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Brawling..the origin of fighting (open to four students, and anyone who wants to watch)

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Titania Crimsaber
It was a beautiful day outside, not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining brightly. Today Titaina had discarded her usual heavy golden armor and left her weapons behind as well, donning a dark red tee shirt, and Beige shorts as well. After her first class Titainia decided to change things up and start a brawling class, no weapons, armor,dust, or semblance usage allowed. She had put up a few fliers on the school notification board hoping to attract some students.

It was a perfect day for this kind if thing, sun beating down on their backs to make them sweat. Titania also decided to try something else, instead of keeping a group of four cooped up to fight;she was going to make it a public displayto make it a little more entertaining. It was obvious she was excited,as many benches were moved for those who wished to watch. She had a giant red ring painted, to signify the boundaries as well. She had a deep feeling, that today was going to be a great day.

OOC- Once the student positions are filled I will start, if anyone wants to watch, they can join the topic at any point.

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Ishi Omo
Gah. Existance.

It was a pain sometimes, and that sometimes was now.

Most days, he wouldn't have a problem seeing himself in a mirror.

Problem being; it wasn't him in the mirror. Well, it was. He had gotten a complete makeover the day before. That wasn't a problem. He had planned on it. He was just having problems remembering that fact. He had heard about a brawling class that was taking place. No weapons? That wasn't his forte, but he was interested in who was teaching it. He heard that it was a female. That was always fun.

The class would be in the Courtyard. Fine and dandy. Ishi, dressed in a black coat and jeans, with his normal dress-shoes on, would enter the courtyard and find a woman who had the look of a warrior, even without her armor. It was always a good thing if you could tell what someone was by their look.  That told you one of two things in his experience.

Either they were a fantastic liar or too honest. He figured this one was the latter. The woman herself was tall and looked physically strong. A prime physical specimen, if he was to be honest. Not to mention, she had the physical looks for a model. Not the typical type, but the type to go into a hunter magazine. The type you might see on the front page with the caption, 'Woman defeated 3 King Taijus at once' type deal.

He looked down at himself and had to fight a laugh. He could probably take her, he felt. If he couldn't that wouldn't mean he would try. Though, that wasn't his intent once he saw her. He had an entirely one-sided view on this situation, he was sure. Sadly, this was Ishi. He had to do it, or it wouldn't be him.

"Ishi Omo's the name. You got one, Madam?"

He bowed in dramatic fashion. His get-up being an odd get-up.  It was obvious that the man wasn't used to dressing in a non-specific fashion. Problem was, slight changes in his physical structure caused his lab coat to rip.  That meant he didn't have one. That was the largest problem he had currently.

He was fairly sure that he was going to get rejected.

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Ena Lilina
Ena stepped slowly in the burdening sun, her fingers crumpling a flyer she had taken off the billboard. There was something interesting about this event that was advertised, more so than normal weapon practice. It was more along the way that the hare faunus fought anyways, so no need to worry about some overcompensating losers swinging a weapon twice their size around. Even despite the sun and impending heat, the huntress was excited for this event and hoped that there would be plenty of people watching.

Ena was not dissapointed seeing the small outdoor arena set up for their sparring. But the place seemed empty. At least mostly empty. There were two older people there, both of whom she recognized as professors. The red haired older woman was probably Ena's favorite professor so far, just going off of titles alone. She had unfortunately not been able to make it to her other lectures due to hunting assignments, and the other she again only knew of by name. But the male was bowing, and it made the mischevious rabbit smile. Would this be good to spread around? Would anybody even care how this looked? Probably not she would admit. At least until she finished embellishing the story.

Regardless the hare approaced the two adults with her hair braided out of the way and absolute confidence in her stride. "I didn't miss it did I?" Ena asked abruptly of the two professors. "Thought there would be droves of contenders here?"

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