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Touble in the forest. (Shadow mission) (Me and Arhi)

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Niraya Huntsmith
Niraya arrives at the entrance to the forest with her sister right behind her. The Engineer was waiting for them. She was a rather skinny looking person but with the gear and scars she was wearing proves she could handle any task. "'bout time! Figured you up and quit on me! I need you two to go through this forest and locate the 3 security hubs that send information from the local trackers. The connection to the trackers have been disrupted and without those more grimm could get inside the city without much warning."

Niraya looks at Ahri. "Sure this sounds like fun!" The Engineer laughs. "if you say so. Just be careful before the trackers went offline they detected a large pack of beowolves and a few Ursa." Niraya nods at the Engineer. "Thanks for the warning." She pulls out her whip then looks at Ahri. "Ready to do this job and get paid?"

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Ahri Huntsmith
Ahir was fallowing Niraya to a job or hunt or something like that. There really wasn’t much talking on the way over to the place but once there a skinny person was waiting. “bout time!” The lady didn’t sound to happy were they running late. She didn’t even know where was a time they had to meet up at.

"Sure this sounds like fun!" Ahri smiled a little *Leave it to sis to say something like that when it comeing to find some kind of PC thing* "Ready to do this job and get paid?" Ahri nodded and followed behind her sis in some hope of her not getting to carried away with the security.

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Niraya Huntsmith
Niraya nods and heads into the woods. The engineer follows them. Niraya had her whip at the ready just in case the Grimm are involved. As they walked they didn't have to go too far before the first one was found. The engineer heads up and begins examining it. "Keep me covered as i check the damages." Niraya nods and keeps an eye out for anything. The engineer does something suddenly an alarm starts to sound from the box itself. "That's not normal." She quickly tries to shut off the alarm but it was too late. the sound of an Ursa was already on its way. "Ahri get ready!" The Ursa charges in and takes a swipe at both of them. Niraya leaps out of the way and and swings her whip at the ursa. It roars in anger and turns towards them ignoring the Engineer as she was busy trying to shut off the alarm

OOC: You can make the Ursa attack if you want. but dont make it a 2 hit and done fight. we do have a quota to meet.

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