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Gluton Lamesy, "The Iron Chef" Finished

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1 Gluton Lamesy, "The Iron Chef" Finished on Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:17 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Gluton Lamesy
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 200
Face Claim: unknown

HP 100|Aura 200

Major: Professor at Bellmuse, teaches cooking to the students, is the chef of Bellmuse, as well as the unofficial health inspector
Likes: Food, cooking, making critiques, joking around, laying in the shade, CHILI
Dislikes: His semblance, a dirty kitchen, Grimm, people with no humor, people who have no appreciation for culinary arts, making bad food
Fears: Failing someone in need, not becoming the worlds greatest chef, the world falling to pieces because if the world went to hell in a handbasket, who would eat his delicious food?
Talent: Cooking!
Weakness artifact/fossil identification
Overall Personality: if there is one thing that Gluton loves, its chili. the spicier the better. Imagine his elation, and subsequent disappointment when he discovered he could use his semblance to make bland tasting chili. He uses it to fight and to help his allies, but he hates his chili because no matter how spicy he makes it he can never make it taste good. moving on from chili, though. Gluton is a very chill(i) individual, when he isn't engaged in fighting Grimm or cooking, he likes nothing more than to relax in the shade and watch the clouds float on by. He is a practical joker, and his booming laughter can often be heard echoing through the halls or across the campus. He doesn't like conflict between people, and believes that two things can heal the world: good food, and laughter, and does his best to serve both.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: brown
Semblance: ChiliTime! Gluton can conjure chili and he can manipulate its consistency, spiciness, and effects. By making it super hot, and spraying it at an opponent he is capable of dealing direct damage(can also cause burn). By making it super spicy, he is capable of debuffing defense. by making it super thick and sticky, he can debuff speed. He can make his chili taste so bad he can inflict poison. the spiciness can be used also to blind if he sprays it at someone's eyes. It can be used to heal someone's hp, or he can use it to recover someone else's aura. He can only use one effect per post, and he hates his semblance because no matter how spicy he makes it, the flavor underneath is always bland.
Item 1: The KitchenMaster: the ultimate cooking accessory, it is a great axe that (purely for roleplay) transforms into any cooking utensil known to man, and (also purely rp 'flavor') has auto aim when he is using it in the kitchen to cook.
Item 2: The IronChef: full body plate physical armor, has seasoning dispensers that do nothing in combat. when he isn't in combat its just a breastplate and boots, when he is in combat it folds out over the rest of him.

History and Sample
Ever since he was a little kid Gluton has dreamed of being a chef. His most vivid memories as a kid all revolve around food- birthday cake, the smell of food wafting in from the kitchen, his grandmas spiced milk. He was always being ushered out of the kitchen for being underfoot and for adding different things to what was being cooked, until eventually they realized he actually was doing something right, that the food always came out tasting better for his experimentation. As he got older and more mature, he realized that the world was in a dark place. Not only did Grimm terrorize civilization, but in the space that mankind had won against the Grimm he fought against himself. All Gluton wants is to be the worlds greatest chef, but he realized that if civilization fell there would be no one to enjoy his food. So he decided to become a huntsman to fight the Grimm, and decided to try and keep the peace with jokes and food, believing that those two things could unite anyone together- faunus, humans, and androids alike.. So that's exactly what he became. He was at that time still too young for combat school, so with the help of his parents he went to culinary school and became the worlds youngest chef at age 14. By then he was old enough for combat school and he went to signal, forged his weapon The KitchenMaster, a simple great axe that folded up into a storage form and from there could expand into any cooking utensil one could ever dream of, and his armor which he named the Iron Chef, because he put his store of seasonings into it. He supposes that he might one day scrap the seasoning dispensers and turn the chef's storage spaces into dust dispensers, but that would have to wait. After he graduated from beacon he got invited to Bellmuse to be their chef and to teach the students to cook, and he happily accepted.
RP Sample:
This was it. Gordon', Gluton's biggest challenge yet. If he passed, he would earn his chefs hat and robe, and would earn his chefs license, able to operate anywhere in remnant, as well as operate as a health inspector anywhere that food was sold to the public. If he failed, however, he would forever lose his chance to have the official title of chef. Not that he couldn't still be the greatest chef in the world without an accolade, but still. He was sometimes accused of as lazy for his proclivity to add chili to everything he cooked, and he would show them. show them the innovation, the heights that he could reach with chili. He labored over the stove, switching back between three different pots, adding seasoning from his armors dispensers, stirring. Finally, it was ready, and he combined the three into one big pot. he scooped out a spoonful and tasted it carefully, his eyes closing from the wonderful clash and mix of flavors. Lobster pasta with chili. the spiciness mixed with the savoriness in exactly the way he had hoped for, to where neither one dominated the other and instead were both equally present. He stirred the dish one more time and then separated it onto three different plates for the judges to uh, judge. The judges tasted the food, looked at each other, then turned back to Gluton. "Mr Ramsey... er, Mr Lamesy, we now pronounce you the Iron Chef! We now present you with your Chef's uniform and official badge!" Gluton was numb with excitement, and after a second whooped loudly with joy, took his chefs attire and badge, and ran home to tell his parents.

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2 Re: Gluton Lamesy, "The Iron Chef" Finished on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:05 pm

Bump for completion

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3 Re: Gluton Lamesy, "The Iron Chef" Finished on Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:15 pm

Just putting the note here that I'm having Leena check over the chili semblance, also you do need an actual fc. You've got an avatar image but no image on the profile here.

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4 Re: Gluton Lamesy, "The Iron Chef" Finished on Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:03 am

Does everything else look okay though?
And huh. It was working earlier, I guess the link expired?

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5 Re: Gluton Lamesy, "The Iron Chef" Finished on Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:10 am

Well I see it now hopefully it stays working.

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