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Filianore Adara-Amira Giovanna "Complete"

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1 Filianore Adara-Amira Giovanna "Complete" on Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:35 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Filianore Adara-Amira Giovanna
Name Meaning: Daughter of the sun/Daughter-in-law Fire-Princess: One who speaks Gracious gift from God.
Age: 22
Birthday: September, 7th
Gender: Female
Race: Red Panda Faunus
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Face Claim: Flame Princess Adventure Time

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Undecided

  1. People: Filianore is a people person, she loves to talk and make new friends, despite losing soo many and seeing them die, she still cares for others and often at times will talk with just about everyone to know she still has a heart after her accident.
  2. Fire: Even though the Calamity of the Church was due to fire, Filianore still loves fire and will always love it, it makes her feel warm, happy and protected, despite how powerful it is, she still understands how dangerous it is, and anyone who can control it, is already on her good side.
  3. Flare: Despite not able to see him, Flare is a friend to Filianore, and often at times she will have full blown conversations with him, often she will use her powers to create a form she believes is him, she see's him as someone she can trust and as an older brother figure.


  1. Air Ships: Filianore is a person who hates Air Ships, back in her home all they used were horse pulled carts which weren't too bad, but Air Ships are different, they swaying of the motion and the clustered feeling she gets isn't kind to her or her stomach.
  2. Mean people: Filianire isn't a person who likes mean people, she just thinks everyone should get along, and those who don't aren't viewed with pleasure from her, she will often look at them with disdain and distrust even if they were once nice to her.
  3. Grimm: Due to the events of her village, Filianore doesn't like them, soo much that when she see;s one, she will burst into flames right after screaming out "I'm all fired up!", and will immediately begin combat with them, it is also why she became a Huntress, in order to protect others.
  4. Faunus Haters: Even though this was little of an issue in her village, she still doesn't like people who hate or see Faunus as lesser beings, due to herself being a Faunus, but because it shows the ugly side of others, and she dislikes that greatly.


  1. Aquaphobia: This fear is derived from the fact Flare doesn't like water, in fact, he hates it to the point that Filianore also hates it, whenever she see's a large body of water like a lake or ocean, she gets all shaky and will avoid it at all costs, rivers, rain or bathtubs don't affect her or Flare.
  2. Claustophobia: Due to having a bad experience with an Air Ship, Filianore has developed an extreme case of Claustrophobia, she can't stand being in a tight place, if she enters one, she will enter a near panic like state where she is unable to move, and she will begin hyperventilating.
  3. Frigophobia: Due to the affiliation of her element, Filianore isn't too kind to the fact that colder environments make her uneasy, she hates the cold, soo much that she had to install thick cotton layers inside her armor which is already blasted hot due to it's reaction to her Semblance.

Talent: Musician
Weakness Multitasking
Overall Personality: Filianore Adara-Amira Giovanna or Filia, Anor, Nore or even Adara by her friends, is a quirky girl, she has been noted to have a silver like tongue when it comes to talking, for she tends to be sly and evasive about certain things and often will not lie but give out small bits of real truth until she feels she should say more. Adara has been described as, bubbly, happy and child-like when she is in a good mood but has been stated to have a rebellious side, often appearing when someone forces her to do something she doesn't want to do, more or less she is like this to everyone she first meets. But when it is someone she has a particular eye for, she becomes meek and somber like, lazy in a manner or stumbles over her own feet, she becomes nervous but often will hide it, she often will act like there is nothing wrong and often yell at said person.

She is a very peppy person at times, always keeping a smile, always optimistic about everything and often being the one to cheer everyone up, despite her rather strange upbringing, she isn't one to be expecting worship over and is often modest if not anything humble with her place. She is polite and always know's how to act proper despite being childish at times, but this only adds to her being an oddball, Filia at times suffers from delusions, often speaking to someone who isn't there. Usually, she speaks to herself and will often speak out of turn to interact with this imaginary person whom she called Flare; more or less it is her way of coping with the harsh world of Remnant or was due to her upbringing in the Church of the Flames. This however never tends to be more than a friendly idle chat with herself, which could be a side effect of her tragic accident about five years prior to entering society once again.

Aura type: Power: +1 Strength
Aura Color: Multi-colored: Effect of Semblance & Emotions
Semblance: Flames of Emotion/Fires of Mortality: The name of Filianore's Semblance is written in two forms, one of how the Church labeled her power, and one how the families around her labeled it, her power is the absolute control of the element of fire. But her power has a side effect to the flames, which are tied to her emotion, whenever she emits emotions of any kind, they are reflected as vivid color's in the flames she creates, these colors have no special effects other than displaying a possible infinite array of colors in the spectrum. Her power can be used in four particular methods, Damage, Defense, Buffing, and Utility; she can use her flames to attack others by various processes which all cost the same way and can target up to four beings, splitting the damage.

This damage maxes out as four creatures which can suffer from five points of raw un-negatable fire damage which has the chance to inflict the Burn status effect upon each creature, or to a single being, depending if, that attacks damage was split. She is able to user her flames to create giant pillars of fire around her, or a dome in order to negate up to twenty points of damage, after that it will extinguish her flames and leave her exposed, in addition, she is able to apply her flames to herself or her weapon. This allows her to either increase her physical damage, defense, dust capabilities with fire dust or her resistance against dust, each requiring the needed Aura Points (SP) to cast.

Finally, Filianore is able to manipulate her flames into various shapes, words or forms, her Utility is merely for cosmetic attributes and offer no real benefit in combat, but do allow her to make wondrous light shows, firework displays or simple illumination of rooms. She can even light candles, torches, firepits with her flames, which also suffer from the same effect as all of her flames, changing colors depending on her mood, she can even affect other flames that weren't created using a Semblance. This, of course, costs the same as if she was using her Utility, and often will occur without her permission, which indicates an unstable control of her power, usually, she uses her Utility to even snuff out flames she wishes gone.

Item 1: Flame Warped Straight Sword: An item that originally was nothing more than a ceremonial sword used in the Church of the Flame, but during the Flames of the Collapse event, with the entire Church being burned to the ground, and all that remained was ash, this item, and a few others were recovered by Filianora. The sword is noted to be as hard as the strongest steel but lighter, it holds the characteristics of feeling like coal but still able to be ignited by flames. It's twisted and warped in appearance and holds many ram like horns around the guard that act like the quillon pieces. Even though the blade is equivalent to a long sword the handle is only the length of a bastard sword, inquiring that it gained this new form when the event occurred, this sword was originally held by the grand priestess when the Rite of Attunement began.

Flame Warped Straight Sword:

Item 2: Flame Warped Set: Though this armor appears nothing more than a charred suit of armor, it originally was a full suit of heavy steel armor, usually worn by the Templar Knights of the Holy Church of Flames, they were known as Flame-Guard Knights. This armor much like another piece found was altered due to the event, its new form is twisted, warped and malformed to be the same as it was, but lighter due to altering of the steel, and now dawning a new crest in the center of the chest. A large circle with vivid red lines represent an eclipsed moon, with a slight line coming down from the bottom center line, this sigil only appears when Filianore uses her Semblance, the suit also has a tattered but charred cape which provides a hood for the user to shield their face.

Flame Warped Set:

History and Sample

Birth to Young Adolescence
Age 1-10
Upon birth, Filianore was administered into the ranks of a Priestess, due to her grandmother being the Grand Priestess, this rank being given to such a young girl meant she would never live a normal life, but before that day could come she was to live a normal life under the protection of the Holy Church of Flames. A cult that created their own sanctuary in the depths of the earth below Vale and Atlas, they kept their existence a well-hidden one in order to never allow their plans and way of tradition be foiled. Filianore was able to live a normal life up to the age of seven, this began her beginning as a Priestess of the Church which was one who controlled the Flame of Time, an item which was the staple of the churches entire being. To them, it was the sign of a new world when the flames would consume everything, and the ashes of rebirth would bring forth the new era of life for all beings, Human's and Faunus alike.

Young Adolescence to Young Adult
Age 7-17

Several years passed for Filianore, every day she entered the Churches system to become a Priestess, she had to learn the history of the Church, take lessons on how to walk, talk, act and most of all train her mind and body to bring forth the power to control the Fire. She quickly learned from the elder member what happened if she failed, she witnessed the act of a failed initiate of the Church be burned alive for failing their duty, Filianore was not treated differently just because her Grandmother was the Grand Priestess. In fact, this made it harder for her because everyone expected soo much out of her because of her lineage, this pressure made Filianore constantly search for an ally or friend, which came in the form of one night when she was thirteen. The voice told her she was strong and that he was always with her, even if they and she couldn't see him, he comforted her every night, until the faithful day, the day she turned seventeen.

Young Adult to Adult
Age 17-22

On the day Filianore turned seventeen, it was the day she unlocked her power, the power to control fire, a few months passed as they trained her to somewhat hone her power and Flare helped her out as well, the voice in her head finally giving itself a name. And after several months of training, they exposed her to the Flame of Time, she was able to manipulate it and able to pass it back and forth between the intended pillars of Sanctum. But much like her Grandmothers inpatients. She sudden grabbed Filianore's arm, which made her sudden react, it wasn't bad at first, but when Filianore began pulling her arm away because her Grandmother's grasp was increasing was when she began losing control. She suddenly screamed out in agony which made the Flame of Time burst into a vicious torrent of fire, which formed into a gigantic beast-like creature; the chaos was so cataclysmic that then entire church was engulfed in flames.

This event was named Flames of the Collapse, which Filianore caused, more or less it was her Grandmother, but the act destroyed the entire church, killing everyone including the Grand Priestess, except for one; when the guards came to find any survivors, the only person left was Filianore. She was burned, her right arm where her Grandmother grabbed her, left a serious second-degree burn in the shape of a hand wrapped around her wrist, the only few items salvaged where various relics. After her rescue, Filianore was questioned and treated for her wounds, remember only seeing fire everywhere, and being protected from the flames by a figure dressed in the same armor as the guards, turns out Ser Donald, a Knight protected her. He shielded her body with his own, and the result was a near death situation as ninety percent of his body was burned, only the left side of his face and hand were untouched.

Four years passed, and most of the people called Filianore a living disaster, but Ser Donald said it was her Grandmother that began the event, so most of the people left Filianore alone, but the horror of seeing everyone die was enough to make her not use her power. It wasn't until a year before leaving that her village was attacked, Grimm came pouring into the village from the great event long ago, the fire and eruption from it made the earth weak and finally gave out. If it wasn't for most of the guards that survived, Filianore and her family would surely be dead, most of her village was gone due to the sudden assault, and seeing all this Filianore couldn't leave her people like this. With Ser Donald telling her if she wanted a change, she would need to train, so she trained for a year until turning twenty-two, she had learned what she could and was given the gear Ser Donald "borrowed" when the event happened.

He told her that it was taken away by the guards to investigate, he told her to run to the surface, to escape and return when she held the means to end the blight upon the village, Filianore took what she was given and said her farewell's, the world outside of her underground village was different. In twenty-two years, she had never seen the sun, her home held a false sun, but this one was wondrous, warm and much brighter, the crisp air was different as well, and the blue sky made it all the more glorious. She walked about Vale for some time, doing some small work around the towns there, learning of the land and finding out about a school up North for people called Hunters, being who tracked and killed Grimm. The beasts that harmed her village, she set forth towards a place called Syne Academy in a region known as Bellmuse, only then would she gain the actual prowess to be a true guardian of her people, and fulfill a new role for herself.
RP Sample:
The Summer air, the crisp warm breath of the world, this surface was different than the underground home the young red head was use to, the comforting silence other than the people was comforting; and the food here was odd to her tongue. But the sweets here were wondrous, the only thing that was sweet to her was the taste of Yukka Fruit, which were more bitter than sweet unless you dipped them in milk, the sight of tree's also was strange to the young female in a wicked looking armor. The large entities seemed new to her and she often was stopped to admire them, that was when she wasn't talking to Flare, the being who saved her and protected Ser Donald, the being that caused the calamity. But she didn't blame him, he was protecting her, even if he did do more harm than good, he always said that fire claims the weak and she agreed with him on a certain level, but either way she was walking for quite a few days.

She never went near the things called Air Ships, the moving device made her feel anxious and caused her to get sick, meaning she got on one, and before they got even fifteen meters, she collasped onto the ground and was rather pale, so she learned to avoid the contraptions. She walked about, and due to her ability to fight, was able to fend off the pitiful Grimm that did show up, but she was lucky and only came across one or two while she trekked, now near a blue leaved forest. The device she bought called a Scroll dictated she was close. Filianore knew that she would stand out, what not for her red hair, freaky armor and or yeah, the gem on her forehead and chest, both signs of being a Priestess, which she kept hidden. A simple sigh emitted from her lips when the faint shadow of the building in the distance caught the gaze of the brown eyed lass, which made her yammer about to Flare about being good and not harming people, which made her giggle while trekking closer to Syne Acadmey.

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