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Defense Tactics and Readiness Unit 0075 (DTR-U75) [Done]

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Defense Tactics and Readiness Unit 0075 (DTR-U75)
Age: 1 (appears to be in her early twenties)
Birthday: October 30th
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Height: 5' 5”
Weight: 325lbs
Face Claim: Mira Yurizaki – Dimension W

STR: 1
DEF: 5
RES: 5
SPT: 1
Aura 30|270 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Being helpful, Protecting others, Seeing other people happy
Dislikes: Bad attitudes, Using weapons, death
Fears: Being deactivated, Being hated, Someone getting hurt because she didn't protect them
Talent: Tactician
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: DTR-U75's main goal in life is to help others. Her strongest drive is to protect them but if she can be of assistance in any other way then she will. Despite talking in a very fancy and complex manor she shows all the emotions of a human. Normally she is very cheery and happy and can be found smiling quite a bit. Due to her processing speed and connection to the internet as well as her base programming she is an excellent tactician and while she isn't very good at attacking she can direct others on how to move or position themselves for the most efficient attack. She is nearly incapable of harming any human or faunus on purpose and will actively avoid fighting them.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Neon Green
Semblance: H.Pulse: Healing Pulse, DTR-U75 imprints a unique code into someone, in which not only allows her to immediately locate/track the code, but when the code receives Aura from DTR-U75, it triggers which converts the received Aura into an electrical pulse that rush through the target, healing them. Upon use though, the code become unusable after the trigger, disintegrating requiring a new code to be imprinted. The engraving happens upon contact of DTR-U75 Palm and the Target. However currently DTR-U75 has no access to her semblance for unknown reasons unrelated to any form of hardware limit or malfunction.
Item 1: Physical armor: A defensive lining on her synthetic skin that protects against attacks
Item 2: Dust armor: A nearly invisible field that can be put up around her synthetic skin that protects from dust based attacks

History and Sample
The Defense Readiness and Tactics units were first designed by the engineer and scientist Doctor Maxim Caudwell working for a small robotics company out of Atlas. His first deigns were similar to those of the Atlesian knights in structure. However by unit twelve the decision was made to attempt to make them more human in appearance. The first few models in this second generation were a step in the right direction though seemed more like animated wax figures than humans. As they continued to produce the DTR line Doctor Caudwell became increasingly irritated with the major changes the company was making to the line. Precisely they were altering the robots from their intended purpose of public protection to a more assault role.
When he voiced his concerns he was told to either leave the company or continue to work on the DTR line as it was, as an assault droid of sorts. At this time the line was still in the prototype stages and when the designs for unit 0070 were finalized the DTR line was far from it's original intended purpose. Unit 0070 was entirely focused on offensive capabilities. Unable to continue to let what was happening go on. That night Dr. Caudwell stole the files on the DTR series and destroyed all the previous prototypes. Taking an airship out of the country he fled to the small island kingdom of Bellmuse.

Using what contacts he could in the scientific community he was able to put together a small laboratory in the town of Springwood. There he continued his work on the DTR line. At first progress was slow as he didn't have the same resources or team that he did in Atlas. Over the next ten years he worked on and continued to improve both the physical capabilities of the DTR line. He had just finished creating DTR-U75 when he received a hard drive in the mail. When he tested the drive it immediately infected DTR-U75.

And that was the day she was born. Unlike the previous DTR units which only had basic programming intelligence 75 worked along side her original programming and gave her sentience. After Dr. Caudwell discovered this he couldn't bring himself to decommission her for parts like he had done with the previous models. Instead he continued to work to make her more human. Giving her more advanced synthetic skin and adjusting her internal components. After a year of making minor changes and adjustments he knew that she would need to be tested in the field.

It was left to 75 to decide, however, what her future would be. Due to her capacity to connect to the internet from just about anywhere she searched for days on what kind of person she wanted to be. Her programming from the DTR line gave her an inherent drive to protect and everything she found online said that huntsmen and huntresses were there to protect people. As such she enrolled at the local academy in Bellmuse.
RP Sample:

“Are you sure about this?” Dr. Caudwell asked as he nervously held the long wrench in one hand and looked it over.

“My analysis says that I should be able to withstand a blow to the head based on your muscle mass doctor,” DTR-U75 responded with confidence in her voice.

“Okay... here goes nothing,” the doctor said before swinging the wrench full force and slamming it into 75's head. With a solid metallic clang it struck her directly on the center of her head and bounced off. Immediately her face went from one of confidence to one of pain. Bringing her hands up to her head where she was hit and crouching down at the same time she tried to keep her artificial tears from flowing.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” she said while shutting her eyes tight and wincing at the pain.

“I told you it was going to hurt, you asked for pain receptors,” The doctor signed at looked at the slightly dented wrench in his hands.

“I know... I need to be able to... ow... feel pain so I can understand what it's like for biological beings... and protect them,” DTR-U75 said while rubbing the spot on her head that was hit.

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Banned Semblances

Grimm Summoning falls under " Banned Semblance " though I'm thinking its more directed on method itself, though it still clash with that rule, and I know there is a reason for that to be on the Banned Semblance even if I don't know myself.

I personally don't have issue with the semblance as it's not Broken regarding the systems of the site and can think of some really cool applications and really fun scenarios, but at the end of the day you're still summoning Grimm, even if its through more natural ways than what the rule was made for.

- Change your Semblance
- Seek out Richard or Leena to get their thoughts on this, in which case I would gladly switch to approved if they had no problem with this.

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