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Titaina E. Crimsaber(Finished)

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1 Titaina E. Crimsaber(Finished) on Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:04 am

Titania Crimsaber
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Titania E. Crimsaber
Age: 32
Birthday: August 7
Gender: Female
Race: Red Fox(ears,tail)
Height: 6'4
Weight: 165 lbs
Face Claim: Titania-Fire emblem Path of Radiance

STR: 5(6 due to power aura)
SPT: 1
Aura 130|170HP

Major: Proffesor (Sparring Class/Battle Class)

Likes: Her freinds, Training, Hardworkers

Dislikes:Lazies, Egotistics, Liars

Fears:Loss of thoose close to her, Helplessness, Dying a meaningless death

Talent: Cooking

Weakness Archaeology

Overall Personality: Titania at first glance is a very stern figure who only wishes for the betterment of her students. While this is true Titania goes much deeper than that, thoose who know her outside of class see her as a very kind and caring figure. She is strongly against racism and has a high respect for thoose who uphold the law. Many have called her a motherly figure, and a pillar of strength for thoose who need it. She is very approachable, and is considered one who you can talk to for anything even love troubles. In combat she is a feirce fighter, who at the same time is an analyst being able to pick apart ones fighting style from a couple atacks. She has a great respect for the honourable, but will still acknowledge underhanded tactics. However she as every being in existence does, has flaws. Her biggest being when anything goes wrong in her presence, she tends to blame her own weakness and will scold herself even if the problem had nothing to do with her.  Overall she is what many consider to be the epitome of what a huntress should aspire to be like. Both of her arms are prosthetic

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Crimson with golden highlights
Semblance: Armaments of a Holy Knight- This semblance allows Titania to create spectral golden like weapons and armor out of her aura.Which she telekinetic controls in midair. However the weapon options are limited to only older age weapons, examples being Swords, Axes,Lances and bows. Another flaw is she can only maintain one weapon or armor at a time. She can however apply the spectral armor to others for a variety of buffs depending on which armor piece she applies(Def.Buff) The created items look as if they're made of glass with a golden glow to them.Weapons do semblance damage.

Item 1: Fairy's Judgement- A large golden halberd, who's ends are tipped in a crimson metal
Item 2: Fairy's Mail- (physical Armor) A full set of golden armor with, with crimson gauntlets and boots.

History and Sample
Titania Erza Crimsaberwas born on the Isolated Island on Menagerie two two faunas parents. She was born very poor and lived her entire childhood seeing all the cruel things about the world. However her parents gave her hope and somehow she survived, however at the age of ten they were murdered in cold blood while she was at school one day. When she arrived back home all she saw was the corpses of her fallen parents laying there, no burial just murdered.Since she had nowhere to go she was forced to live with her grandmother who owned a brothel. She was abused in every way possible from sexual assault, to just being beat. However her determination remained stern for another two years, where she would imeadiatley take the nearest boat out of the hellish pplace to the prestigious school known as Signal academy, until the age of seventeen. Where she would head to Beacon academy, during that time period she had her left arm mutilated, by Grimm, who also killed her team in front of her, this happened right after she had fallen in love with one of the members of the team. In a blinf rage she single handedly struck down the opposing Grimm. Gaining her prosthetic left arm in the process.

After the scarring event Titania became a solo unit shutting out the rest of the world for a time, until she eventually made connections and fell in love with another student from another team. They had a hidden affair for a time, before the man went rouge and left the academy, being in her final year thereTitania chased him down as a mission for the school, eventually reaching an open plain where they dueled. After she had defeated him he confessed his motives and said he loved her one last time before killing himself with his own weapon. Titania made amends and buried him, before heading back to the academy feeling nothing but failure.

Titania then graduated top of her class, and left the school going on a solitary voyage, and cutting connections friom the rest of the world. She travelled alone for another five years until eventually coming across a group of Hunters known as the Greil Mercenaries. She joined with them at their invantation killing Grimm for a living and eventually becoming second in command of the group, and getting into a relationship with the leader. They grew very close to the point of loving each other when one day, the group decided to atack a group of elder Goliaths, they were crushed easily. Titania fought bravely but stood no chance watching as the whole group was crushed, As Titania was about to face her death however she was pushed out of they way by her lover, having only her good arm crushed but having to watch as he was crushed in front of her eyes. Titania once again losing love ran, and lived alone for another amount of time before receiving an invantation to teach at Syne academy. Titania realizing that hiding from her problems was the wrong course if action accepted, and gaining a new prosthetic arm in the process.
RP Sample:
"This is Syne?" the woman said to herself as she traversed the halls of prestigious academy that she had been invited to teach at. It was a lot smaller than she was expecting it to be but at the same time it was a lot more beautiful and diverse than she was expecting. There seemed to be no racism, so that was a plus many faunas seemed to always be about and she even heard that the headmaster was a faunas herself. If one were to look behind her they would see a large amont of luggage being carried around by her as she marvelled at the schools architecture. This place had many things Titania found appealing, first off it was isolated away from the main kingdoms so less likely to deal with their problems. Another thing was as stated earlier it seemed to have little to no racism, so she had nothing to worry about with her being a faunas and all. Overall she found this place very appealing and hoped she could eventually settle down in this place.  

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2 Re: Titaina E. Crimsaber(Finished) on Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:07 pm

Hey there Crim, Akui here for the grading process. Odd how this Fire Emblem character feels a lot like Tsubaki Yayoi from Blazblue AND gives a bit of an Erza vibe too...maybe hawt fiery redheads in armor is a thing now?

Anyway, I know we discussed this in chat, but I have to post it here as well: It's not stated whether you can control the weapons with your Aura and can wield them in the air, or if you have to wield them normally. Also, the armor needs to be either a flat Defense Semblance in which it blocks 20 Damage for every 20 AP, or as a Buff to someone's DEF stat. IF you choose DEF, I see no problem with it being a +2 increase.

Make these changes, and you should be good to go.

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3 Re: Titaina E. Crimsaber(Finished) on Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:50 pm

Titania Crimsaber
Should be fixed now , bump

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4 Re: Titaina E. Crimsaber(Finished) on Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:08 pm

Sorry about the wait, I didn't see this until know.

Everything seems good, just don't forget your armor gives a +2 Buff to the Target's DEF! It's fine for you to have that since you aren't buffing multiple stats.

Regardless, as far as I'm concerned, you are...

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