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Beach Party!!(open to all)

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1 Beach Party!!(open to all) on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:46 pm

Sky Richardson
Sky wanted to kick things off with a bang. Things were always so bland about this place, the Grimm air in any given area was just as much of a killer as the soulless beasts. That used to be just fine by him, loungin around when he wasn't fighting or training. Then again he had been severely depressed. Since he had awoken from his coma, however, he had had a change of heart. He felt lighter, more optimistic, and genuinely joyful; and he wanted to share the feelings

To this end he had plaster posters up EVERYWHERE. The bathrooms, the training rooms, notice boards, the shops across the town. He didn't think anyone could miss them. He had advertised a beach party complete with bonfire, volleyball, and music. He had the preparations all set up, and really hoped that at least SOMEONE showed up to see what was going on.

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2 Re: Beach Party!!(open to all) on Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:03 pm

Dex walked out of the store on an otherwise slow day for him. He had just sat in his room, playing games, eating snacks, and doing other things unbecoming of someone with his ambition. He was a bit sleepy, and actually had his eyes closed for a second when he bonked his head on a post that had a flyer for the event.
He fell on the ground and mumbled to himself, "What in the Grimm armies is this? This post wasn't here before was it?"
He got up, blinked a few times, and read the paper from the pole he had just ungracefully bumped into. "Bonfire, volleyball, music. Seems fine enough, I have nothing else to do this weekend, besides putting these mods on MIDAS of course."
He looked at the crystal clear sky and put a headphone in as he walked home to put in the mods for MIDAS.
After that? He was going to the beach.

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