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Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An]

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1 Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:29 pm

Café Noir
It was a sunny day, the weather wasn't that bad slightly warm with a faint breeze blowing through. Most people wore clothing appropriate for the weather and went around enjoying the nice day. And then there was Café, sitting on the outside terrace of a small coffee shop with her usual black jacket on. She kept an eye on the crowd and waited for her job to show up. She had been told to meet him here. Pulling out her scroll and checking the message again to get a fresh look at the picture they had sent of the man she then went back to gazing at the crowd through her black sunglasses.

Tapping a boot against the ground each second and counting off the minutes in her head until he was supposed to arrive the exceptionally tall mercenary took another sip of her straight black coffee. After being awake the entire trip over, reading up on what information they would give about the guy she was supposed to protect, she was pretty tired. Of course at this point she was used to not getting much sleep, so it wasn't that bad. Still though caffeine helped to stave off the urge to sleep, even if what she was drinking tasted like burnt crap.

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2 Re: Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:20 am

Dean Mattox
An Grey was told, by his employers, to meet a woman. He was sent a picture of her. She looked average, though from her shoulder width, he could guess that she was tall. She looked solid.

An was in his normal lab coat attire, and with blue jeans and dress shoes. He had a brisk walking pace, his eyes skittering from side to side. He was on the watch for obvious androids. Those that were high enough tech to be of concern, that could also blend in? Too dangerous. Stealth should be left to the not robotic people. Stealth should be left to humans that can be proper monitered. Hell, even fanus could manage it. Probably be better for it. Robots were stupid.

Though this spite was what made him walk here, when he arrived at the table across from the lady, he pushed up his glasses.

"Are you my bodyguard?"

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3 Re: Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:21 pm

Café Noir
Café casually scanned everyone that walked by. Many of them obviously weren't her client but they could still be possible threats. Bodyguard work wasn't exactly as easy as it may have looked like from the outside. No, you had to be constantly vigilant. Some strange guy at the corner of the road, a flash in a window of a nearby building, a guy walking at the same pace on the other side of the street, all of these things could just be normal urban occurrences but they could also be threats. Eventually she spotted him, the guy she was to be protecting. He was pretty tall, which made it easier to spot him from a distance. As he got up to her table Café grabbed her backpack and stood from the table before throwing it over her shoulders.

“That's me,” she said while leaning down and picking up her black duffel bag. Everything she would need for this job was in those two bags, at least materials wise. It was kind of funny to her, even for how tall this guy was she still was at least a couple inches taller. But then again she was abnormally tall in the first place. “Alright lead the way,” she said while keeping her eye on everything around her and her charge.

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4 Re: Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:16 am

Dean Mattox
"How do you feel about androids?"

An asked that simple question as he turned around and started walking back to his home. He, without saying anything, expected his bodyguard to follow. He wasn't here to make friends with his guard, he was here for the guard to start following him. It's not like he was a child. He was an engineer, a skilled one at that.

Somewhat skilled, at least. Skilled enough for everything to backfire. He, sometimes, could still feel his robots hands on his neck; cold. The metal was cold, just like the bot's intent. He expected his bodyguard to be the same. Inhuman and lifeless, yet with the human reflexes that one often had. That was the terrifying fact of the matter. Sometimes, a bodyguard had to be close to an android to be truly effective. That's the special thing about it, is that if they were a true guard, they'd stand strong.

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5 Re: Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:44 pm

Café Noir
Behind the cover of her shades Café kept her eyes open for any sort of threat. She didn't know why exactly she was contracted to be his body guard so she couldn't gauge the threat level properly just yet. Hells, depending on what kinds of people might be after him they might not even care for stealth and straight up drive up in a technical an open fire. Tuning in when the scientist or whatever spoke to her she thought about his question for a second.

“Don't really have an opinion. If you're talking about stuff like the Atlesian Knights, I think they're a pain do deal with sometimes but are predictable,” Café said never even looking at An, always keeping her eyes peeled for some threat or danger. Of course she had no idea what was going through lab coat's head that caused him to ask such a question, not that it really mattered unless of course it had to do with threats to him. Once they got to where ever he was staying she would go in to details about him and possible threats to his person.

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6 Re: Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:09 am

Dean Mattox
Hmm. That's not what he was talking about. He was talking about those really human androids.

"Not those. The human-type androids, the one's made to look like us. I used to make them until it went wrong. Bodyguard, I only have one firm opinion. It's that we should never depend on androids or any tech very heavily. Nothing that could get hacked. You never know what could happen."

They swiftly closed in on his home. Once they arrived, they'd see a fairly modest, ground-level apartment. Once he unlocked the door and went in, one would see an amalgamation of papers. Papers were absolutely everywhere. On the floor, tacked to the walls. Some were paper with math written on them, some were newspaper clippings about how something had gone terribly wrong with some type of robot.

All of this was bothersome to most, surely, but it was his home. He felt safe in it.

"This is my home. Feel free to modify it to protect me better. I can supply anything you require."

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7 Re: Another Day Another Dollar [Private w/An] on Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:18 am

Café Noir
Café ever so slightly raised an eyebrow when her charge said human looking androids. In her experience she had never run into one, though the idea did make her shudder a bit. How messed up would it be to find out that someone you knew wasn't actually a person but a robot. “I've never run into something like that before so I can't really say,” Café said just as dryly and professionally as normal.

Reaching the doctor's home she gave the outside a scan before heading in. The very first thing she did after dropping off her bags she started to walk around and get a feel for the place. Tapping on walls here and there as she checked everything out. Removing her sunglasses she came back to the main room and pulled out a large phone from her bag. After dialing a number she held it up to her head.
"Zulu one niner seven foxtrot. Tier three package, location Alpha one seven seven,” she said before hanging up the phone and going to her larger duffel bag and pulling out a few boxes.

“I don't have a fulls security set up yet, it should be here in a few days, but for now I'm going to put an alarm on each window and door,” she said while she began to go around and set up said alarms.

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