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Ishi visits home(Solo)

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1 Ishi visits home(Solo) on Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:56 pm

Ishi knew what it was time to do. He wasn’t happy about it, but he knew what he had to do. He had gotten on a plane, not long ago. He was on his way to visit his family. They weren’t a massive family. They were a massively rich family, sure, but there was only four of them. There was his mother and father. However, there was one other. One that he doesn’t talk about very much because there’s not much to talk about.

He has a sister. Ishi, the legendary assassin and doctor, has a sister that no one knows about because she’s not in the news constantly. Thankfully, Ishi attracts all the attention with the constant breakthroughs and high-risk surgeries. Ishi didn’t become a famous doctor because he sucked!

Ishi is a man who had stabbed people without feeling remorse. Even he, a murderer, was having problems getting himself to actually go to his family home. Of course, it’s not like his family knew that Ishi was an ex-assassin. All they knew is that he grew up to become a doctor, and a good one at that. Even with all that, Ishi was sweating.

Ishi was sweating as the airship landed on the roof of his childhood home. Ishi fixed his tie, did his hair and made sure he looked nice. When he stepped out of the ship, there was one person there. He had expected a butler, but it wasn’t a butler that was waiting for Ishi. It was his father. Heh. His father greeting him out here? What had gotten into the old man?

“Hello Son. How do you do? I’m happy you can come visit.”

“I’ve been doing okay Pops. How’s Kiriyuu? She’s gotta be… god, is it 23 now?”

His father let out a laugh and patted Ishi on his back. He pointed forward and that was a sign to walk and talk. That was fine with Ishi. Walking and talking was something he was good at.

“Your sister isn’t quite like you. She’s lazing around, taking girls in and ditching them shortly after. You’re the families pride.”

“Hah. There’s a student like that at my school. Heard she hooked up with someone, though. Maybe they’ll last this time. Who knows. So, father, how’ve you been?”

“I’m fine. I’m not some weak old man. I’m probably still stronger than you.”

“Pop. You know that’s wrong. I’m not the weak-willed 15 year old anymore. I’m a 32 year old man. I got muscle and brains, enough to keep a class of things that kill grimm simmered down.”

“Yet you’re nervous to face me? You have your priorities odd kid. I’d be more scared of the room.”

Ishi let out a relaxed laugh. Pop wasn’t so scary now. The two walked and talked until they got in front of his sisters room. He told Pop to go on ahead and let him say hi to his sister and to see how it’d be with her.

When got in, he was not amused.

His sister was just waking up. It was 3 in the afternoon for godsakes! Just how late did this woman stay up? No wonder why she was considered a failure.

“Hello, Kiri. How are you doing? In case you can’t tell by voice, it’s me. Ishi.”

A groan was heard from the bed. A black-haired woman rose from the bed. Yep. That was Kiriyuu. She looked like a female version of Ishi, if Ishi were about 10 years younger and 20 years less mature.

“Whaddya need, Ish? What’re ye doing here anyhow?”

Ishi sighed. His sister was either hung over, or still really tired. Either way, it was quite disgraceful. Noon was one thing. Three in the afternoon was another. It made absolutely no sense. His sister, from the small bit he’s seen, is a complete social failure. Not to mention, her state of dress was… lacking to say the least.

“I’ve come to visit. It’s been a year or two. I mean, I paid for you to go through class. I’ve done a lot of things. I even did a chunk of your work on top of my own thesis at the time. Did I spoil you too much?”

Ishi, being Ishi, was a guy in a black suit trying to figure out where he went wrong. He looked more like a father who was trying to figure out where spoiling his small child went. Kiriyuu, in fairness, was half a foot smaller and a whole lot younger looking. An outside look might have actually assumed that.

“Ish. I’m doing fine. Thank god you got here now, and not an hour earlier. That would’ve driven pops up the wall.”

Ishi closed the door behind him and he sat in the room. He had to talk to his sister.

“I might not be. I know pops doesn’t know. You know how I was an assassin?”

“Yeah. Isane or something like that. Thought you killed yourself. Almost literally. Sup about it?”

“Now, I have a terrible feeling that they might be sending a certain man after me again. White Raven. Terrifying chap. He might be old enough for me to take now. However… I’m a bit rusty. I became a doctor and am now a teacher. What’s a teacher going to do against an assassin? Assassins?”

“I’m capable. I can handle a scrub like that.”

Ishi’s face went from, ‘I can handle this’ to ‘We’re doomed.’

“Kir. I couldn’t even handle him in my prime. I’m not in my prime, and I don’t have the mental state that he has. Not anymore. I can probably mount the mindset. That, however, would mean abandoning all my progres-”

Ishi heard a scream. That was a guard. That meant… Ah, The party had arrived. There was no doubt that it wasn’t the Raven himself. Ishi slowly opened the door and lept out, grabbing the guy in a nasty choke and cutting off his oxygen. Once the man was unconscious, he threw the guy in Kiriyuu’s room.

“I’m sure that you have something to tie him up with. Do so. Make sure he doesn’t come and attack me from behind.”

He heard tearing. That was never a good sign. He, however, knew that it wasn’t the tearing of anything but armor. The poor guy was probably never going to be the same. He closed Kir’s door and locked it. Making sure that, even if the guy caught his sister, he couldn’t get out. After all, their father loved to lock them in their room as a punishment.

He moved, slowly, through the hall. He plastered himself against the wall. They had come to look for the guy he had taken out. Fine. He’d have to do this the hard way. He got up from the wall and charged the man, thrusting the mans head into the wall, before thrusting his hand repeatedly into the chest area. The armor was lessening the effect, but it was felt soon after. The man collapsed.

Two down, unknown number left. Those were good odds. Great odds, even. That meant he didn’t have to concern with number left. That meant he could just go all out.

That was the mindset for the next five guys. Pain and suffering for all. Though, this left him tired. Ishi was not a man who had done this recently. Most of his days were filled with coffee, kids and relaxing. Sometimes hitting on female staff. You didn’t hear the last part.

However, when he got to the dining room, it wasn’t the Raven that awaited him. It was a new guy. Clad in plaid of fall colours, the man just stood with his gun to Ishi’s fathers head.

“I’m guessing that you’re wondering why it’s me. Ah, you probably don’t know who I am. Isane Curando, I am The White Raven’s son. He sent me. He told me that he respects you enough to send out the prodigy assassin.

Half of him wanted to burst out laughing. Half of him knew that the fact that White Raven did this out of respect meant one of two things. Either this kid was a joke, or this kid was terrifying. However, Ishi had a reputation in the world of assassins. A reputation for being absolutely ruthless.

“Let me guess. He sent you, in reality, because he’s getting older. He had to be in his sixties, and you about the same age as me. The man is immensely capable, but age catches up to all. If they like it or not, it happens. Kid, I assure you that you’re out of your depth. Hell, he probably wants to be rid of you.”

The boy glared at him and threw the gun. He clearly wanted to fight. That was fine.

Ishi took off his dress shirt so that he could be limber. He watched the boy start walking over towards him. Obviously, the boy was inexperienced. He watched his father sit still, but that man was as calm as Ishi was. This was going to be fairly easy. Ishi started it off with an advance, which the man countered with a step back. This dance continued, and when his father decided to get up and grab the gun, Ishi had a smile.

“It’s over, kid. Pops has your gun. You just got baited into a fight cause you got angry. You have potential, but I’d get out if I were you. It’d make you an easier life. Pops, I know I have things to explain and I will.”

“Nah, we knew. Now, go get something to tie this kid up. Let’s return him to sender.”

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