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Dean Blackjack Mattox(FIN)

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1 Dean Blackjack Mattox(FIN) on Sat Apr 08, 2017 2:05 am

Dean Mattox
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Dean Blackjack Mattox
Age: 23
Birthday: October 5th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 120 pounds
Face Claim: Sakunosuke Oda from Bungo Stray Dogs

STR: 5
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Swords, Guns, Food, Emotion, Studious People
Dislikes: Dancing, Annoying People, Weaklings
Fears: Fighting Huntsmen/Women(Students don’t count), Dying from a Sickness, Losing any limbs.
Talent: Vehicle Mastery
Weakness Stamina
Overall Personality:   "He's weaker than even some dust users, and he can't even run laps. How's this guy a hunter?"

Dean is a man who has been largely underestimated. If it's not from his lack of weight, it's been from those who surround him. This consistent underestimation has led him in a different direction than most. It's led to him being more practical about how he solves his problems, and planning around it.  He had a nickname in the academy. It was a fitting one.

His nickname was 'The Spider' because once you underestimated him, you were caught in his trap.  His talent, however, is not planning. It's his above-average level of perception.  He's used this above-average perception to keep tabs on things and make plans. While the plans, rarely without holes, were used with efficiency, it's always been his ability to adapt halfway through. His perception allows him to constantly adapt to something that happens on the field of battle, and on the field of a social scene. Social scenes are not his favorite place to be. His favorite place to be is, believe it or not, on the field fighting. Now, don't take this as, 'oh, he's a muscle head,' as he's not.

It's just where he thinks his talents could be used the best.  His practical nature doesn't apply as well to social scenes as it does to combat.  His practical nature has caused him to seem calloused, and angry. This isn't true. He's a calm sort. He's a deathly calm sort. So calm that one might think he's traumatized. He's not. He's a firm believer in mind over matter. His mind says that he can't beat, thereby he can't.

"He gets tired so easily. How has he even gotten this far?"

Dean is a sort of fellow who gets tired quite easily. His lack of Stamina is a massive weakness when it came to being a hunter. When normal people can keep going, chances are that he's already tired and can no longer keep up with everything. He's usually breathing hard after a few moments of combat, and usually collapsed shortly after. He has a complete lack of physical stamina, likely stemming from a mix of his lack of weight and his enduring lung problems.

"He has to have cheated! The Dean I know would've given in by now!"

Dean hates cheating. He feels that those that live by it, die by it. If you cheat, and live your life based on it, your web of lies is going to collapse. This is coming from a man nicknamed The Spider. He knows that any long lasting lies shouldn't be spoken. It's pointless to lie about everything. The truth is important. Very important.

"Dean is the best teammate one could have. He might be physically weak, and I've seen better tacticians. However, it's not his skill that sinks it. It's the fact that he makes sure that we're good with the plan... usually."

When possible, Dean tells people his plans. However, if he doesn't, he doesn't for a good reason.

He also has a terrible smoking habit. It was sprung from his father smoking, which places Dean in the category of doing everything possible to ruin his stamina. There's something you need to understand about Dean. It's not like he's been a badass, stoic fellow his entire life. That'd be completely wrong. He used to be a sort of impressionable youth who had so many problems that it wasn't even funny. Now that we've been over his problems, we've got to understand a deeply hidden part of his personality.

He owes his life, really, to a certain club. The Body Improvement Club. If it weren't for those guys, he can honestly say he'd have probably died. Dean, by no means, is a bodybuilder. Dean knows that better than anyone. Dean's lack of body-weight is probably part of his problem.  Now, back when he was properly training to be a hunter, he was a bit bulkier, however, this is not to say that he was a massive walking muscle.

If he was, he probably wouldn't have all the problems he does. He, however, sees the good in giving people a second chance. His practical nature says no, but his heart says yes. After all, he wouldn’t be here if a group of Muscle-heads hadn’t given him a chance.

"Doesn't he know the past isn't what helps you? That it's the future that you have to take control of?"

Dean has a habit of looking and thinking about his past, about what he's actually done to get where he is. If he can figure out what he's done well, he can repeat it to go further in life.  We all know the saying, 'You must learn history, or it will repeat.' He takes that to a whole new level. He has extensively studied the history of all he could get his hands on.  He's studied his own family history. He's studied the history of Bellmuse and the academy. The recent attacks were of interest to him, and part of the reason he decided to join Bellmuse.

He pays heavy attention to the news, in case he could use something from it, or in case something is relevant to what he's doing. It's important to realize that his planning isn't a talent, it's a learned skill. Even then, he's not at the level of some. It's why he grabs every last bit of knowledge and information that he can get, to be able to deal with things as they happen. To be able to predict attacks and to make sure he can get out if someone is going to explode.

Don't take this as a sign that he hates those who don't plan, or he thinks lesser of them. He knows those who don't plan have a place in proper teams. While plans can get you far, he also knows that actions can get you just as far. Well-structured plans can be ruined by a proper smash.

He has a habit of nicknaming people based on the skills he sees.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Smoke Manipulation: He can manipulate smoke, including the ability to solidify it. (Offense, Defensive)
Item 1: He carries a pistol, like seen in the image.
Item 2: Wind Dust

History and Sample
Let us start when he was 15. Nothing neat happened before that.

At 15, he was training to be a hunter. He was a man who used a gun and had a blade for close ranged combat. He was also kicked out around this time for being unstable and his performances less than stable. He had also murdered a guy. That, however, wasn't why. It was a complete accident and involved a falling ladder.

He had been driving since he was ten, which while completely unsafe, had surprisingly gotten him in no wrecks. He even smoked while at the wheel. He smoked and was a generally distracted driver, but that was one who drove really, really fast. Not to mention, his turning was top tier. He was genuinely a good fighter with good driving skills. He didn't have stamina, but that didn't matter as long as he could drive.

He'd drive his dad around, and drive his friends around. He charged his friends for it, as he wasn't actually a man who had a proper source of income. He decided once he hit 16, to be a bodyguard.

It worked well. He, for the good while, made good money by guarding various people to various places. It certainly helped that he grew into a somewhat attractive man. This made him seem more official. He never was attacked as the bodyguard, not often, until one time he was guarding a shady character when he was about 23.

He was driving when the car stopped working.

It happened fast, but he managed to get shots off and get his employer out of the vehicle, however, he didn't have the time to plan as he felt his body go numb, for multiple reasons, and then he felt a vague burning sensation on his right side. This was the end of his body-guarding time. He was, once he woke up, told to go to the academy. They had placed enough suggestions and such that he was allowed in. Even with his terrible record at the combat school.
RP Sample:
"I've already figured it out. You're not alone and I'm about to get jumped. Shame this is a casual get-together of a sneak attack."

The man who he spoke this to had looked too much in certain spots and was shortly after taken care of. There were 5 gunshots heard, and he was unharmed. He had only inflicted a wound to most shoulders, due to the fact that he was told not to kill people. He was fine with that.

He was just sort of disappointed with the whole setup. He could've done it way better and with more efficiency. Seriously, 5 people? Do it with three, and still look around. It'd be more confusing at least. Not to mention, these were average people. Most hadn't even unlocked their aura. What were they doing in a fight like this? Well, it wasn't really a fight. It was a maiming at best, and downright slaughter at worst.

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