantage of him or someone he cares about.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Aqua
Semblance: Electricity manipulation and creation. His sparks are the color of his aura, and to make any substantial amount of electricity he needs to have a conductor to bounce it off of. Besides attacking directly with the electricity, he uses it for a lot of utilities. Like, building up a bunch of electricity in a closed palm and releasing it to blind someone. Or building it up in his swords or gauntlets and clapping them together to make a percussive shockwave. Or a railgun with a quarter.
Item 1: Sky Dual Wields two blades he fashioned himself, Wind and Rain. Both blades are identical in all but aesthetics. Rain's blade is a blue so deep as to appear black, until the light strikes it, where the reflecting light seems to make the blade ripple and gleam a bright blue. It's hilt is the same blue black metal as the blade, shaped into a dragons head clutching a raindrop shaped sapphire in its teeth. Wind's blade is plain steel, unremarkable save for its craftsmanship and the stylized etchings that run across the blade, gusts and flurries of wind, and its hilt is a silvery white dragon clutching a typically cut diamond in its teeth. The blades are single edged, with thick spines and a flexible iron core. Both are slightly curving for more cutting surface.
Item 2: His armor consists of a steel breastplate, vambraces and gloves, greaves and boots as well as elbow and knee pads. The breastplate is dominated by a large stormcloud, spewing droves of rain and forks of lightning. The rest are plain steel. Physical armor(defends against STR)

Appearance: Sky has short, wind tousled brown hair that gleams red when the sunlight hits it just so. His eyes are a light blue, the color of a summer sky. Sky's usual style of dress is a breastplate over a thick shirt, loose pants that enable a full range of motion, and, of course, his sword belt around his waist for a cross draw, Wind on his right hip and Rain on his left, as well as a pair of black boots.
Other: His time spent training with Wind and Rain has deprived him of training with very many other weapons, so he is limited to his swords, an unarmed fighting style that he created (Sky kwon do), and he's not the worst archer ever. He is very agile, and he has great endurance, able to pace himself very easily. But his greatest weapon is his power of perception when paired with his physical prowess. He is able to tell which way someone will move by the look in their eyes, a shift in bodyweight.

History and Sample
Sky was born to two simple farmers,  the middle child of seven children. Unlike his brothers, all big and strong, Sky was all wiry, like a coiled snake. When startled(for he never grew scared) his reaction was not to yell, or cower, he readied himself and grew observant, in preparation for the blow that he expected to follow. When it never came, his siblings, and even his parents at times, often laughed at the look of perfect consternation upon his face.

They were all  told the tales,but only Sky was raised on the stories of Hunter's and Huntresses, the stories of those valiant heroes who uphold the balance of our world, who keep the darkness at bay. What started out as a boys interest in a heroes tale grew into a passion to be one of those heroes, even if he ended up unsung. What started as a boy striking at shadows and trees with sticks turned into a man, skillfully wielding live steel. When he started showing aptitude for the martial arts, his parents decided to send him to Signal academy. There, he didn't make many friends, but he did make a few.

He quickly found that he loved it there. He started experimenting with various weapons, going from the sword, to spears, to a large and unwieldy halberd before settling on dual blades. He grew strong and proficient through training and real life or death situations. He always did well in his studies, despite the fact that he practically never studied and only rarely did his home work. This was due to fact that he never really felt challenged by the classwork. He only has to be shown how something works once, and he is usually able to grasp the concept really easily. The only places where he really excelled, however, was blacksmithing class and the Hunters more physical activities. There at Signal, he crafted his weapons Wind and Rain.
Due to a mysterious and worrying increase in Grimm, the various Schools advanced their most proficient Students. At Signal this included Sky and three seniors.  At Beacon, he was made leader of team SIGiL. At first, his teammates, save for Grey resented him for being younger. Over time, however, Iris and Leons resentment quickly turned to grudging respect, to fully blown trust and respect.

One day during their third year, his Semblance errantly activated while he was in the shower, and he was put on bed rest. (He believes that incident is the reason that he now is so shock resistant, how it was the first and last time his own electricity ever hurt him, even while wet.) That day, during a normal mission, just a simple, low risk patrol, his squad got ambushed.There had been an earthquake. The earth had shattered beneath them, dropping them into a massive cavern positively swarming with subterranean Grimm. They were immediately swarmed. Only Leon, the bow/double crescent moon bladed staff wielder was able to hold the Grimm off enough to escape, and even then suffered a grievous wound across his front side. He utilized his semblance, which allows him to  negate gravity, enabling him to escape, believing, rightly, that it shouldn't end there. He must return and tell everyone. He did, but died shortly thereafter.

When Sky heard of all this, he was so anguished he went out determined to die and take as many Grimn with him as he could. He went out determined to let the Grimm tear him apart, but despite himself, he fought automatically, his body literally moving by itself, mind lost in the blur of grief and rage. When he came to, he was kneeling on the ground panting heavily. Just as he was about to fall, unconscious, he was caught by a Huntress. When he came to, the first thing he saw were his blades, shining clean. A mockery, as if yesterday had never happened. This happening midway through their year, he finished out the year and signed up for Syne
RP Sample:
Sky grinned in anticipation. He and his fellow members of Team SIGL were squaring off against their friends in team VALoR. It was on days like these, days when there were no tournaments on,  no missions, days when they grew tired of fighting Grimm, that they sparred against each other. They practiced with steel because to practice with wooden weapons was to become complacent in the security that they bring. Team SIGL stood on one side of a large clearing, Team VALR on the other. Sky glanced at his teammates and friends before reaching inside of himself and plunging inside his power, his Soul. The air around him, unbeknownst to any but the keenest observer was tightening and swirling as each individual particle rubbed against the next rapidly, Sky only noticing because the slight stir that it caused. He withdrew his swords and stabbed them upward so that tips were overlaid against each other an instant before all of the gathered energy coalesced and surged forward, into and then guided out of his blades, the lightning branching out nearly 7 and a half feet.

The two teams ran towards each other, disregarding mothers instruction.Dont run with sharp objects. They met with a clash. Sky flowed through his forms with an almost preternatural speed, matched by the blur that was Ares, a ninja-to and wakazashi wielder that could be combined into a staff. Ares is using his dual blades at the moment, matching Sky swing for swing, until Sky pulled out a move that he had been practicing with the help of Iris, a broad swordbreaker wielder. He launched into a flurry of dexterous motion, each swing quicker than the last. A masterful 7 hit combo leading into an 8th that left one blade quivering about a fingers length away from his neck, the other pointed straight at his gut.

Ares conceded, leaving Sky scanning the battlefield. Iris was just finishing off against Lapis, the hammer wielder, activating her Semblance for a quick burst of fluid motion, dodging a hammer smash and leaping straight upwards in a flash, reappearing in mid-air, backflipping as she reached the apex of her jump. As she leveled out, she pulled the trigger set into the crook of the crossguard, sending bursts of red dust exploding out of  six nozzles set into the blade, sending her rocketing down. Lapis just managed to bring her hammer up in time to block. They all knew that Iris could have angled her blade against the hammers handle, sending her blades tip straight at lapis' face, even as she launched into a somersault, landing on her feet gracefully, pausing for a  moment before rushing  to intercept Red, an unarmed fighter.

Sky was already in motion, springing to engage Valory, a chainspear/rifle user. Valory's Semblance, which at a great cost-Valory is a Tank, not a Mage- allows her to move in quick bursts at an insane speed, worked reflexively. Just as Sky and Valory were settling into the Rhythm of the Dance, Red had unarmed and 'dispatched' Iris, dodging and blocking her blade with the metal plates along the front of his arms and legs, pulling of a rapid 6 combo kick, driving her back, disarming her and leaving his foot inches from her face. Which, when considering the dust-fueled gunboots he wore, understandably constituted a K.O. As he began to dash towards Sky, Sky pulled out the move he had been practicing in private.

As Sky and Valory crossed blades, Sky threw her back and quickly sheathed his swords, reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter. Sky reached inside himself and drew in that innate Power, drew on it and kept drawing as he tossed the quarter up, holding his hands up parellel to each other as he focused the power of his Semblance to the area between his hands, whipping the air molecules around at a ludicrous speed. The quarter fell into the area contained by his hands and hung, suspended and shaking violently due to the electromagnetic forces. As he started to feel a strain he let go and the nickel shot forward at Valory at a blinding speed. Her pupils flared then contracted as the irises turned a bright yellow. She whirled her spears shaft around at an impossible speed, disrupting the coin and knocking it off course. While she was distracted with that, Sky crossed his swords into an x and put his swords to her waist.

He felt rather than sensed Reds approach. He launched himself, twisting his body around and sending his right foot into Reds jaw, sending him flying. He flipped himself around in the air, landing with impossible ease and was running in the next instinct, stabbing his swords into the ground next to Red. He leaned on one of his swords breathing heavily, his free hand clutching at his side where he had a cramp. Last time I drink so much water before a long bout, he thought

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2 Re: Sky Richardson version 2.0[finished] on Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:07 am

Lapis Valesti
Yo! I should have mentioned this in chat so this could have been done before you knocked out but I wasnt in the greatest condition myself v_v. I don't really see much wrong here besides the Armor. By Description it sounds like it's towards Defending against Physical (STR) but I need it to be stated clearly, does it Physical (Defends against STR) or Magical (Defend against SPT). Once thats handled, you'll be set to go

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Sky Richardson

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Lapis Valesti

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5 Re: Sky Richardson version 2.0[finished] on Wed May 09, 2018 1:17 pm

Richard Lionheart
Moved for semblance fixing

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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Sky Richardson

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7 Re: Sky Richardson version 2.0[finished] on Wed May 09, 2018 2:08 pm

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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