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Flickering Flames (Private - Invite Only)

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Laurence Lawrence
Glimmering winds danced through the brisk Summer air, more or less late Spring than Summer, some could consider this early Summer, but to let the situation digress, the early day rounded near eleven thirty, twas almost time for lunch, which only was met with the sound of crunching; munching and eating. The sound was isolated though to a large tree, the Finnek Forest was filled with many, and so finding which tree could proof challenging for the thick blue leaves around the equally thick trunks, a lone figure nestled in the white branches was devouring a reddish-like object. Possibly a fruit or vegetable from look as it appeared to be all natural and not processed, several of these were resting in the crooked arm, which was in the manner of pressed against one's chest at a ninety-degree, about four could be seen if one was near in, for example directly next to him. But alas no such luck could be met as the limb he was perched upon was not spacious enough to hold more than one person and a child at the best, but it was enough for a being of his size, with the black hair flickering about from the gentle breeze.

With the regarding of the wind and his environment, the being only nommed on his snack, after each was consumed, a gentle flame flickered about, burning the unconsumable parts and the ashes falling to the ground, to him this was a simple cycle, the ash would provide sustenance to the plant life, and he didn't have to just throw them to it. It being the ground, which would give his location away, but even then the scent of burning material would surely mark his location is one was excellent enough in tracking or held powerful sensory potential. Either way, he was, sure enough, his location was masked by the tree's, the branches and thick blue leaf's, his reddish sleeveless leather coat, the scarf upon his collar, cloaked dark as the hearts of men. It also didn't help that his armor's metal gauntlets and greaves clanked when he moved, but this was just a minor problem easily concluded by moving as little humanly possible, as another fruit or vegetation was consumed. His entire being was accompanied by a simple, quaint but surprisingly maleficent appearing single edge blade, coated in a equally dark scabbard, which was applied at his waist in the traditional fashion as all katana's are.

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Sky Richardson
Sky was taking a stroll in the finnek forest, his twin swords wind an rain strapped to his waist. He had his thumbs hooked into his sash, ready to flick his swords past the hitch. The rest of his hands were halfway tucked into his pants pockets. He was trying to collect his thoughts, trying to sort out things within himself. on the one hand, he had a new capability for joy that he hadn't before, on the other hand the same fear and depression he had always known lingered over him still. For a few days after waking up from his coma he had felt light and free, but then the old darkness had returned. Then, though, the sound of munching disrupted his thoughts and ashes drifted into his face. He looks up into the tree that enclosed the offender to see a man with what appeared to be a samurais katana. Yo, you mind tossing me one of those? I haven't eaten all morning.

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