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Lucina Exalton, same great ego, half the size! [Finished and ready for approval]

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Lucina Exalton
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Lucina Exalton
Age: 17
Birthday: April 1st
Gender: Female
Race: Iberian Lynx Faunus (Ears)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Face Claim: Lucina - Fire Emblem Awakening

STR: 6 (5+1)
DEF: 4
RES: 1
SPT: 2
Aura 110|190 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: -Fighting.
-Being above everybody. Constantly.
-Playing her violin.
Dislikes: -Other egocentrics.
-Being ignored.
-Being referred to as "Princess".
Fears: -Being recognized as royalty.
-Snakes (Actual snakes, not faunus).
-Meeting her parent's killer.
Talent: Tactician
Weakness Charisma
Overall Personality: Lucina is very simply a stuck up, egotistical, condescending piece of crap. She is, and she knows it. It's one of multiple flaws that the girl carries with her at nearly all times. She's constantly standoff-ish, her ego envelops essentially everything around her, she's easily embarrassed, she acts like a Tsundere, she is in a constant and dire need of attention, she dislikes degrading acts like petting and yet loves to be patted.

It is very easy to be deterred from speaking to Luci, as most people would be turned away from her ego alone. Another deterrent is her lack of any assets besides wide hips; she isn't too bothered by it but some people are, you know?

Now, deep down, Lucina expects people to speak down to her when she speaks down to them, and one of her weakest moments is when somebody actually does as she says. She's easily flushed and embarrassed, and she prefers to use big words to confuse people.

On the other side of the coin, Lucina is selfless and will do anything to protect. This is the part of her that wanted to become a huntress.
And so a huntress, she became.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Navy blue
Semblance: Ignis Mortem - Death Flames: Lucina will simply combust into flames; she's on fire, the ground is on fire, everything within a five meter radius of her is on fire. These flames do not spread, and instead they follow Lucina around as if they were just a huge aura. If she activates it and moves forward, the flames very obviously move forward with her. Any flames that leave the 5 meter radius simply disappear, leaving a black ashen trail behind them.
Lucina's body is covered in fire in the process, and her eyes turn red.
Item 1: Tier 1 weapon: -Rymkadepsyl- Rymkadepsyl is Lucina's weapon of choice: A five foot three inch long Longsword.
Item 2: Tier 1 physical armour: Various places of Lucina's outfit are reinforced to better withstand blows. These places are her chest, arms, and lower legs, below the knees.

History and Sample
Lucina Exalton was born into a noble family from Mistral. Her family was neither well known nor agressive. They were peaceful, really. They didn't mess with anyone else, they didn't tick anyone off, and because of that they were a very profitable kingdom.

Lucina herself wasn't always an egocentric dirtbag. No, in her youth Lucina was everybody's favourite little princess. She ran around, played with the children, helped around, everything you could think of. She was also one of the best violin players in Mistral.

Yes, life was grand for the royal family of the Exalton's.

Until it got destroyed, of course.

One day, when Lucina was only around eleven years of age, her kingdom was utterly obliterated by a larger, more powerful one. Lucina's family held a strategically advantagable position and the kingdom that had destroyed it was at war with a few other ones. Unfortunately her's was the one they chose to destroy, and so destroy it they did.

There was fire, there was blood, but there was a distinct lack of survivors. Children, women, men, they were all killed with no discrimination. Few survivors were taken from it, and her parents were not of the few.
Luci watched the spear wielding killer murder her parents in cold blood, and tried to kill her as well. She some how, some way, narrowly escaped it.

She managed to live until the age of seventeen, having moved to Bellmuse with whatever money she still had. Eventually she decided to attend Syne Academy, and use her skills for a good reason. Of course, she passed with relative ease.
RP Sample:
Apparently her airship landing in Bellmuse, forcing her to walk to the academy only to find a great bloody rock wall wasn't enough to tick Ichi off, according to fate, so she now stood before a rather large Beowulf.
"Hey, you. Yeah you. The one with the ugly face. You mind, oh I dunno, getting the heck outta my way?"
A snarl carved it's way onto her face in retaliation to the growl emitted by the petty beast.
"So we wanna play a game, eh? You're mistake.
I'm great at games."

The disgusting abomination lunged forward, leaping towards Ichi, mouth gaping. A simple sidestep before she lifted her leg up to nearly a 180 degree angle, thrusting it down, heel first, directly onto the thing's neck.
A pitiful whine came from the creature as she twisted her foot back and forth, digging her heel further into it's neck.
"You are a mere glitch in the computer known as Remnant. You are a disgusting little abomination of numbers meant to destroy the system. And I? I am the anti-virus.
Commands aren't the only things I'll be executing today."

A small stomp, followed by removing her foot, allowing it to begin to stand up, before roundhouse kicking the Beowulf in the side and dashing over incomprehendably fast to pin it to the ground on it's back.
She applied pressure with her foot onto it's chest looking it dead in the eye as she raised her right arm to point her fist directly at it's face, giving the creature a thumbs up.
"Congratz you little wretch, you gave me confidence that everybody back home was wrong... You Grimm are weak..."
She pointed her middle and index finger at the thing's face, her hand glowing a pure gold as the hand gesture known as a "gun" was completed.

Ichi's grin grew wider as she stared the beast dead in the eyes, her hand lit up like the sun.

"Game over."

The recoil of the projectile tossed her arm back like a ragdoll, but she was not phased as she was too busy admiring her masterpiece; A dead Beowulf with a bullet hole in it's skull.
She lowered her arm back down, spitting onto the lifeless corpse as she began walking back to Bellmuse.


Jesus christ I'm so cool!"

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