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Hydra H. Occean

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1 Hydra H. Occean on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:47 pm

Hydra H. Occean
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Hydra Harriette Occean
Name Allusion: Hydra is a mythical water creature, and Occean is a misspelling of ocean (*cough*obviously*cough*) both of which allude to a blue of sorts.
Age: 17 nearing 18
Birthday: April 30
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 184.4 lbs
Face Claim: FairyTail Jellal (genderbent) picture not mine... link to artist

STR: 3
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Dust

  • 'Rare' meats
  • Singing (and dancing too, when alone)
  • Stargazing


  • Being snuck up on and/or startled
  • Peanut butter
  • Young children (though she won't be mean to them, she just tends to avoid them)


  • The dark, she is terrified that there is always something she can't see waiting for her
  • Being a leader, she doesn't have enough faith in herself to lead others, despite always speaking her mind to her 'leaders' she can't bring herself to imagine being in their place
  • Death, but not the way most others are... Hydra is terrified of the idea of dehydration. She is an avid swimmer and water consumer. The thought that going without water and shrinking to a waterless bag instills a deep-seated fear in her... She refuses to go anywhere without at least a gallon of water... a day's supply for her

Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Multitasking - she can barely walk and talk at the same time. (Okay... maybe a slight exaggeration, but not much)
Overall Personality: Hydra is a very outgoing and chatty person, but she is very introverted. She loves to talk about anything or anyone, but as soon as a question is asked that she believes breaches into her privacy, she will try to redirect the conversation. Many people don't even notice when she does this. This makes it fairly easy for her to know tons about a person, or group of people, when they couldn't even tell you if she lived in the city or not. Her cheery personality will practically light up the room she's in, but it's generally all an exaggeration. Inside, Hydra is a very solemn and sad person, but she realizes that positive energy makes others feel better. The smile and good humor she carries around is her cloak, hiding her other emotions and burying them from sight.
**When she is 99% sure she's alone, she'll oftentimes have a blank, or empty, look on her face and train continuously. Training, to Hydra, is a very serious thing. It requires intense focus and cannot have the distraction of maintaining a false, overly-happy attitude. She is very hard on herself, and holds herself to much, much higher standards than anyone else. There are some times, very rare times, that she will be so angry or humiliated with herself, that she cannot force her cheery cloak on. When this happens, she will usually vanish without telling anyone, and only comes back once she has enough control to be bubbly-Hydra again.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Pale Turquoise
Semblance: Hydra's semblance gives her the ability to morph into a large lizard, a Komodo Dragon. In this form, her large lizardlike body stands about 2 foot at the shoulder on all fours and is about 6 feet long. When in this form, she generally weighs around 160 pounds. Her skin is a marbled brown/grey of weathered stone and protected by small yet thick scales. The last two feet of her body is her large, muscular tail. She can use her tail as support to walk a few feet on her hind legs, or even claw at something with her clawed forelegs. Her jaw is jointed to be opened extremely wide, and she can eat (or swallow) just about anything, which she can regurgitate up at any time she wants, before her semblance is turned off. With her long, narrow, yellowish forked tongue, she can smell, rather like a snake, things up to about 100 yards. She cannot see well in dim light, but when lighting is good she can see clearly for about 110 yards. Hydra's eyes set kind of on the sides of her lizard head, making her vision to the rear almost non-existent, as her thick neck won't turn far enough to let her see behind her. She has to shuffle a bit... and for this same reason, she has to slightly turn her head to see directly ahead.
**Oftentimes, rather than use her semblance to turn into a Komodo Dragon, Hydra just changes one part of her body. Generally speaking, she cannot just change a little bit. If she uses her semblance, it's very hard for her to maintain concentration on, say just a finger. So it would be her whole hand, or arm, to make things easier for herself. **possible str or def buff in half transformed state**
Item 1: Weapon
Name: Ripplesteel
Description: A 'wave-bladed' zweihander style sword about five feet long and five and a half pounds. She named her weapon Ripplesteel for its blade design, which indeed makes it appear somewhat 'rippled'. Due to its weight and overall size, Hydra chooses to wear her weapon on her back rather than her waist. She keeps it strapped in a scabbard made specifically for said weapon and the scabbard diagonally on her back, keeping the hilt above her left shoulder. The weapon is always in pristine condition and Hydra loves it a bit more than Is healthy.
Item 2: Dust
Two vials of wind Dust

History and Sample
Hydra's life started in adventure. As soon as she was able to walk, her fox Faunus father started taking her out on his hunting expeditions. They often encountered Grimm and by observing her father, Hydra began to learn to fight. As the years passed, Hydra started to hunt as well, instead of just following Maple, her father, around.
**At six, Hydra asked Maple about her mother, the response she received was less than enthusiastic. Maple just told her that she needed to focus on her studies and training, that he'd tell her someday. Needless to say, this made the young girl very, very curious, but being the obedient child she was... she didn't act upon the urge to seek answers.
**A week before her tenth birthday, after a very intense training session, her father began to run a high fever. As his body temperature steadily rose, Hydra tried to go get help but got called back. Maple then proceeded to explain that her mother was a human who had fallen ill six weeks after giving birth to twins; Hydra and her twin Starr. Apparently Starr had been the weaker twin, and after their mother died, so did he. Being left with no one but his daughter, Maple had raised her to fend for herself. Unfortunately, Maple's fever was climbing so rapidly that now, since he'd disallowed her to get medical help, there was nothing she could do. When the fever reached critical heights, and Hydra was near freaking out, her father handed her a rolled up piece of paper and told her to leave the room.
**As soon as the young girl was through the door, Maple lunged and locked it, leaving Hydra yelling and crying, pounding on the door. He died the following morning, leaving nothing for her to do other than look at the paper. Inside directions and a name was written. After finally managing to break the door down, she gave her father a silent burial in the woods, where she knew he'd want to be. Then she set out with only one thing in mind: getting to the name on the paper.

She found the name, it was an elderly couple who taught her everything from basic blacksmithing to use of Dust in and out of combat. They were the Jacklys, long time friends of Maple's, apparently. They raised her and she slowly began to get over her father's death. Well, that's what everyone believed. At fifteen, it still bothered her to no end, but she had already built her emotional cloak.
**Just a year later, she had accidentally discovered her semblance while putting the finishing touches on her new weapon; Ripplesteel. She was graduating from the academy she as in with flying colors, and wanting to do more than the average person, she applied to join the nearest school for Huntsmen and Huntresses.
**When the girl for home from her final class at the academy, she discovered her home a pile of rubble, her surrogate parents slain, and five Grimm, Ursai, trampling over it all. In a fury, she killed the Grimm and silently cried and cursed at the elderly couple, and herself. She had tried, on multiple occasions, to get them to move closer to the city for protection, but they always refused. She cursed herself for not fighting them harder on that. She remained living on their land, fixing up a little lean-to and burying them as well. It wasn't much later she received her letter of acceptance into the school, and she once again left her home without a backward glance.
RP Sample:
Hydra shuffled her feet, readjusting the light recurve now she held. The hunt was on, ending actually, and she wasn't going to return without the boar. It wasn't that she was hungry, no. She fed herself well... knowing how to hunt and what plants are edible has its perks. She was saving money, and the best way was to take odd jobs that paid fairly well, and that she could do fairly easily. Right now, she was after a wild pig that had been eluding trappers and others trying to get it out of the area. A local farmer had offered her a reward of 1,150 Lien if she got rid of it in two days. It was now nearing evening of her second day and she needed that money. Silently climbing up into the lowest limb of an old tree she sat and waited, eyes closed and listening with rapt attention, hearing every scrabble s a squirrel almost missed his mark, and the shiver of leaves in the soft breeze. There was nothing extraordinary, and it was growing ever darker.
As she began to climb back down, a huff sounded nearby... and it wasn't a deer. Landing softly on one of the tree's gnarled roots, she listened a second more then peaked around the trunk. In the fading daylight, the pig's coarse black hair turned a brownish. She quietly drew the knocked arrow back, lightly touching her cheek with her knuckles and let the wooden shaft fly.

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