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Life has a funny way of messing with you.

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1 Life has a funny way of messing with you. on Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:05 am

Leena Lilac
Right so. Hi, I'm Leena. I think it's very clear that I have not been around the site.... again. School decided to attack me.... again, And I am in a very bad place in my life right now. I am currently facing expulsion from my university due to lack of any way to pay my tuition, getting denied every student loan I've applied for, and my grants are just not enough. As of currently, I am also about to get my meal plan cut off, which means I wont have money for food at all, which is.... fun. On top of that, If any of you have ever gone to music school, you will know its probably one of the most stressful things you can do. They do their best to make sure you have no free time nor social life. Turns out music is HARD, which I know from experience can come as a surprise to people sometimes. It is for these among other reasons, that I have been unable to be as active as I used to be. For that I am sorry... again. I realize this is not the first time, and I hope you realize that this probably wont be the last. That is why I NEED help from all of you.
Please do not be afraid to voice yourselves. I have always believed in the opinions of others, almost to a fault, haha. For example, i make no decisions without the opinions of other staffers, to the point where it delays our meetings sometimes. :/
In any case, Please help me in making this site as strong as it can be, so that when I have to go deal with life stuff, or when anyone else in staff has to deal with life stuff, we can come back to a site that is just as good or better than how we left it.

We have a suggestion forum. Please use it if you have ideas. We have a notebook that staff uses to organize ourselves, and there is a whole page dedicated to your ideas. WE WILL NOT IGNORE YOU. More often than not, if you dont get a response right away, it's because we havent figured out how to implement your idea yet. This site is mostly made up of member ideas and it makes me sad to hear that some of you think we dont listen to what you have to say.

We have an NPC account that you are free to use for your own plots. I have said from the very beginning that I would like to see you all shape this world, so if you ever need this account, just let us know. We would be happy to give one to you.

I have my faith in you all. if you have an issue please do not hesitate to let us know. You all have much more power than you know. all you have to do is use it. We can only make this place great if we all work together.

Wow.. this was waaaay rantier than I thought it would be. tl;dr: I'm pretty severely busy, and I need your help to keep this place afloat. All of you. Because I believe in the power of you. ^^


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2 Re: Life has a funny way of messing with you. on Mon May 01, 2017 6:00 am

Raziel Mirandale
I'll start with this. When I first came on this site I was hyped, I was ready to have fun in this world. I came and went a few times, mostly because things in the real world got in the way, but I always came back because this site has always had a great community, and that is why I'm here now. And as of right now it's the only reason why I don't leave all together (and I know there are others who feel the same way.) Now why is this? This is because this site is broken and bruised and it is not getting the care and attention it needs.

I am going to completely disregard the combat system, status effects, money, experience and so on, as I could make a whole other long post talking about all the broken things I see there. And in my opinion it needs a full overhaul but I digress. Back to the point at hand, which is the administration and moderation of this site. The main roll of an administrator is to administrate the site (duh).

Administer: verb (used with object) manage (affairs, a government, etc.); have executive charge of: to administer the law. bring into use or operation: to administer justice; to administer last rites. make application of; give: to administer medicine. supervise the formal taking of (an oath or the like).
5.Law. to manage or dispose of, as a decedent's estate by an executor or administrator or a trust estate by a trustee.

Now for the purposed of a role play forum the first definition will do, specifically the part about managing affairs. Any and all administrators need to be on consistently in order to manage and take charge of the larger affairs of the site and for a head administrator for any site needs to be active and doing things for the site. Now of course things get in the way, life happens to us all, and this is where the other admins come into play. Admins need the power to be able to make big decisions on a site even without the head administrators approval should they be absent for whatever reason. Should and administrator not be active a new one should be chosen to take their spot or even replace them.

Now someone leaving because life had happened to them is perfectly understandable, but leaving their spot empty is not. I have been on more than my fair share of forums and RP sites and every singe one, save for Syne, has gone under when the head admin disappeared and the others had no control of what was going to happen to the site. Running a site is like running a business, when the people making the decisions stop doing their jobs the company will eventually fail.

Now on to moderators. Mods are there to deal with the smaller more day to day things, dealing with disputes between people, clarifying rules, approving apps and so on. However a moderator should not just be a position that is simply for those things. A moderator is part of the staff and their thoughts and ideas about the site should be considered seriously. Now much like the administrators moderators should be active and when one disappears or life happens the space that they create needs to be filled, if it isn't the site will begin to fail from the bottom up rather than the top down.

By some miracle this site is still afloat, people still come on and RP and new people show up every now and then, but as far as I can tell the one and only reason that this site still floats is because the Cbox community is strong. And the Cbox is a powerful tool in keeping a site going or letting it die, however when the main focus of the site begins to slow and dry because one person had to deal with things the site will begin to fade and rot. I don't want to see this site go that way, and by some miracle it hasn't died already, but when a wound is infected and rotting then something needs to be done.

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3 Re: Life has a funny way of messing with you. on Tue May 09, 2017 1:09 pm

Leena Lilac
Thanks for bringing this up, and I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. That said, I agree with mostly all of it. However, I try my best to make sure I leave someone in charge, and I do believe that that is also a reason to site has yet to completely tank. Even still I take full responsibility for my absence, and now that I am back for the summer I will try to restructure some things to try to make sure this doesn't happen again. Seriously, I very much thank you for your concern. I'm glad to see that people really do care about this place and want to see it succeed, even if I'm not very good at my job sometimes. ^^

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