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Clash of Pink and Blue (private with Lucina)

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It was a nice day out and, Peri who had just joined the school a day prior wanted to spar. She had her signature weapon on her shoulder, and a pocketful of dust crystals ready. In her family sparring was a revered art and was practiced daily. So what better way to get into the groove of things than a spar.

Peri had her blade ready and stabbed at an opposing dummy multiple times, in boredom. Waiting for a challenger to walk in. Her distinct blue and pink hair flowing out, and her crimson eyes holding a playful hue.

She had a feeling many great things were going to happen today, she just hoped one of those things wasn't someone dying a bloody death.

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Lucina Exalton, egocentric dirtbag extraordinaire was currently strutting her nonexistent stuff to the training arena, and with it being her first day she had decided to grace a lucky contender with her presence before she utterly dominated them.

Entering the aforementioned training arena Lucina was relatively surprised to find only one other person in there with her. She had expected more, honestly. Quite disappointing.
Inside she was breaking down. She was new here and she needed to prove herself! She couldn't lose her first fight, it'd stay with her forever!
So Luci therefore deemed it top priority to do everything in her power to win.

She casually walked up to the blue haired, spear wielding girl, deciding to not touch the thing and potentially get a disease, but instead call it out by it's true name.
"Hello, filthy commoner! How would you like to duel me!? I know, I know, it's an honour to be offered a challenge from me, but you can save your compliments for after I crush you, okay?"

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She was idly stabbing the dummy when, she suddenly heard a condescending voice call out to her asking for a spar. She quickly spun around and looked to see a blue haired woman as the one who had challenged her. She decided to ignore the mean comment and give the woman a wide smile.

"Sure I'll spar with you!" "My name is Peri, nice to meet you!" She quickly gave the woman a once over- she seemed to be nimble and agile, using a sword to fight unless it was for intimidation.

Peri backed away and flicked her spear casually to get rid of all the cotton clinging to it. She then gave the woman another smile "I hope we have fun, but well see who crushes who, after all we both use stabby weapons so....we might bleed a little." While this was going on Peri was secretly eyeing all the spots with shadows in the area.

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Lucina was very happy internally that her challange had been accepted, but when the girl flicks the remains of the dummy off of her spear, Luci was struck with a horrible sense of fear. It looked so familiar, it made her head hurt. She didn't like looking at the weapon one bit, but yet, she did. She looked at it, stared at the polearm, and eventually dismissed simply as nothing.
She dismissed it as nothing until her head started hurting, and she took a few seconds to rub it, her eyes falling almost completely closed and her cheeks flushing lightly.

Lucina shook her head rather violently, stumbling back before bending her knees to get into a stance that displayed her agile attack style. She reached over her back with her right arm and wrapped her fingers around the hilt of her blade, before drawing it, straightening her position, and standing sideways to her opponent, raising to point the tip of her blade towards Peri.
"My name, is Lucina, and by my blade you will fall, so prepare thyself for such an act!"

Swinging it to the side, Lucina gave her enemy a battle ready stare, her condescending aura gone as she prepared herself for the fight. Repositioning herself into her battle ready stance, she pushed her right leg out behind her and bent her left knee greatly, waiting for her opportunity to strike.

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Peri gave a bright smile before changing to a look of confusion as the woman became entranced by her weapon. All she did was her signature spear flick, but there was no blood or ash as per usual-only cotton, so she didn't really understand.
Peri figured it was nothing, probably just her mind playing tricks on her. She quickly refocused, and settled her crimson gaze upon the the other woman now in an agile looking stance.

As the other woman drew her sword and introduced herself, Peri flashed her a smile before speaking.
Lucina's a pretty name,
but I'm just gonna call you Luci, K?

Peri then shook her head, and casually spun her spear around after seeing Luci get into a supposed serious looking stance. Peri then lost her smile and gained a more serious look, the look of a seasoned warrior. Since Luci didn't look like she wanted to initiate, Peri decided to make the first move.

She suddenly stopped spinning the spear and pointed it towards Luci with one hand. While doing so however the shadow of the spear on the ground suddenly flew off the ground like a pointed toothpick directly at Lucina but much larger, and being a deep crimson color. Peri then Immediately dashed forward, attempting to use the flat of her blade to sweep Luci's legs from under her, before quickly spinning her blade and  attempting to slam the bottom blunt end of the spear, into her midsection.

Peri quickly backpedaled, to a further distance away and held her spear diagonally in a defensive manner. Waiting to see how she would retaliate.


SP- 130/150

Shadow spear- 20 semblance DMG

Sweep- 35dmg

End to midsection- 35dmg

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Lucina was focused solely on her target, painfully focused on her target, so focused on her target that she had not raised her aura to it's full power yet. That, coupled with a shadow suddenly flying out of the ground caught her completely off gaurd.

The pain was unimaginable, somehow missing everything vital and simply going right through her. The thing dissapated almost as soon as it impaled her but that didn't stop Lucina from spewing crimson liquid out of her mouth and as she flew back from the transfer of momentum she created an arc of the red fluid, before tumbling across the ground a short distance. The recoil ended with her dodging the other two attacks, but the one that hit had done enough already.

Lucina was not fast to get up, gritting her teeth and wincing intensely, before finally reaching her feet. Her sword was clutched tightly, shaking slightly from the amount of pressure she was placing on the handle. A few tears fell from her eyes as she fought to over come the pain, and after about half of a minute she got back into a battle stance, before dashing forward, grabbing the hilt of her blade with a second hand, and using all of her strength to swing the thing, attempting to strike her directly in the side. After landing back on her feet, she'd lunge forward again, now swinging in for the left in an attempt to strike jer midsection once more but this time from the left as opposed to the earlier right.

One last stop, before she swung the blade up and simultaneously jumped into the air, before bringing the weapon down hard as she fell in an attempt to strike Peri directly on the head and send her into the ground.

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The first attack and the opponent was already impaled, but what was even worse was how she was sent flying and the the blood.. The smell of it filled her nostrils and as if a flip had switched Peri changed. He cheerful crimson eyes seemingly shrunk, and wide smile grew on her face. She wasted no time to set her gaze on the downed woman who was now getting to her feet, Peri noticed the tears in her eyes, and tilted her head curiously.
"Whoops, looks like I hurt okay?"

The blue haired opponent then sped toward Peri attempting a strike at her side. Peri responded by barley backstepping to avoid the first swipe, suprised by her sudden burst of speed. She then attempted to step forward, but was to slow and was struck In the side by the powerful attack purposley letting her aura down to see the blood go flying. Peri quickly recovered and spun around, suprised to see  Luci now airborne and attempting to strike at her head with her blade.
"But this'll hurt even more..."

Peri then smiled and moved her hand upward toward the air. Suddenly Luci's shadow moved upward as a fast spike of crimson shadows, attempting to impale the midair woman once again. However this time she channeled more aura to keep it held  longer, hoping leaving her suspended in midair. Peri then backed away a bit, but still enough to stay in striking range with her spear.

Peri then spun her spear around and slammed the butt end of her spear down towards Luci's head attempting to slam her further down the shadow spike, before making it dissipate. Then as Luci was falling Peri rose one if her legs up and attempted to kick the falling woman hard in the face.


Shadow Spike- 20 semblance dmg

Spear slam- 35dmg

Rising kick- 25dmg

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