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Thor Odo(Finished)

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1 Thor Odo(Finished) on Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:46 pm

Thor Odo
Enrollment Form


Basic info
Name: Thor Odo
Age: 24
Birthday: July
Gender: Male
Race: Fanus(Horse, The Red-Colored Mane on the Top of his head)
Height: 6’1
Weight: 160 pounds
Face Claim: Rakan the Charmer from League of Legends

RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Grimm: He believes them to be the stronger beings, the better beings.
People who know what he knows; That the world is full of people who don’t deserve what they have: It’s a matter of hunters not being worthy of their job.
Oranges: Is any explanation needed?
Meats that aren’t Jerky: They’re great.
Hunters: Scum who try to hunt grimm, but often fail. He figures he might as well feed them to the grimm.
Jerky: Tastes like trash. How do you all eat this stuff?
People who flaunt values like honor: He thinks, and knows, that it’s a crock of garbage that people are honorable. True human nature is cruelty.
Fears: Parents: This fear is to the point of night terrors about them.
Sleep: Because of the night terrors.
Being consumed by his own darkness: A fear of his that he keeps hidden is that he’s afraid his semblance will turn on him and devour him.
Talent: Tactician
Weakness Fine Art
Overall Personality: ‘Winning a fight is not dependent on surpassing your opponents with your strength or waiting for lucky breaks. Conquer the opponent, crushing them, and stepping over the fallen ones ruthlessly. Winning means dominating over countless dead bodies.'
That’s the kind of ideals Thor has.

'No one wins, but I'

'These Grimm have the right idea. Kill everyone and devour all competition. I like them. Maybe, just maybe, they're worth keeping around.'

‘Death is the ultimate freedom!’

Even more ideals that prove Thor is a ruthless man at heart. He thinks that the grimm perfectly counterbalance what he called 'everyone's stupidity.' He believes that hunters are fodder in comparison to the true grimm. Thor frames this as a sort of truth. Thor's truth is quite simple.

'Grimm are the greatest beings, as they have it all right. The hunting, the killing. It's all exactly how things should be. They liberate those who can’t beat them from weak bodies.'

His entire reason for joining Syne Academy was that it was the easiest to get into. Money was never a problem. He just killed whoever had the money he needed and left. Often leaving them to the grimm to be ate. As it should be. If you can't fight a human, you have no rights fighting grimm. Especially the grimm who have chosen to fight you.

He respects grimm enough to fight them if they want to fight him.

He’s confident enough in his abilities that when he was being hunted by his old village, he had a smile on his face.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Gold
Semblance: Golden Charm: The name is misleading.  This semblance is a basic shield semblance that allows it’s user to block out damage. The shield has a golden tint to it, although he’s being blocked by his charm. The cost is 20 sp to block 20 damage.
Item 1: Butterfly Knife
Item 2: Wind Dust

History and Sample
Thor Odo was born to a tribe that worshiped grimm as a group of deities. While Thor's worship of them wasn't as serious, his worship was that of a sort of idol. He thought that they were great. Glorious, if you will. They were not, however, deities. The place where clan was at was a grimm hotbed. Not to mention the whole ritualistic sacrifice thing that his village did on a fairly consistent basis. Due to their fascination of grimm, they thought that sacrificing to grimm were the correct thing to do. As Thor can confirm for you, it was not. Thor, while agreeing with the adoration of grimm, didn't quite agree for a few reasons. The top one including that he was reasonably smart and knew that Grimm likely weren't deities.

He wasn't entirely sure, though. They were big. Tough as well. Thor got a lot of his combat training from the village, including certain martial tactics that mimicked the grimm. He was great at those combat styles and heavily practiced them up to 15. His parents were trying to have the smartest kid, so by the time he was 15, he was doing college level stuff in all the subjects. He was using the villages few outside resources. Anything that told them that grimm weren't deities, however, was burnt to a crisp. So, he had a really good understanding of military doctrine and science along with some social studies.  He was a generally smart kid who's parents would hit him every time he failed a question or answered wrong. He learned to not be wrong from that point on. If he were, that'd mean he'd get hit, and he wasn't exactly a tough guy.

He was, however, strong and fast. He could take out anyone. His higher than average learnedness, along with the fact that he was genetically blessed led his village to do something quite stupid. The ritualistic sacrfiice meant tying someone to a pillar and leaving them for the grimm to eat.

They, when he was 16, decided that he was the best target. When Thor was told this, he was obviously displeased but wasn't going to go against the tribe at first. He let them string him up, and while he wasn't quite happy about it, he had to keep his cool facade up.  The idea that this was how it was going to end slowly set into the mind of Thor. Thror decided there and then, that "No one wins, but I!"

Of course, they had guards. That didn't matter. Thor was a great warrior. One of the best. This simply meant that he'd have to beat those who tried to stop him, and find a way to a nearby town that was called...Bellmuse?  Was it Bellmuse? Thor wasn't sure.  Thor wasn't even sure where he was on the map. All Thor knew is that he had to use his semblance to stop the people who were firing arrows at him, and that he had to take them out. He had a smile on his face. This was going to be fun. He could be noted as yelling the following.

"You want a sacrifice worthy of the gods? Well, I guess that you'll have yourselves."

He tore through his village, crippling most of them for the grimm to get later.

He went to live in the wild for 8 years, killing to get what he needs. He doesn't get the idea that fanus or lesser, or any of that racial prejudice. He thinks that he's better than the rest, and if you want proof, he'd love to prove it to you.

He got into Bellmuse by passing any and all entrance exams with top scores.

RP Sample:
Thor flicked his hair back and was looking into the crowd. His limbs were in movement of varying degrees; most going into someone. The sweat that crowded his forehead and the look in his eyes gave entirely different messages. His eyes were alive. His body was alive. It was obvious to anyone who looked that he was tired, but that did not matter. His body was still being as fast, if not faster, than when he started. Each hit had the force of a truck. Each hit has the speed of a motorcycle. All set in tune by Thor.  The music?

The music was a symphony,  a symphony of pain and suffering for each hit that landed. His smile got larger with each hit that he landed, which meant that his smile was quite large right about then.  Something that no one could anticipate. The idea that someone had a martial art for every grimm.

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