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Crash landed (Shadow w/Airship Pilot)

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1 Crash landed (Shadow w/Airship Pilot) on Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:48 pm

Myra Chegernt
Violent storm, powerful winds, flooding level of rain, today was probably one of the worst days for an airship to take flight, but apparently nothing would stop Mr. Lowind from flying his little beauty through Bellmuse's sky even though Melany was the only one on board right now. Everyone seemed to avoid the flying vehicle and going from the academy of Syne to the main city or vice versa which was understandable. Although the myth that flying object are more likely to be hit by lightning was just that, a myth, it was surely anchored enough in people's believes for them to avoid flying anything until the storm would clear up. Why was Mel there though? She lived in town and didn't need to get to the academy, so why? Well she accepted a job as co-pilot for the day. Ever since she took the airship to get to Syne last time, she wondered how the machine worked, so she applied for a job that would let her get close enough to see all the workings of the airship. Although she expected to be part of the machinist crew, apparently Lowind has always been the only one working on the flying ship. Piloting, maintenance, fuel, etc. Everything was handle by him and him alone. Today was an exception though as the man was sick, caught a rough cold last week and so needed someone to help just in case. He was a prideful man, but he wasn't stupid.

The airship was currently flying above the blue forest of Finnek, although the poor visibility wouldn't tell you that. The whole cockpit was barely able to see in front of it and at the speed it was going, it was calling for a catastrophe to happen. Lowind was the one piloting right now while Melany was down in the cargo area, inspecting the ship's interiors and its machinery. It was quite an impressive airship even if it wasn't as advanced as the one Atlas possesses. It was clear that Lowind loved his ship and that he wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world with all the work that has gone through to make it as efficient as possible. It was quite the achievement to keep such an old model this relevant nowadays.

As Mel was scanning some pipework behind a panel in the wall, the whole ship began to sway left in right, suddenly and violently enough that the girl fell to her knees trying to get her balance as she could hear the pilot communicate to her via the radio of the airship. "Better hold on tight lass, it's about to get bumpy in here, the storm's getting worst." The girl tried to stand back up, holding herself against the wall and the different things the could grab on to, but it sure wasn't easy with all the shaking that was happening. She was ultimately able to stand, but not for long as the airship hit something as it was flying low. An enormous ruckus could be heard, everything was shaking so much it felt like an earthquake, all the lights on the ship shut down and suddenly, nothing. All that was left was the dark alongside the sound of the rain hitting the hull of the vehicle with the occasional thunder heard from afar. A sudden light appeared, coming from Mel's left arm as she tried to light up the room she was in. She was still in the cargo bay, but it was now upside down with the containers all gathered at the lowest point they could get. Mel then looked at herself when she was sure nothing would fall on her, glad to see that she had nothing. Her clothes were a bit dirty but no damage at all, which was good.

The android then looked around to find the door that led to the cockpit. She had to go see if Lowind was alright. She already sent a distress signal for rescue to show up. Sure they would have as much dificulty to get here than they did, but at least the sooner they were warned the better. Using her semblance to form barriers but aligning them differently so they would serve as platforms, the girl was able to reach the hallway which took her then directly to the cockpit. She was glad that it wasn't a huge airship or else she'd be wandering for hours in it to get to the cargo bay to the front of the ship, more if it was damaged in the worst places. Opening manually the door to the cockpit, Melany sighed as she saw that Lowind was fine, even more than that. The man was fighting as lively as possible against his seat-belt which wouldn't unlock. The sight made the girl laugh which alerted the pilot of her presence. "Hey lass, happy you're safe. Mind helping me rather than laugh at me? It would be appreciated." The girl couldn't help but giggle once more before moving to help the upside-down man, forming a shiny orange blade from her wrist in order to cut the seat-belt. Of course, Lowind immediately fell down on his head before getting back up. The man rubbed the back of his head while nodding to Mel. "Sorry about all that, a murder of nevermore showed up from nowhere. I tried to maneuver but they all decided to smash the rotors. Then we plummeted down and you know the rest. We better stay in here until rescue shows up. We're safer from Grimms here than outside and I don't want to get wet either." "I already sent a distress signal." "Good, then it's the waiting game now. We'll have to leave the ship here until we can recover her. At least the academy has another that I can use meanwhile."

The two kept talking trivial matter along with mechanic things. Lowind seemed to be quite knowledgeable in all that has an engine by close or by far, which proved to be of great use to Mel. Sure she already had a vast knowledge on many things, but with her access to the CCT cut with it being shut down, she was limited to the information she could collect locally, a.k.a. learning the old fashion way. Time went on and fortunately no Grimm showed up before the rescue was here. A beacon was placed in order to remember the location of the airship for recovery later when the weather would be friendlier. Lowind thanked Mel for the help as well as apologized for all that happened. He felt bad that he could give all the proper training that he was supposed to, and offered that she'd come back another time. A full day of mechanic, without any flying which sounded like a good idea to Mel. They were now heading back to town where the rescue team would leave them.

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