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Too good to be true (Shadow w/ Banker)

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1 Too good to be true (Shadow w/ Banker) on Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:08 pm

Myra Chegernt
It was a rather beautiful morning today and Melany was quite in a good mood as she had finally found some work. As she looked around town the other day, she found quite a lot of businesses where her service could have been useful and left her C.V. in as much of them as possible in hope she would be called. Luckily for her it didn't take too long for her to receive a call from the bank, for work this time though. She was first scared that they were calling her about the debt she took on herself to pay about her father's crime. The bank was responsible for the transfer of the money to Atlas where the money was due, so the bank is the one making sure the money comes in, especially with the CCT down at the moment.

When Mel finally reached the bank and made her way inside, she was met with a tall blue-haired man who was tapping his foot while looking at his watch. It seemed like he was waiting and rather impatient. "You're late, we got work to do, so hurry yourself some." The girl could recognize the man as Lienardo from his voice who is the one who called her for the job. Looking at the time it seemed like he was right in saying that she was late... by 2 minutes... The man began to walk, and with rather large steps as he went through a door that lead to the back of the bank. Mel followed right behind him, her heels echoing through the hallway with each steps she took. "Can you be louder than that?" "Maybe if you would walk slower I would be able to focus on not making too much noise." Lienardo looked over his shoulder towards Mel, clearly not pleased by her answer before he reached a room full of paperwork. "Your C.V. said you were good with dealing with this, do as much as you can today and we'll see your worth. I'll be blunt, I don't expect much from you, so don't be sad if you won't stay. I need the best people, nothing personal." The man then left the room, leaving Mel among towers of paper and a single computer before she could say anything. She sat behind the small desk and began her work.

She was working fast, clearly papers left and right while she was typing on the computer as she was cataloging everything with speed and precision beyond those of humans and faunus. After two hours, the room that was before full of towers made out of papers was now filled with plastic bags with said papers, only shredded after they had been recorded in the computer. Copying all the data on a portable storage device she exited the room in search of Lienardo since she needed a new task to do. Although, halfway in the corridor, she came across someone that needed help with her computer as she encountered a bug. Mel stopped in order to help since it was rather easy for her to work with computers. Finding the bug was the easy part, removing it was a little bit harder, but not by much. It could have been far more complicated if the thing was caused by a virus, but it was a simple and common bug that the android could easily get rid off. It took her left than 5 minutes to do and she was thanked by the girl she helped out. Then a guy seemed to have some trouble with a client over the phone and he seemed completely exasperate by the situation. Mel took over and simply listened to the man on the other side of the call until he had nothing more to say before she could solve his problem. There had been an error in his account which she had seen in one of the papers she scanned earlier and could help the man and thus her college in record time and got thanks from both of them.

Then someone else was in need of assistance somewhere else in the bank and before she knew it, the android was helping everyone and forgot to look for Lienardo. Luckily he went looking for her after a while and when he did she was by the front desk helping a customer opening a new account at the bank. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in the back cl-" "Clearing all the paperwork? Already done, here's all the compiled infos cataloged. Now can I finish with mister here?" She didn't even wait for an answer before she resumed helping the client while the blue-haired man was staring, obviously displeased. He went to look at the quality of Mel's work only to be stunned by how well she did. It also didn't took long before he heard some of his employees discuss in the back. "What are you doing? Go back to work!" "What work? The new girl did everything. All we have left to do is answer the phone or help people who come to the front desk." "What?! She can't possi-" "She did Sir, everything." The boss didn't know what to think, so he simply turned toward Melany asking her to come see him in his office when she'd be done.

It took the girl a minute before reaching the office where her boss was looking through the window. "You're fired." did he bluntly say while not even looking at her. "W-what? Why? Is it because I wasn't doing what you told me to? I literally did everythi-" "Everything, I know and that's exactly the problem Miss Praline. You did too well. All of my employees are now slacking off because there's nothing left to do. Although I'd be tempted to fire them all instead and just keep you, it is unfair for them. Plus, running a bank with simply two people makes it risky in case of robbery." "So I'm fired for being too good at what I do?" "Yes." Lienardo lead Mel back to the exit before going back to his office, leaving the android baffled yet with the promise she'd still be payed for her work. Back to looking for a job it seemed.

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