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Sugar or Salt, Carrot or Stick (Closed/Shadow)

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Charlotte Monochrome
The surgery was nicer than Charlotte had expected. She had gotten off to a good start with the building, the ramp was nice, even if a little narrow, and the doors were both automatic and wide. Entering the reception area she had been quickly escorted to a wide, pristine, re-purposed office room; anatomical diagrams and warning posters detailing diseases and recommending medicines covered the walls. She opted to lower herself to the ground and sit, Dr Venice was supposedly tending to an emergency house visit and would return shortly.

Soon finding herself bored she let her aura glow and pulse around her palms, materializing silky white protein threads in her hands. Creating cures for poisons and colds was still difficult, brewing the right molds to cures specific infections especially. She was hoping that through contact with, learning and training.

As the door opened Charlotte rose into a curtsy, the doctor entering; garbed in a white shirt and navy blazer with a matching long blue skirt. The Doctor's eyes however were immediately drawn to the strings created from Charlotte's semblance, with a small nod she walked passed the spider woman.

"I am Doctor Atlantic Venice, today we will be dealing primarily with elderly patients and giving children vaccinations." She coolly informed her.

"My name is Charlotte Monochrome and I am prepared to assist." She rose, bringing her hands together once again and giving the woman a gentle smile. She got the feeling the woman was cold, perhaps quite detached, but she had met other doctors this way in the past. They were typically experienced and smart

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Charlotte Monochrome
Dr Venice seemed used to the crying of children. This was despite her calm face, well practiced vaccination procedure and strange brand of cold yet reassuring kindness. Charlotte to was used to their tears, she'd put up with the screaming of faunus children for quite some time and had even at one point served as a midwife. It did however create some hole in her heart to see that even in these formal locations people would scream at her and fear her. Initially the Doctor would perform the injections, applying bandages to their arms afterword and imparting vital health related knowledge to the parents however she had soon had Charlotte take the helm... much to the dismay of both the children and their guardians.

At first she would simply apply her webbing in place of a bandage, the puncture from the injection healing immediately with the aid of her semblance. Next she had the student deliver the injection. This was wholly new to Charlotte, one of the basic procedures Charlotte hadn't performed, though she didn't find it difficult. Certainly not harder than using a scalpel to cut a person open, though being so accurate with a vein was a little scary. Eventually Charlotte found herself naturally imparting knowledge to the patient's parents, gradually breaking down their walls as she broke down her own. Dr Venice didn't say much directly to Charlotte, but the spider woman had noticed a small smile on her face as she went over reports and printed off prescriptions.

Then however came a parent, the likes of which Charlotte had experienced at least twice... she wasn't unsure that she hadn't in fact experienced this exact person before. She looked like she'd just come directly from a night at the opera; garbed in a ridiculous number of rings, a pearl necklace, and a long black flowing dress. Her child was much the same, dressing a seven year old as a businessman in a full suit and tie... this was a doctor's office, this was for an injection. Upon seeing Charlotte the woman covered her son's eyes, scowling at Doctor Venice... the Doctor seemed to know this was coming however, having turned from her computer screen and lowering her glasses to the woman.

She began to shout in a hushed tone, "Are you out of your mind?! This is already traumatic for a child?! You're going to invite this... this woman to the medical room?! How can you-

"Miss, this is a professional location for improving the health of the people of Belmuse. We don't have time for this, Miss Monochrome will give your child his injection and then you two can leave. We do not put up with racism or abuse of any sort at this practice, nor should any other." Her cold tone cut dosed the woman's anger almost instantly.

Flustered she practically thrust her son forward, "I-I have nothing against faunus, it's just spi-

With another look from the Doctor the woman was quiet for the remainder of the procedure. Her son whimpered alike most all the others, but Charlotte had grown used to that kind of thing long ago. She was much too happy with the Doctor's defense.

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Charlotte Monochrome
Having provided over fifty injections, working through lunch and well into the evening, the job was finally completed. As the last family left the office Doctor Venice turned to Charlotte, a paper thin smile on her lips. "You did better then I expected you to. A majority of students I've seen, even some doctors with healing semblances, think they can wholly rely on them and not medical knowledge atop that. You knew your stuff before arriving, I'm glad my shadows started so well."

Charlotte gently curtsied once more, "I have been practicing medicine for years, ever since I was a child and before my aura was unlocked. I understand that I should always be improving my knowledge, it's required to work in the field. Though I think I'll end up dealing with wounds more often than vaccinations, I certainly need to research infections further. They are especially easy to contract in the wild after all."

Doctor Venice nodded, "You took that woman's bigotry well, though I assume you're not stranger to it. There's no reason to accept abuse like that anywhere, especially not the workplace. You're providing a service, a service without which hundreds of people would be much worse off. With that then we're done, I do hope we meet again. You're free to leave."

And with another curtsy Charlotte took her leave, reducing the remaining protein threads around her fingers to nothing. She was glad to have met the woman, though the two hadn't formed any kind of real connection she could see clearly that there was some form of friendship in the workplace. Doctors looked out for one another, regardless of the situation.

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