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Talent vs Training (Shadow w/Doctor)

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1Talent vs Training (Shadow w/Doctor) Empty Talent vs Training (Shadow w/Doctor) on Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:59 am

Myra Chegernt
It was another day with another job to do and hopefully Melany wouldn't get fired after the first day. To her defense she did good, great even... just maybe it was too much? Anyway, she wasn't working at the bank anymore and would unlikely go there again. So now she was in front of Bellmuse's hospital where she had found a new job. She was tasked to be Doctor Venice's assistant during the day, which didn't sound too bad in itself. Mel was supposed to meet the woman at the main entrance of the building so she went in and waited there, siting on a chair watching the people go in and out. Many were coming and going, patients, nurses and other personnel of the hospital, taking a breath of fresh air before going back to work for the sake of others. None of the people working here were doing this for themselves, everyone was here to help others as a huge team, to cure those who could be and care for everyone.

After a while, Mel was joined by the Dr. Venise who greeted her with a smile and a handshake which the android returned as she got up form her seat. "Hi, Melany right? I'm the Dr. Venise. Thank you for coming today, I was in urgent need of an assistant today. I have many things to do and won't be able to take care of everything by myself. I also have a surgery later on and will need someone by my side. I hope you're not afraid of blood, this will be a heart surgery." "Pleasure to meet you Doctor and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. And blood isn't an inconvenience at all." "Good, I wouldn't want to see my new assistant faint on her first day..." Venise then looked at her notepad where she had some information about Mel from the C.V. she had left. "...especially since you're an android. That would be weird to see you collapse." Melany giggled at the remark before nodding her head. "Indeed, it would be very embarrassing for me if that would happen. Fortunately I'm pretty sure it won't."

The two women then began to walk in an hallway that was leading towards the Dr.'s office. They walked and talked, mainly about how the day would go but also exchanged a bit on their view on life. The Dr. was curious about how the android saw life and death since she didn't encounter much at her job, mainly dealing with humans and faunus. The only time an android would come to the hospital would be for work. Venice was slightly disappointed when she learned that Mel didn't have a different view on life in general than her, which in a way was fascinating and yet, she hoped for more.

Hours went by, the two mostly worked in Venice's office, Mel doing as usual and doing a great job at cataloging everything in the Dr.'s computer for maximum efficiency which was really appreciated from the other woman. After all that they prepared for the surgery that was scheduled to take place soon. The two women went through the whole procedure, the trained Doctor wanting to be sure that Melany was ready for it, which she certified she was. In the operation room, Venice stood next to the patient who was unconscious and laying on the table while the android was merely a couple of feet away from the Dr. near a small table where all the tools were placed. Mel's job during the operation was easy: observe and hand over the tools when asked, which never really happened. See, Melany was able to get access to most information in the hospital, only not registering personal infos about patients for privacy reasons. With all that knowledge and just by watching the surgery go, she knew exactly what was needed at what moment so she was already handing over the tool Venice was needing even before she would ask it. While this was pretty helpful, not needing to ask for anything was perturbing for the woman as she was so used to it and while she knew what she was doing and that the android wasn't saying a single word, the doc felt as if she was judge by Mel in some way, which was absurd. The only thing She was thinking about the whole time was how skillful Venice was, that and the current condition of the patient as she was monitoring him.

Results were in later and the heart surgery went well after that and since Mel was involved, it went a bit too well. As the women exited the operation room, Dr. Venice looked a little bit pissed, completely at the opposite of how she felt right before. She simply stood there in front of Mel and stared at her for a moment before randomly asking her questions about the operation. How to open the heart, how to extract a foreign object from it, what to use, what to do if unplanned issues come into play. The doctor was basically putting Melany in the surgery through words which surprise the android girl but she answered anyway and every answers were right. This only got a sigh out of the woman before she sat on a chair, looking exasperated. "Is everything okay?" "No! No everything's not okay! I worked my ass for years in order to reach this place, my dream... I worked hard to get there and you... you make me feel like it's all for nothing..." Another sigh left the woman's mouth as she looked down her feet. "...your kind will end up replacing us all, you clearly proved your competence, so what's stopping you from stealing my job, huh?" Mel looked up before siting next to the woman and patted her shoulder. "Simply because I don't have the skill for your job and never will I unless I go through what you did." Venice looked at the girl with surprise in her face, clearly not understanding what Mel meant. "I am an android, yes, it gives me access to knowledge, yes, but that's it. I'd need to go through the same training as you in order to fully understand how the surgery goes. It might take less time sure I'll admit, but by the time I reach the level you are at, you'll be even better, so I'd be obsolete. Plus, machines need to be programmed by humans or faunus, while some can learn on their own, it's never the same level than those of organic being, we'll always be late." The doctor smiled and chuckled at the girl next to her. "So I shouldn't fear for my job then?" "Exactly, because while I may have knowledge and talent in some capacity, it'll never beat experience and training." The two of them continued to talk for a while, the tension completely gone. Mel was invited to come back again one day if she needed more work, but with what she did today, paperwork wouldn't be needed anytime soon.

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