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Aazeen Nejem "Complete"

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1 Aazeen Nejem "Complete" on Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:20 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Aazeen Nejem
Age: 18
Birthday: March, 15th
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 65 in. [5'5"]
Weight: 56.7 kg. [125 Ib.] (+15.8 kg. [35 Ib.] for metal prostetics)
Face Claim: Paninya: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Tech

  • Machines: Aazeen by heart is a mechanic, she loved machines and adores exploring how they operate, even if that means she has to take them apart and discover the guts and internals of said machine, this also involved Androids, which she has worked on first hand.
  • Other people: Aazeen is what many would call, a Social Butterfly, she loves to interact with people and talk to them, learn from them and just be herself, Aazeen is also very good with talking to people, being how she had to help people who had mechanical limbs.
  • Exercise: Despite her condition, many would think that she would not get her metal limbs damaged, but on the contraire, Aazeen loves to exercise, she loves to run, kick box and test her body to the limit of what it is capable of, this means she can test her mechanical limbs and find their limits as well.


  • Water: The one thing Aazeen can't stand is water near her limbs, she herself doesn't mind it but it getting on her Carbon Fiber legs and arm, it can cause some trouble for her as she fears the water will rust the metal and make her life a living hell in the terms of repairing her mechanical limbs.
  • Magnets: When it comes to anything messing with her limbs, magnets are one of them, magnets cause problems with the motors inside her limbs and this in itself can cause a catastrophic error in the prosthesis, usually she has a lead barrier around them to stop magnetic waves from interfering with her gear.  
  • Anything/anyone messing with her prosthesis: The one thing that Aazeen hates is anything that would negatively affect or damage her mechanical prosthetics, the reason is, the amount of time and resources to make them and her love of them and requirement for every day situations, Aazeen isn't one to like them being damaged.


  • Faunus Haters: Aazeen during her childhood was attacked by a group of Faunus Haters, she suffered because of their dislike and segregation to her race, so as a result she fears them and completely will not go or be associated with anyone who hates them, or gives them a bad name, like the White Fangs.
  • Being Useless: Aazeen see's herself as a person who can do tons of things to help others, from fixing machines to making machines to assist with many tasks, seeing herself as useless makes her less than fit to be around others, if she feels like she is a burden on others, she will more or less become docile and less happy.
  • Crowds: During her traumatic event when she was a child, she can't stand being around large groups of people, she hates it and gets very uneasy or rather she begins to shake, a dozen people is as far as she will go to being near others, but if she is able to be alone while near that number or more, she will be fine.

Talent: Engineering
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: A bright and happy-go-lucky type of girl, Aazeen may not express it like a bubbly child would, but she tends to always have a smile when she is in a good mood, Aazeen has a rather bright perspective of life, not letting a day get her down for if that happens she can't get things done or think straight. Aazeen isn't the kind of person to shirk her duties and tasks, often noted to being a diligent person and one who always gets the job done without causing harm in any manner, to herself or others, Aazeen has also been noted to be calm. She tends to keep a level head in a stressful situation, despite not acting like a cucumber while she thinks about things, as another thing she is known for, over thinking things, she can at times overthink to the point of indecisiveness. Though despite this more or less flaw in her thinking at times, she is able to conclude small thoughts with little difficulty for this only occurs when she finds something interesting, along with her rather obscene thought process she has a unusual sense of humor. An excellent example can be if someone asks "Can I get a hand here?", she will detach her mechanical right arm and toss it to them, or if she is told to "Break a leg", she often will ask which one before detaching that if they answer her back that is.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Blue
Semblance: Legs [Damage, Buff (Brawn & Speed), Utility]: A simple but effective power that Aazeen has, she concluded that her Semblance would have worked for her organic legs before her accident, but either way she can still use her Semblance with her mechanical legs, what Aazeen is able to do is simple, she can use her lower appendages to increase the potential of exertion of force in them, meaning she can leap farther [40+ feet], jump higher [60+ feet], kick harder and is able to run faster [60+ mph]. How she does this is through the artificial fibers that connect to her organic muscle tissue, even though she understands that this shouldn't work for her mechanical limbs, she somehow was able to adapt and adjust to the handicap that her Semblance had either that, or it evolved to adapt to her false limbs, of course, she still has to use up Aura to use her power, despite her legs running on electrical impulses in her body.
Side Note: When Aazeen uses her Semblance "Buff" to increase her "Brawn" stat, this only works if she uses her leading attack with her legs, which is also her main source of damage, which also includes her "Damage" effect, same applies to her "Speed" effect. The base numbers of her jumping distance is 40 feet but can be increased by 10 feet per 10 points of Aura used, same applies to her jumping height which is at base. 60 feet, and running speed which at base speed is 60 miles per hour.

Item 1:
Automaton Legs: An automotive armored prostheses, something that Aazeen had integrated into her body when she suffered to an assault when a young girl, the devices work by taking electrical pulses from the nerves to power and regulate the various electric motors and pneumatic actuators inside them. Her legs are comprised of a Carbon Fiber frame and Carbon Fiber skeleton with a rust resistant plating, making them not only light, strong, and resistant to corrosives though the amount her legs have is hefty, it is still lighter than sixty to seventy pounds of aluminum alloy. Her legs are fully optimal for everyday activities, but also for combat as well, for when not active, the region along her shins are closed by a single internal plate but upon activating with tapping her foot on the ground, two blades pro-tract along her shin. These blades are also made of a high-quality metal called M390, this metal is considered a super steel in her hometown of Vacuo, and her legs are the only pieces with it back home.

Item 2:
Kevlar Bracer: A simple bracer that Aazeen wears on her arm, this bracer covers her entire left arm and also her right arm as she has two to them, one for each arm, these braces are comprised of Kevlar, a material that has a high ultimate Tensile Strength, while not the prettiest to have on her arms. She does, however, have them covered in a highly resistant leather that reduces impact from bullets and blades due to how thick the material is, this leather is a synthetic polymer that actually mimics the properties of leather, so not a true piece of leather, it is a very good mimic, while lightweight, it does bolster decent defense as well.

History and Sample
Born in a small industrial town in Vacuo, Aazeen was born to; two Jack Rabbit Faunus, however unlike her mother and father who both had long ears, she was born with Anthropomorphic legs that began at her knee's, Aazeen's father was a well-known engineer for his town, he helped with the trains, cargo equipment, known to be a brilliant mind when it came to machines, Aazeen's mother, on the other hand, was a retired nurse for a major city inside Vacuo. Both of them knew raising a child in a town like this was not healthy as there were constant smog, pollution, and dangerous equipment constantly moving, not to mention the local Dust Mine having tremors every month or so, for awhile they held their ground and stayed in the town until the mines had another tremor, but a much more drastic one, one that caused Aazeen's father to nearly die to as he worked on the equipment. Both Aazeen's mother and father knew it was time to move, they had been in the small town for roughly a year and a half, but this tremor nearly cost Vajra his life, so they moved to a larger and safer location, they moved to the City that Aazeen's mother was from and where she was a nurse but when getting there, there were more dangerous things to worry about for Faunus Support Activist were present which was causing a ruckus in the slums, this let alone wasn't the problem, it was people who despised Faunus kind.

At first it started out slow and small, only a few groups every other month, but as the years passed on, the crowds got larger to the point that the local enforcement had to get involved, which usually resulted in violence by the police end; by this time Aazeen was about seven or eight years old and was going to school in a small church-house, she learned basic things like writing, speech, social skills but upon her way back home from school which her parents walked her from. While going through the market, they were attacked by a large group of Faunus haters, without hesitation they attacked, this wasn't a small random event it was organized and during the busiest part of the markets day when the most people could see the event, the group assaulted every Faunus they could see, ripping peoplehoods off to find animal parts and beating them all, Aazeen's parent's tried their hardest to escape but were cornered. All Aazeen remembers is her mother's cries, father's yells, pain throughout her body, and a new voice coming towards her as she was knocked out when she woke up, she was in a new place, a doctor's office, the elderly man told her to not move and if she did her stitches might open up; despite being heavily sedated, when she saw three of her limbs missing she did scream out, but not in pain, but in sadness for what she lost.

After about a few hours of trying to calm the child down, the man told her what happened and that he came to her aid with a group of people who contacted the local authorities about the events, he told her about her mother and father's death, not in great detail and told her his name; he was Uri W'vadrictch, the whole amount of information given to her made the young rather doll-like girl cry in silence, she had lost her mother and father as well as her right arm and two legs. Uri couldn't say anything to cheer her up, neither could his daughter-in-law who tried her best to help the little girl, it wasn't until one of Uri's regulars came in when she saw something odd, a mechanical like limb, she asked weakly before being told what it was, and Aazeen was interested in it which prompted her to ask if she could have similar limbs, Uri only told her she could, but the pain would be more than she ever could take at her age and her condition. So for the next few months, Aazeen rested her body, getting to a stable condition to which Uri would begin her operation to implant her mechanical prosthesis. During the entire time, he had to keep her sedated despite her better condition, the pain would have been too much for her to handle, but through and through Aazeen came out of the operation with three child sized metal limbs made from aluminium, this way she could have something but not be too taxing on her frail body while she adjusted to the mechanical limbs, which looked rather well on her.

Aazeen spent the years of her life getting used to the limbs, constantly training her body to use them properly and constantly adjusting the size to fit her growing body, she did go through many bandages as she spat up blood from the hard training she put her body under, but in the end by the time she was thirteen her body became accustomed to her newfound limbs, and during the five years she learned from Uri how to fix her legs and arm, how to upgrade it, how to clean it from time to time. Eventually, Aazeen took her new love for mechanics by fashioning her very own battle-ready Automail legs which had spring-loaded blades in the shins, she made all the blueprints and machined all the parts herself with the help of Uri, and after eight months she was able to make them a reality, they were comprised of Carbon FIber and had a platting of high corrosion  With her mentor proud of her feats at being a mechanic, she asked him what else she could learn, this however made him sad as he told her she learned all she could from him, however, Uri did tell her of a academy which he attended in his youth, he told her Syne academy was the place she needed to go to learn more. So with her bags being packed and Uri giving her just enough Lien to buy a Airship ticket and gave her his old Scroll which he fixed up, Aazeen made her way to Bellmuse, hoping to learn more there, even if she knew her mentor had more to teach her.
RP Sample:
The airship, crammed with others, and filled almost to the brim with individuals, something Aazeen hated, this made her head to the outer deck of the Airship, a place she could enjoy the view and bask in the brisk breeze of the glorious summer air, the sight of the trees passing below her caused a chuckle to creep out. A simple view was all it took to calm her down, she leaned over on the rails, the sound of her metallic arm scratching along the rail caused her to cringe, it wasn't like her work wasn't fit for this kind of beating, but the mere sound harmed her ears, it was unnerving and unwelcoming. As the sound of people littered behind the cameoed pants girl, her black tank top firmly tucked under her pants which was held by a white belt with a silver buckle, she smiled for the breeze made her small ponytail or rather bun slightly shift, this was going to be interesting for her as she held onto her camo styled military dufflebag.

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Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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